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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 27 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




HB 2139Requiring medicaid providers to publicly disclose staffing and performance data01/09/02
HB 2143Requiring restaurant food handlers to wear protective gloves01/09/02
HB 2144Prohibiting the use of funds from the public assistance medical services fund to pay for an abortion except in certain cases01/09/02
HB 2180Providing medicaid coverage for ventilator patient care at skilled nursing facilities01/09/02
HB 2286Relating to the labeling of dairy products01/09/02
HB 2292Requiring HMOs, PEIA insurance coverages and group health coverages to provide equal payment coverage for prescription drugs01/09/02
HB 2339Creating an Alzheimer's Caregiver Assistance Program01/09/02
HB 2391Requiring diagnostic test results be reported to a patient within twenty-four hours of the time the physician receives the results01/09/02
HB 2431Imposing special excise taxes on all tobacco products01/09/02
HB 2483Use of fines collected by the board of pharmacy01/09/02
HB 2546Required verification of approved septic or sewage disposal system before connection of public utilities01/09/02
HB 2588Increasing the penalty for the unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery or as physician assistant01/09/02
HB 2763Providing funding sources for the traumatic brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation fund01/09/02
HB 2829Prohibiting mandatory overtime in hospitals and nursing homes01/09/02
HB 2990Prohibiting the department of health and human resources from collecting from an estate certain amounts expended for assistance01/09/02
HB 3078Limiting the maximum appeal bond that can be required in litigation in which an appellant is a signatory to a tobacco settlement01/09/02
HB 3096Providing public employees medical coverage for costs related to fertilization treatment and medications for women receiving medical care for fertility01/09/02
HB 3208Providing that medical monitoring may not be awarded against participants in the tobacco master settlement agreement01/09/02
HB 4030Creating the Senior Citizens Prescription Drug Subsidy Program01/14/02
HB 4088Increasing access to medicines for needy seniors through programs to be administered by the secretary of health and human resources01/18/02
HB 4274Requiring the health care authority to render a decision on certain certificate of need applications within six months of submission01/28/02
HB 4355Phasing out certain health provider taxes within five years02/01/02
HB 4359Eliminating the health care provider tax on nonprofit behavioral health care centers02/01/02
HB 4414Exempting certain health care practitioners from continuing education requirements02/05/02
HB 4585Relating to the senior citizens prescription drug subsidy program02/22/02
HB 4625Increasing the health care provider tax on gross receipts of providers of nursing facility services02/22/02
HB 4637Fair Market Drug Pricing Act02/22/02
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