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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 54 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 7Prohibiting split grades in elementary schools01/09/02
SB 33Modifying adjusted gross income to certain retired higher education employees01/09/02
SB 36Creating Family Education Rights and Privacy Act01/09/02
SB 39Relating to establishing dollars for scholars program01/09/02
SB 58Relating to distribution of moneys by school building authority01/09/02
SB 69Prohibiting use of students' standardized test scores in evaluating teachers' performance01/09/02
SB 70Relating to elections for additional levies01/09/02
SB 99Relating to increasing minimum salary for teachers and service personnel01/09/02
SB 101Authorizing school building authority to disperse funds for construction projects01/10/02
SB 102Posting signs at schools regarding weapons and tobacco products01/10/02
SB 116Relating to computation of local share pertaining to county public libraries01/10/02
SB 119Creating schools for growth counties fund01/10/02
SB 121Relating to classified employee salaries01/10/02
SB 143Relating to allowance for instructional days in public schools01/10/02
SB 149Declaring Good Friday school holiday01/10/02
SB 150Requiring firearm safety program in public schools01/10/02
SB 166Revising school aid formula01/11/02
SB 175Relating to creating Tobacco Free School Act02/15/02
SB 209Creating schools for growth counties fund01/15/02
SB 212Permitting job-sharing teachers to participate in teacher retirement systems01/15/02
SB 220Relating to school guidance counselors01/16/02
SB 221Requiring school safety plans01/16/02
SB 230Relating to creating better sight for better learning act01/16/02
SB 233Creating Educare Act01/17/02
SB 264Allowing teacher retirement when age and service equals eighty01/21/02
SB 291Changing name of West Virginia State College to West Virginia State University01/23/02
SB 411Increasing salary increments for principals and assistant principals01/25/02
SB 412Increasing minimum salary paid to teachers under certain circumstances01/25/02
SB 416Imposing statewide grading scale printed on report cards01/25/02
SB 422Relating to meetings of school curriculum team01/25/02
SB 439Creating Nontraditional Career Development Centers Act01/29/02
SB 440Imposing additional privilege tax on natural resources to fund education excellence fund01/30/02
SB 441Relating to public school counselors01/30/02
SB 446Providing tuition and fee waivers for certain indigent adults attending college or university01/30/02
SB 449Providing high school diplomas to certain veterans02/01/02
SB 457Relating to public education generally01/31/02
SB 489Establishing state minimum salary supplement for certain personnel in speech-language pathology or audiology02/04/02
SB 507Exempting children who attend church school from standardized testing requirement02/05/02
SB 525Relating to transfer of contracted county superintendent of schools02/06/02
SB 545Allowing institutions of higher education enter into agreements with private corporations02/07/02
SB 581Providing moving expenses for teachers who meet certain criteria02/13/02
SB 591Establishing charter schools02/14/02
SB 599Reducing retired teachers service time to qualify for pension increase02/15/02
SB 635Creating financial aid coordinating council for students02/18/02
SB 655Relating to physical therapist assistants' supervision in certain settings02/18/02
SB 665Relating to air quality in schools02/18/02
HB 4023Relating to regional educational service agencies01/22/02
HB 4024Streamlining the process for planning and delivery of professional staff development in the public schools01/22/02
HB 4065Establishing West Virginia Educare for children birth to kindergarten02/26/02
HB 4107Clarifying that the county board of education and superintendent may designate the places where competency testing will be held01/31/02
HB 4474Relating to vocational-technical facility and equipment improvements through the school building authority02/19/02
HB 4561Providing that a student may receive an award from only one state-funded source02/25/02
HB 4562Directing the higher education policy commission to conduct certain studies and report findings to certain legislative committees02/25/02
HB 4598Providing an exemption from standardized testing requirements for church schools or schools of a religious order03/04/02
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