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Bill Status - 2005 Regular Session

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There are 70 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 576Allowing Insurance Commission to add certain health care services03/29/05
HB 2001Establishing a use and file rate regulatory system for personal lines of insurance02/09/05
HB 2026Reducing insurance premium charges for school bus operators and drivers' education instructors02/09/05
HB 2035Requiring banks to immediately post deposits02/09/05
HB 2047Prohibiting automobile insurance rate increases or surcharges for reason of nonserious traffic convictions02/09/05
HB 2065Providing for the regulation of insurance company surcharging and multitiering practices and requiring companies to provide their insureds with notice and explanation as to intended surcharging02/09/05
HB 2077Prohibiting the use of a credit score in casualty insurance rate filings02/09/05
HB 2168Increasing the amount of mine subsidence insurance reinsured by the board of risk management02/10/05
HB 2187Requiring insurance companies that provide automobile insurance to accept policy premiums either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually at the option of the insured02/10/05
HB 2204Relating to rate and form filing for group accident and sickness policies02/11/05
HB 2228Allowing state-chartered banks to organize as limited liability companies if the FDIC determines they are eligible for deposit insurance02/11/05
HB 2273Requiring the insurance commissioner to review and report to the Legislature the financial and other related impacts of any proposed legislation to mandate medical or health-related benefits02/11/05
HB 2351Prohibiting insurers from basing the cost of a premium on the number of miles driven by an insured02/15/05
HB 2352Relating to authorizing the police to impound a motor vehicle and auction it to the highest bidder when the owner has been convicted of driving with no insurance three or more times02/15/05
HB 2353Prohibiting operators of motor vehicles who do not have insurance coverage from instituting lawsuits for damages02/15/05
HB 2354Prohibiting insurers from using credit reports to raise insurance rates02/15/05
HB 2377Permitting the consumer advocate to act as the manager of consumer activities in the insurance commission02/16/05
HB 2388Making the office of consumer advocacy independent of the insurance commissioner02/16/05
HB 2394Providing for provisional licenses, requiring disclosure of fees prior to closing in a mortgage loan, and changing the mortgage order appeal and hearing schedule to make them consistent with the banking code02/16/05
HB 2446Relating to checks on consumer deposit accounts show date account was opened02/16/05
HB 2500Foreclosure and repossession limitations of fiduciaries, financial institutions and other persons02/18/05
HB 2503Relating to providing an alternative method for nonrenewal of property insurance02/18/05
HB 2514Eliminating the seventy-five percent participation requirement for certain group insurance policies02/21/05
HB 2529Establishing the deferred deposit loan act02/21/05
HB 2613Providing insurance coverage for osteoporosis screening and treatment02/23/05
HB 2614Preventing insurers from failing to renew an automobile liability or property damage policy for acts of God, excluding damage by floods02/23/05
HB 2618Requiring health insurance plans to cover the cost of contraceptives for its covered people02/23/05
HB 2636Relating to limiting the liability of a West Virginia merchant for credit card fraud over the internet02/24/05
HB 2665Relating to the use of checks, bank account debit authorizations, or share drafts as security for loans or cash advances02/24/05
HB 2787Relating to reports of financial institutions to the Division of Banking03/01/05
HB 2793Increasing the number of persons to whom credit union services would be extended03/01/05
HB 2820Providing for insurance reform by expanding and providing for funding, and expanded powers for the office of consumer advocacy03/01/05
HB 2834Prohibiting homeowner insurance discrimination against dog owners03/02/05
HB 2843Relating to the ability of a state-chartered bank to organize as a limited liability company03/02/05
HB 2851Barring third-party claims against insurers for violation of the Unfair Trade Practices Act03/03/05
HB 2863Prohibiting the use of credit scoring as a consideration in calculating insurance rates in homeowners or automobile liability policies03/03/05
HB 2928Relating to examinations of insurance and health care facilities03/07/05
HB 2938Including persons with common bonds or persons who reside in well-defined communities as eligible for membership in a credit union03/08/05
HB 2955Relating to mandatory security upon motor vehicles03/09/05
HB 2974Eliminating a gap in employment for certain Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission employees subject to a reduction in force and who are reemployed03/10/05
HB 2975Requiring all health care insurance plans offered by the state to public employees to pay for the contraceptive drug RU-486 as a benefit03/10/05
HB 2997Assigning workers compensation duties to the Insurance Commissioner, clarifying that certain rules remain in effect, providing an alternative method for non-renewal of homeowner's policies,.. etc...03/11/05
HB 3032Creating an insurance advocacy unit in the office of the Attorney General03/15/05
HB 3056Requiring insurers to provide their policy governing premium rate increases to their insureds when a policy is issued or rewritten03/16/05
HB 3087Directing the Insurance Commissioner to study and report on ways to establish a program for insuring uninsured workers03/17/05
HB 3117Relating to reinsurance and a reinsurer's liability in an insolvency03/21/05
HB 3118Raising the fee for persons that are permitted to cash checks from one percent to three percent03/21/05
HB 3141Providing for the licensing term, application procedures, and fee for reinsurance intermediaries03/22/05
HB 3146Relating to underwriting guidelines for medical professional liability insurers03/22/05
HB 3150Establishing the deferred deposit loan act03/22/05
HB 3169Increasing the required minimum liability insurance required on a motor vehicle03/23/05
HB 3170Clarifying the definition of money transmission03/23/05
HB 3171Permitting the Commissioner to waive or reduce the daily penalty for failure to timely file a tax return with the Insurance Commissioner for excusable neglect03/23/05
HB 3271Requiring that certain insurance documents include a notice regarding the absence of flood insurance and the possible availability of such insurance from other sources 03/25/05
HB 3274Providing that bank holding companies should provide lists of stockholders to the Commissioner03/25/05
HB 3275Requiring banking institutions to post bond or other security for the deposit of county, municipal, or county board of education funds03/25/05
HB 3276Prohibiting discrimination in rates by insurance companies because of having filed claims under the uninsured and under insured coverage of an automobile policy03/25/05
HB 3289Removing language that will make the restrictions regarding default charges applicable to all lenders03/25/05
HB 3307Expanding eligible groups for group health insurance to include trusts established by eligible associations and discretionary groups with approval of the Insurance Commissioner03/25/05
HB 3311Prohibiting the number of inquiries reflected in a credit report, credit score report or CLUE report from adversely affecting an application for insurance03/25/05
HB 3312Providing prerequisites to filing third-party bad faith claims under the West Virginia Unfair Trade Practices Act03/25/05
HB 3313Requiring rate filings, both with respect to property and casualty insurance , and medical malpractice insurance, contain data for informational purposes regarding payments made for bad faith03/25/05
HB 3314Requiring that insurance rates be rolled back by specific percentages03/25/05
HB 3315Relating to contractual relationship between insurance agents and insurance companies03/25/05
HB 3316Relating to total fire loss03/25/05
HB 3317Relating to subrogation for reimbursement under liability, uninsured or underinsured coverage, or any coverage issued by the same carrier03/25/05
HB 3319Eliminating the legal doctrine of "constructive exhaustion" relative to an insured's claim for underinsurance under his or her motor vehicle insurance policy03/25/05
HB 3322Making the Office of Consumer Advocacy independent of the Insurance Commission03/25/05
HB 3323Prohibiting retaliation by an insurer against an employee or agent03/25/05
HB 3327Providing for insurance reform by expanding and providing for funding, and expanded powers for the office of consumer advocacy03/25/05
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