Introduced Version House Concurrent Resolution 104 History

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Key: Green = existing Code. Red = new code to be enacted


(By Delegates Graves, Anderson, Barnhart, Barrett,  Booth, Bridges, Bruce, Burkhammer, Clark, Cooper, Criss, Dean, Ellington, Espinosa, Fast, Ferrell, Forsht Foster, Gearheart, Hanna, Hardy, Haynes, Holstein, Horst, Hott, Householder, Howell, D. Jeffries, J. Jeffries, Jennings, Keaton, J. Kelly, Kessinger, Kimble, Kimes, Linville, Longanacre, Mallow, Mandt, Martin, Mazzocchi, McGeehan, Nestor, J. Pack, Paynter, Phillips, Pinson, Pritt, Reynolds, Rohrbach, Rowan, Smith, Statler, Steele, Storch, Summers, Sypolt, Tully, Wamsley, B. Ward, G. Ward, Worrell and Zatezalo)

[Introduced April 6, 2021.]


Providing for the expiration of certain emergency orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic declared on March 16, 2020 in West Virginia.

Whereas, The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020, which is continuing at this time, has presented unprecedented challenges for the citizens of West Virginia, which have required response of the government of the State of West Virginia; and

Whereas, Exercising the authority and power provided by our State Code, the Governor of West Virginia has marshalled the resources of the state and the full authority and response of the government of West Virginia to address the COVID-19 pandemic; and

Whereas, As of April 6, 2021, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in West Virginia is 113,819; and

Whereas, As of April 6, 2021, there have been 530,328 initial vaccinations for COVID-19 administered and 355,892 completed vaccinations for COVID-19 administered; and

Whereas, By May 17, 2021, the number total number of complete vaccinations and partial vaccinations for COVID-19 in West Virginia will be substantially increased from current numbers; and

Whereas, By May 17, 2021, the vast majority of West Virginians will have immunity from COVID-19 through either having recovered from the disease or from being fully or partially vaccinated; and

Whereas, The Legislature is mindful of the continuing challenges that the pandemic presents, but recognizes that West Virginia must not prolong emergency measures which might unduly harm the economic and psychological well-being of our citizens; and

Whereas, It is our sworn duty to protect the individual liberties of the citizens of West Virginia; therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That is the intent of the Legislature to provide a time limit for the emergency orders that have been made by the Governor of West Virginia during the current COVID-19 pandemic; and, be it

Further Resolved, That all such orders in effect on April 6, 2021 issued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic hereby expire on May 17, 2021, with the exception of Executive Orders 57-20, 79-20, 82-20, 26-20, 11-20, 11-21, 13-20, 17-20, 19-20, 27-20, 35-20, 54-20, 63-20, 66-20, 7-20, 72-20, 73-20, 83-20, 31-20 and 10-21; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House forward copies of this resolution to the Governor of the State of West Virginia.

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