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Bill Status - 2005 Regular Session

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There are 86 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 2Exempting certain charges by mortgage brokers, lenders and loan originators from consumers sales and service tax02/09/05
SB 9Allowing correctional officers paid for certain unused annual leave02/09/05
SB 16Exempting veterans' organizations from sales tax02/09/05
SB 21Increasing salaries of certain employees in Division of Corrections02/09/05
SB 22Establishing salary schedule for officers and employees of corrections institutions02/09/05
SB 36Increasing maximum commission sheriff may receive for collecting taxes02/09/05
SB 54Providing salary increase for civilian employees of State Police02/09/05
SB 61Creating transition program for tobacco farmers; funding03/17/05
SB 64Increasing incremental salary of Division of Corrections' employees02/09/05
SB 90Providing reduced tax rate applies to certain underground mines02/09/05
SB 124Relating to nonrefundable earned income tax credits to certain taxpayers02/09/05
SB 130Relating to investment powers of Investment Management Board03/03/05
SB 134Allowing tax credit for employers providing child day care services02/09/05
SB 138Exempting farming equipment and livestock from personal property tax02/09/05
SB 145Budget bill04/10/05
SB 164Creating tax exemptions for certain high-technology companies02/11/05
SB 188Relating generally to comprehensive reform of tax laws02/14/05
SB 202Eliminating reduction in unemployment compensation for persons receiving Social Security02/16/05
SB 207Permitting Jobs for West Virginia's Graduates provide alternate retirement plan03/01/05
SB 208Establishing marriage license discount if applicants complete premarital counseling02/22/05
SB 212Relating to annual experience incremental pay for certain faculty members of higher education02/23/05
SB 218Providing public employers may participate in workforce development initiative in certain cases02/22/05
SB 221Creating Self-Employment Assistance Act02/22/05
SB 232Relating to retention salary increases for Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services02/18/05
SB 247Creating Public Campaign Financing Pilot Project Act03/25/05
SB 252Creating fund to reimburse group life insurance premiums of certain National Guard members03/16/05
SB 260Establishing Make West Virginia Competitive Tax Relief Act02/23/05
SB 267Providing funding for teen court programs03/30/05
SB 276Increasing annual base salary of sworn State Police personnel by certain percent02/24/05
SB 288Authorizing rental of vocational rehabilitation facilities by school groups or certain other organizations03/24/05
SB 292Permitting Fire Marshal to set fees for various services02/25/05
SB 328Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to fees02/25/05
SB 350Allowing credit against personal income tax for volunteer work for nonprofit organizations02/25/05
SB 352Authorizing Department of Health and Human Resources promulgate legislative rule relating to reportable diseases, events and conditions03/11/05
SB 389Authorizing State Police promulgate legislative rule relating to State Police grievance procedure02/28/05
SB 404Relating to restrictions on investments by municipal policemen's and firemen's pension and relief funds03/08/05
SB 410Relating to West Virginians Give Act03/01/05
SB 412Requiring state troopers compensated for standby time03/01/05
SB 436Exempting commissions paid to telecommunication brokers from consumers sales and service tax03/03/05
SB 437Requiring contractors meet time restrictions for completion of public works projects03/03/05
SB 441Allowing certain veterans park free at metered parking spaces at state municipalities03/11/05
SB 448Creating voluntary tax check-off program to support James "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Fund03/22/05
SB 451Imposing annual fee for licenses allowing wine shipped to adult residents from certain wineries03/03/05
SB 454Expanding coverage in Children's Health Insurance Program03/24/05
SB 461Relating to municipal policemen's and firemen's pension and relief funds03/08/05
SB 464Gradually repealing business franchise tax03/07/05
SB 465Eliminating consumers sales tax on food and food products over certain time03/07/05
SB 466Permitting Fire Marshal set fees for various services03/07/05
SB 477Requiring paper copy of vote when using electronic voting system03/31/05
SB 493Relating to unemployment compensation generally03/09/05
SB 494Exempting certain comparable new motor vehicles from privilege tax03/09/05
SB 497Authorizing county commissions impose recreation and amusement tax03/09/05
SB 512Providing preference to state vendors who qualify for veteran status03/25/05
SB 520Increasing relocation expense for State Police03/11/05
SB 525Relating to fair and equitable property valuation for timberland03/14/05
SB 537Providing arresting agency pay cost for incarceration of inmates for certain length of time 03/14/05
SB 565Relating to inspections of individual water supply systems and individual wastewater systems03/21/05
SB 570Requiring Class I and II municipalities study implementation of safety code for paid fire departments03/23/05
SB 595Changing personal low income tax exclusion03/18/05
SB 608Relating to subtracting Social Security benefits from federal adjusted gross income03/21/05
SB 609Requiring independent review of Neighborhood Investment Program; termination03/21/05
SB 624Providing reduction of state personal income tax to certain members of volunteer fire departments03/21/05
SB 626Increasing certain fees charged to collect delinquent property taxes03/21/05
SB 627Increasing percentage liquor retail licensee may charge general public and licensed clubs03/25/05
SB 630Providing certain salary increases for Division of Protective Services law-enforcement officers03/21/05
SB 632Creating preference in state purchasing for certain vendors03/21/05
SB 647Requiring certain applicants for instructional permit for motor vehicle pay additional fee; organ donor03/22/05
SB 648Requiring collection of fees by State Police for performing certain fingerprinting03/21/05
SB 651Creating certain tax credit for dependent child 03/21/05
SB 655Providing exemption from consumers sales tax for drugs and certain medical goods03/21/05
SB 665Relating to surface mining special reclamation tax03/21/05
SB 668Amending definition of "capital" to include loans from stockholders03/21/05
SB 682Establishing leave donation program from State Troopers' Association03/21/05
SB 686Establishing Alzheimer's Disease Registry03/24/05
SB 687Providing statewide emergency telephone number system03/21/05
SB 689Providing sales tax exemption for high-technology services03/21/05
SB 713Exempting interest income of savings bonds from state personal income tax for certain persons03/21/05
SB 724Establishing Railroad Track Maintenance Tax Credit Act03/21/05
HB 2244Making the state's criminal and penalty laws applying to the use and display of beer and alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles conform to federal law04/06/05
HB 2603Relating to reimbursement of tuition, registration and other required fees for course work completed by teacher04/01/05
HB 2825Continuing the tax credit provided under article three-t, chapter eleven of this code for physicians who practice Obstetrics and Gynecology03/31/05
HB 2855Retaining seniority for professional personnel who voluntarily terminate employment04/07/05
HB 3093Permitting River Valley Child Development Services, Inc. to withdraw from the teachers' defined contribution plan04/05/05
HB 3309Exempting Mental-Health Retardation Centers from payment of the privilege tax and providing that Mental-Health Retardation Centers are covered by the Board of Risk and Insurance Management without the requirement to pay a premium03/31/05
HB 3355Unemployment compensation generally04/06/05
HB 3358Relating to severance tax imposed on natural gas produced from wells placed in service on or after July 1, 200503/31/05
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