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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 39 Bills pending in House Roads and Transportation




SB 10Extending time for study of orphan roads and bridges01/26/04
SB 229Expanding counties covered by Route 2 and Interstate 68 authority03/02/04
HB 2091Providing discounted motor vehicle registration fees for members of volunteer fire departments01/14/04
HB 2108Prohibiting persons fourteen years of age or younger from riding in the open bed of a truck or trailer except when in a parade or for farm work01/14/04
HB 2144Requiring alternatively flashing headlights on the front of school buses that are stopped01/14/04
HB 2184Requiring a vision test for renewal of a driver's license01/14/04
HB 2202Removing language in the seat belt law whereby enforcement is accomplished only as a secondary action01/14/04
HB 2205Requiring approval by statewide referendum before the public port authority may expend certain state funds or bonds01/14/04
HB 2391Authorizing specialized motor vehicle registration plates bearing the logo "PRO LIFE"01/14/04
HB 2428Authorizing corrections, juvenile services and regional jail facility vehicles to use blue flashing warning lights01/14/04
HB 2450Clarifying that a person may start a motor vehicle for the purpose of warming the engine and leaving the vehicle unattended for a reasonable period of time01/14/04
HB 2458Providing for the mandatory covering of any vehicles carrying certain loads01/14/04
HB 2462Requiring commercial trucks to have the corporate name prominently displayed on the truck01/14/04
HB 2539Designating school crossing signs the color of lime green01/14/04
HB 2684Authorizing the commissioner of department of highways to set certain speed limits01/14/04
HB 2686Authorizing the issuance of a free vehicle "Military Retired" license plate to military retirees01/14/04
HB 2757Requiring color coded certificates of insurance to be placed on the windshield of the insured motor vehicle01/14/04
HB 2758Requiring all applicants for a license or learner's permit to be sight tested before receiving a license or permit01/14/04
HB 2767Issuing a special motor vehicle license plate for persons who have received the combat infantry badge or the combat medic badge01/14/04
HB 2995Exempting antique motor vehicles, motorcycles, classic motor vehicles and motorcycles from registration fees01/14/04
HB 4046Authorizing the issuance of Native American license plates01/15/04
HB 4054Authorizing the issuance of special registration plates to law-enforcement officers who have been wounded in the line of duty01/16/04
HB 4061Authorizing the issuance of special motor vehicle license plates for members of the 82nd Airborne Division Association01/19/04
HB 4074Authorizing motor carrier inspectors designated by the PSC to enforce all traffic laws and rules of the road with respect to commercial motor vehicles01/19/04
HB 4093Exempting certain recipients of military medals of valor from special registration plate fees01/21/04
HB 4274Requiring all motor vehicle mufflers to conform to the original manufacturers specifications02/03/04
HB 4278Requiring property owners to keep property adjacent to intersections clear of obstacles for line of sight of operators of motor vehicles02/03/04
HB 4293Authorizing a special license plate for members of the Knights of Pythias and Pythian sisters02/04/04
HB 4310Removing the exemption from annual registration, license plates and fees for all-terrain vehicles02/05/04
HB 4333Authorizing counties and municipalities to apply to the department of transportation to require train locomotives to reduce noise at railroad crossings02/06/04
HB 4363Requiring registration plates issued to city and municipal police vehicles to include the word "police" or other special designation02/09/04
HB 4375Issuing a special license plate honoring West Virginia farmers02/09/04
HB 4391Establishing a new license plate that designates city or municipal law-enforcement departments02/10/04
HB 4416Updating the driver licensing procedures02/11/04
HB 4429Conforming the motor vehicle laws of this state with the federal transportation equity act02/12/04
HB 4459Prohibiting vehicles equipped with a hitch from being left with hitch tongues inserted in the hitch when the hitch tongue is not in use02/13/04
HB 4486Allowing parking fees to be charged for handicapped parking spaces under certain circumstances02/16/04
HB 4684Providing that companies performing contract repossession services for financial institutions may be issued temporary decals from the DMV02/27/04
HB 4727Providing for the issuance of a special Lions International membership license plate02/27/04
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