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(By Delegates Storch, Ambler, Armstead, Arvon, Azinger, Barill, Border, Butler, Campbell, Caputo, Cooper, Craig, Diserio, Eldridge, Ellem, Ellington, Espinosa, Evans, A., Evans, D., Faircloth, Ferns, Ferro, Folk, Gearheart, Guthrie, Hamrick, Hartman, Howell, Ireland, Jones, Longstreth, Lynch, Manchin, Marcum, Marshall, McCuskey, Miley, Miller, Moore, Moye, Nelson, E., O'Neal, Pasdon, Paxton, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Pino, Poling, D., Raines, Romine, Rowan, Shott, Smith, P., Smith, R., Stephens, Stowers, Sumner, Tomblin, Walker, Walters and Westfall)




Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study: (1) The use of ‘model designs’ for purpose of new school construction in West Virginia; (2) the advantages of having a project oversight protocol common to all counties statewide to oversee new school construction; and (3) the usefulness of maintaining a centralized oversight and review data system at the state level of contractors and subcontractors used for school building purposes.

    Whereas, Students deserve best construction and most up to date technology and safety; and

    Whereas, When school systems within the state begin the process of new school construction, each engage in this endeavor as a stand alone entity, reinventing the wheel in matters concerning safety, security, structural requirements, technical requirements, student needs, design and architectural elements; and

    Whereas, The ability for each individual school system to review several ‘model designs’, designs that have already been approved for all necessary and required components and capable of easily adopted modifications dependent upon individual differences in size and needs, would enhance the speed and efficiency of the building process; and

    Whereas, The existence of ‘model designs’ from which to choose and modify, if necessary, would likely result in substantial cost savings to the individual school systems, enhance the quality and effectiveness of the design and serve to assure that the quality expected is the quality achieved; and

    Whereas, There is currently no uniform system in the state for overseeing the building of new school construction and the responsibility for this is often split with construction managers, general contractors and multiple prime contractors; and

    Whereas, This dual system of responsibility and oversight can result in a lack of coordination and mistakes; and

    Whereas, There is duplication in cost when a construction manager and general contractor are involved and the lines of responsibility and oversight are not clearly designated; and

    Whereas, There are a multitude of contractors across the state with varying degrees of experience and expertise; and

    Whereas, If data was collected and maintained in regards to work performed by contractors in school projects from across the state, local school boards would be in better positions to select the most qualified contractor for the job; therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Delegates:

    That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the cost-effectiveness and security enhancing properties of developing and maintaining a set of ‘model designs’ for school systems to review and modify when pursuing new school construction; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the study conducted by the Joint Committee on Government and Finance include an evaluation of the most effective oversight protocol when engaged in new school construction; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance explore the possibility of maintaining a register at the state level that would include all contractors who have worked on school buildings along with other data reflecting, for example, each contractors performance along certain dimensions, e.g., ability to perform tasks within time perimeters, skill level, organizational abilities, etc.; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance report to the regular session of the Legislature, 2014, on its findings, conclusions and recommendations, together with drafts of any legislation necessary to effectuate its recommendations; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the expenses necessary to conduct this study, to prepare a report and to draft legislation be paid from legislative appropriations to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance.

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