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H. B. 2880

(By Delegate Poling)

[Introduced March 4, 2005; referred to the

Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources then Government Organization.]

A BILL to amend and reenact §30-10-4 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, relating to veterinarians generally; setting forth responsibilities of the Board of Veterinary Medicine to support low-cost animal spay and neuter programs; and providing for waivers of rules for veterinarians providing low-cost animal spay and neuterservices in mobile vans.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That §30-10-4 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, be amended and reenacted to read as follows:


§30-10-4. Powers and responsibilities of Board.

The Board shall have the power to:
(a) Examine and determine the qualifications and fitness of any applicant for a license to practice veterinary medicine in this state;
(b) Issue, renew, deny, suspend or revoke licenses and temporary permits to practice veterinary medicine in this state or otherwise discipline licensed veterinarians consistent with the provisions of this article and reasonable rules and regulations promulgated by the Board as specified in subdivision (i) of this section;
(c) Establish and publish annually a schedule of reasonable fees for the licensing and registration of veterinarians, such fee schedule to be based on the Board's anticipated financial requirements for the year;
(d) Conduct investigations for the purpose of discovering violations of this article or grounds for disciplining licensed veterinarians;
(e) Hold hearings as specified in section twelve of this article;
(f) Employ such full-time or part-time professional, clerical or special personnel as may be necessary to effectuate the provisions of this article, and purchase or rent necessary office space, equipment and supplies;
(g) Appoint from its own membership one or more members to act as an official representative or representatives of the Board at any meeting within or without this state where such representation is deemed desirable;
(h) Institute appropriate court proceedings for the enforcement of the provisions of this article or any reasonable rules and regulations of the Board promulgated as specified in subdivision (i) of this section;
(i) Promulgate, amend or repeal reasonable rules, and regulations in accordance with the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, to implement the provisions of this article, including rules and regulations establishing standards of professional conduct for the practice of veterinary medicine; and
(j) The Board shall also have the power to suspend or revoke for cause any certificate of authorization issued by it. It shall have the power to reinstate any certificate of authorization suspended or revoked by it.
The powers enumerated above are granted for the purpose of enabling the Board to effectively supervise the practice of veterinary medicine, and are to be construed liberally to accomplish this objective.
In addition to the powers enumerated in this section, the Board shall encourage, support and foster the provision of low-cost
veterinarian services to reduce animal overpopulation. In undertaking this responsibility, the Board shall waive strict enforcement of requirements otherwise applicable to the provision of veterinary services for spaying and neutering animals at fixed locations for spaying and neutering programs provided by veterinarians working out of mobile vans and providing services at reduced rates. The Legislature finds that the provision of low-cost veterinary services provided by mobile vans are effective and in the best interests of the citizens of the state. It is for this reason that the Board and the veterinarians licensed by the Board are encouraged to support low-cost animal neuter and spay activities.

NOTE: The purpose of this bill is to provide that the Board of Veterinary Medicine support programs that provide low-cost animal spay and neuter services to include the waiver of certain rules for spay and neuter services provided by veterinarians in mobile vans.

Strike-throughs indicate language that would be stricken from the present law, and underscoring indicates new language that would be added.
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