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Bill Status - 2005 Regular Session

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There are 55 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 1Prohibiting participation in human and embryonic cloning; penalties02/09/05
SB 15Exempting certain physicians from obtaining preauthorization for certain medications for mentally ill Medicaid patients02/09/05
SB 18Relating to rights of foster parents and certain relatives in child adoption procedures02/09/05
SB 23Providing unborn children are eligible for Children's Health Insurance Program02/09/05
SB 25Establishing social workers' code of ethics02/09/05
SB 46Prohibiting local boards of health from requiring smoke-free areas in certain cases02/09/05
SB 52Creating Office of Child Protection Ombudsman02/09/05
SB 62Requiring itemized statements of Medicaid services rendered02/09/05
SB 72Providing pilot project to divert early nursing home admission to reduce Medicaid02/09/05
SB 75Prohibiting person not state-licensed physician to perform abortion; penalty02/09/05
SB 82Requiring consent from parent or guardian before abortion on certain minors; penalty02/09/05
SB 83Increasing penalties for use or possession of tobacco or tobacco products by minors02/09/05
SB 86Relating to Children's Health Insurance Program02/09/05
SB 87Requiring statistics on state abortions02/09/05
SB 88Prohibiting use of fetus for any medical experimentation or scientific investigation; exception02/09/05
SB 89Relating to bill of rights for children in foster care02/09/05
SB 98Allowing pharmacists and others dispensing medicine to refuse to fill abortion-related medicines 02/09/05
SB 132Clarifying procedure for removing child from foster home02/09/05
SB 143Relating to creating Alzheimer's Caregiver Assistance Program02/09/05
SB 163Relating to weatherization surcharge tax02/11/05
SB 172Creating Abortion Procedure Rights of Conscience Act 02/14/05
SB 176Permitting emergency medical technicians to administer epinephrine02/14/05
SB 225Granting municipal courts jurisdiction over juveniles who use tobacco02/18/05
SB 228Relating to child's right to nurse02/18/05
SB 231Expanding newborn testing to include sickle cell anemia02/18/05
SB 249Providing requirement to preserve life when fetus aborted alive02/22/05
SB 259Relating to Center for Nursing Fund; other provisions02/23/05
SB 291Including clinic-based health care option under definition of "limited health service"02/25/05
SB 349Making it illegal to transport minor across state lines to obtain abortion in certain cases02/25/05
SB 416Creating Healthy Lifestyles Office in Department of Education and Arts03/01/05
SB 426Changing definition of "hospital" within Nurse Overtime and Patient Safety Act03/02/05
SB 430Creating Pharmaceutical Advocate Act03/02/05
SB 468Providing hospitals not required to perform abortions unless mother's life in danger03/07/05
SB 472Prohibiting family planning centers receiving state funding from discussing abortion03/07/05
SB 486Amending medical professional liability statute to include pharmacists and pharmacies03/08/05
SB 489Requiring development of in-state facilities for special needs children03/09/05
SB 496Reimbursing county boards of education for educating foster care children with special needs 03/09/05
SB 508Prohibiting cloning human embryos in state medical schools, colleges or universities03/10/05
SB 509Requiring women seeking abortion be given opportunity to see ultrasound image of fetus03/10/05
SB 510Establishing Infection Control Act of 200503/10/05
SB 523Providing exemption from mandatory immunizations for certain school children03/11/05
SB 529Clarifying assisted living residences subject to certain oversight agencies03/14/05
SB 615Providing exception to certain day care facility licensure requirements03/21/05
SB 634Providing certain immunizations for elderly persons03/21/05
SB 649Requiring dentists who administer general anesthesia to pediatric patients comply with certain requirements03/21/05
SB 656Relating to Bureau for Child Support Enforcement to collect judgments03/21/05
SB 658Relating to nonprofit hospital participation in commercial retail property development03/21/05
SB 673Establishing Health Care Rights of Conscience Act03/21/05
SB 677Creating Diabetes Care Plan Act03/21/05
SB 679Requiring acquired immunodeficiency syndrome test for certain donors03/21/05
SB 693Establishing Utilization of Unused Prescription Medications Act03/21/05
SB 695Allowing counties to establish death review teams for elder abuse deaths and domestic abuse deaths03/21/05
HB 2102Making tongue splitting a crime unless performed by a licensed physician02/17/05
HB 2392Requiring health benefit plans to issue uniform prescription drug information cards or technology03/30/05
HB 2607Expanding newborn screening by adding sickle cell anemia and adrenal hyperplasia03/09/05
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