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(By Delegates Perdue, Hatfield, Wooton, Campbell, Phillips, Marshall, Staggers, Manypenny, Susman, Rodighiero, Lawrence, Fleischauer, Eldridge, D. Poling, C. Miller, J. Miller, Rowan and Border)

[Originating in the Committee on Health and Human Resources; Reported March 30, 2009.]

Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to conduct a study on identifying good perinatal health education models or developing models in West Virginia.

HEREAS , West Virginia women under the age of twenty have higher rates of premature births, low birth-rates and infant mortality than that of older women. The rate of births to this group in the State has been increasing - higher than the national average; and
HEREAS , In West Virginia from 2002-2004, infant mortality rates were highest for women under twenty years of age(13.6 infant deaths per 1,000 live births), compared to all West Virginia live births (8.0 infant deaths per 1,000 live births); and
HEREAS , The majority of poor birth outcomes in women under twenty years of age are directly related to a lack of knowledge and misinformation about how to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby; and
HEREAS , Access to adequate perinatal health, life skills and wellness education would improve opportunities for students to make informed decisions about planning for a healthy pregnancy and parenting; and
HEREAS , This can also be accomplished through professional development for health educators, along with additional space for the purpose of conducting health classes in the school system; and
HEREAS , Healthy lifestyles questions should be included in core testing for students; and
HEREAS , It is the Legislature's intent to reduce poor birth outcomes for women under twenty years of age by conducting a study comparing perinatal outcomes and perinatal and parenting educational opportunities. The study will assist in identifying one or more county school systems that could serve as models of perinatal education for the State, and will allow for the development of recommendations to address the State's poor birth outcomes for this age group; and
HEREAS , The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have studied health education curricula and their effectiveness, and
HEREAS , This data shows that various school systems in West Virginia have implemented some type of educational program for the purpose of preparing young people for their future role as a parent; and
HEREAS , A core curriculum should be developed through an analysis comparing the curriculum to certain perinatal health outcomes such as infant mortality, low birth weight, infant morbidity and other indicators; therefore be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance is hereby requested to study and identify model curriculums and any county school systems with good perinatal health education for the purpose of planning to make improvements in perinatal and birth outcomes for both parents twenty years of age and under and their newborn infants; and, be it
Further Resolved,
That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance direct that the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability and the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability work with the Department of Education and other interested parties to accomplish these goals and report to the regular session of the Legislature, 2010, on its findings, conclusions and recommendations, together with drafts of any legislation necessary to effectuate its recommendations; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the expenses necessary to conduct this study, to prepare a report and to draft necessary legislation be paid from legislative appropriations to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance.
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