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There are 58 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 12Creating Patient Safety and Transparency Act01/12/22
SB 23Prohibiting mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for WV residents01/12/22
SB 32Permitting medical marijuana be prescribed in edible form01/12/22
SB 37Removing Hepatitis B vaccine from list of compulsory immunizations01/12/22
SB 38Relating to menstrual product package labeling01/12/22
SB 43Allowing parents to decline required medication administered to newborns01/12/22
SB 55Relating generally to adoption records01/12/22
SB 59Establishing Community Health Equity Initiative Demonstration Project01/12/22
SB 78Requiring hospitals to staff qualified personnel to perform sexual assault forensic exams01/12/22
SB 82Requiring DHHR secretary appoint director of Office of Emergency Medical Services01/12/22
SB 94Creating Fetal Heartbeat Act01/12/22
SB 95Relating to long-term care and substance abuse treatment01/12/22
SB 109Transferring child welfare enforcement responsibilities to State Police01/12/22
SB 113Relating to treatment of persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism01/12/22
SB 122Creating Tobacco Cessation Initiative Program special revenue account01/12/22
SB 140Allowing state and federal criminal history record check of each adult living in residence when minor child is placed there due to emergency01/12/22
SB 150Requiring wholesale drug distributors to report certain information to WV Board of Pharmacy01/12/22
SB 158Collecting and analyzing statistical information pertaining to terminating pregnancies under Medicaid Program01/12/22
SB 160Prohibiting abortion coverage in certain qualified health care plans01/12/22
SB 180Removing requirement that determination of medical stability be found prior to admission to mental health facility01/12/22
SB 183Relating to wholesale importation of prescription drugs01/12/22
SB 203Relating to non-compete covenants between certain health care practitioners01/12/22
SB 206Establishing Minority Health Advisory Team01/12/22
SB 212Creating Fetal Heartbeat Act01/12/22
SB 214Updating telepsychology compact01/24/22
SB 217Allowing private schools option of making vaccinations required for enrollment01/12/22
SB 218Requiring parental notification of school-based dispensing of contraceptives to minors01/12/22
SB 220Require parental notification of minors being prescribed contraceptives01/12/22
SB 237Creating litigation practice license for social workers01/12/22
SB 269Youth Mental Health Protection Act01/14/22
SB 271Relating to administration of anesthetics01/14/22
SB 447Creating personal income tax credit for nurses in WV01/20/22
SB 471Relating generally to public health01/24/22
SB 483Creating Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program01/25/22
SB 551Preserving patient's right to abortion02/01/22
SB 559Creating Oral Health and Cancer Rights Act02/02/22
SB 599Relating to patient's rights and informed consent for vaccinations02/09/22
SB 601WV Human Life Protection Act02/09/22
SB 605Permitting pharmacists to dispense ivermectin by means of standing order02/09/22
SB 614Requiring health care facilities to ensure patients have adequate access to clergy02/10/22
SB 620Increasing maximum dental coverage for Medicaid recipients02/11/22
SB 635Relating to Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act02/15/22
SB 661Relating to licensure of Head Start facilities in WV02/17/22
SB 663Requiring medical insurance providers to include infertility services in their policies02/17/22
SB 666Adding Kratom and Delta-8 THC to list of Schedule 1 controlled substances02/17/22
SB 674Providing for no more than two licensed medical cannabis testing laboratories in state02/18/22
SB 692Requiring DHHR to report child abuse and neglect to county community services manager02/21/22
SB 699Defining practice of dentistry02/21/22
SB 702Relating generally to certificate of need02/21/22
SB 706Relating to PEIA reimbursement of inpatient hospital rates02/21/22
SB 709Authorizing Secretary of DHHR to designate positions as critical needs02/21/22
SB 712Strengthening regulation of medication-assisted treatment programs02/21/22
HB 4263Prohibit the practice of white bagging02/01/22
HB 4348Relating to Pharmacy Technicians02/22/22
HB 4516To require medication-assisted treatment programs to have written policies concerning community relations03/01/22
HB 4585Relating to controlled substance monitoring; and removing a dispensing prohibition02/22/22
HB 4643Exempting certain health services from certificate of need02/24/22
HB 4660Establishing the status of beds when an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities closes03/01/22
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