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(By Delegates Perry, Staggers, Pino and Walker)




Requesting that bridge number 8-16-14.75 in the Community of Hartland in Clay County, West Virginia, be named the “Jones Brothers Memorial Bridge”.

    Whereas, Mrs. Florida A. Jones of Hartland, Clay County, West Virginia, now deceased, had five sons, four of whom she lost as they fought or prepared to fight to preserve the freedoms of this nation and the world; and

    Whereas, Mrs. Florida A. Jones was a member of the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., an organization comprised of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in service to our country, making Mrs. Jones a heartbroken yet proud member four times over; and

    Whereas, The first of Mrs. Jones’ sons to have his life cut short while loyally serving his country was Pvt. Ozro Jones who, at twenty-eight years of age, was killed in July, 1943, while fighting with an infantry division in New Guinea during World War II; and

    Whereas, Mrs. Jones’ second son to give his life for his country was Pvt. Burman Jones who, at the young age of twenty-four, took his last breath when killed while engaged in combat during the war-altering Battle of the Bulge in January, 1945, his death occurring only one and one-half years after the death of his older brother, Ozro; and

    Whereas, A mere six months later, in June of 1945, Mrs. Jones’ third son, twenty-seven year old Johnnie Jones, died in Okinawa where he served as a signalman with the United States Army, Eighth Division; and

    Whereas, The funeral for the three Jones brothers who sacrificed their lives in World War II was conducted at the same time, held at the old Clay Funeral Home and, afterwards, the brothers’ bodies transported to the Reed Cemetery on horse drawn wagons; and

    Whereas, Mrs. Jones was to suffer yet another loss when her fourth and youngest boy, Sgt. Eugene Jones, crashed to his death while in paratroop training at Fort Benning, Georgia, at the age of twenty-five; and

    Whereas, Only one of the Jones brothers survived his military experience in defense of our country, S. Sgt. William Lawson Jones, another Jones brother who willingly and loyally served this great nation even after having experienced the tragic and bittersweet loss of his brothers; and

    Whereas, The Jones family gave much more than its share in order to preserve our freedoms, our country and our world as we know it, giving the ultimate sacrifice of not just one life but the lives of four, forever altering the course of the Jones family as it journeyed forth through life and future generations; and

    Whereas, It is fitting and an honor for West Virginia to dedicate a bridge to the Jones Brothers so that the memory of these men, the loss of these men and the future generations they may have spawned will not be forgotten but, instead, brought to mind thousands and thousands of times, indeed, every time the bridge is crossed over; therefore, be it

    Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

    That the Division of Highways is hereby requested to name bridge number 8-16-14.75 in the Community of Hartland, Clay County, West Virginia, the “Jones Brothers Memorial Bridge”; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Commissioner of the Division of Highways is hereby requested to erect signs at both ends of the bridge containing bold and prominent letters proclaiming the bridge the “Jones Brothers Memorial Bridge”; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates forward a certified copy of this resolution to the Commissioner of the Division of Highways and to Mr. Steve Thomas, a close living relative of the Jones men who, with extreme loyalty, dedication and passion for this nation and the State of West Virginia, so willingly offered their lives to preserve our freedoms.

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