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(By Delegates Marcum, White, Perdue, Moore

                 and Mr. Speaker, Mr. Thompson)



Requesting the Division of Highways to rename bridge number 30-3/5-21.47 on County Road 3/5 in Mingo County, West Virginia, currently known as Board Camp Branch Bridge, the “Nancy E. May Memorial Bridge”.

    Whereas, Nancy E. May was a lifelong resident of Mingo County, West Virginia; and

    Whereas, Nancy E. May died in February, 2010; and

    Whereas, During her long life, Nancy E. May personified the quality of woman who serves as the foundation of her family and her community; selflessly and unrelentingly providing the love, support, encouragement and conviction in the worth of humanity that gives rise to an environment in which men and women can learn, love, grow to their full potential, become our nation’s leaders and soldiers and experience satisfaction in all their endeavors, in other words, the quality of woman without whom our state and nation would not know its current form; and

    Whereas, Nancy E. May was a devoted and nuturant wife of thirty five years, raised three children and had seven grandchildren, all of whom she could not have loved more and for whom she continues to be sorely missed; and

    Whereas, Nancy E. May served as a Sunday School teacher for twentyfive years, tirelessly teaching children and, then, their children the value she believed essential to our lives which, in a nutshell, is to love one another; and

    Whereas, Nancy E. May was an avid volunteer and community servant, continually working to advance the needs of her local community in Breeden, Mingo County, West Virginia, always believing that through giving to others she received much more than she gave; and

    Whereas, Nancy E. May was loved dearly by everyone who knew her and will be missed always; and

    Whereas, While Nancy E. May is no longer on this earth and can no longer personally serve to foster the good, the loving and the beautiful, she lives on through her children, her grandchildren and the many, many lives she has touched and aided; and

    Whereas, It is a small act, indeed, to name a bridge in Nancy E. May’s memory and honor but an act, nevertheless, that acknowledges her enormous contributions and recognizes that without her life and, symbolically, the lives of women like her, what a different, less prosperous, less successful, less loving and wise world this would be; therefore, be it

    Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

    That the Division of Highways rename bridge 30-3/5-21.47 on County Road 3/5 in Mingo County, West Virginia, currently known as the Board Camp Branch Bridge, the “Nancy E. May Memorial Bridge”; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Division of Highways is requested to have made and be placed signs which identify the bridge, in bold and prominent letters, as the “Nancy E. May Memorial Bridge”; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates forward a certified copy of this resolution to the children of Nancy E. May who are Robbie May, Brian May and Crissy Dalton and, also, to the Secretary of the Department of Transportation.

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