Introduced Version House Concurrent Resolution 8 History

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hcr8 intr

(By Delegates Fleischauer, Iaquinta,

Longstreth, Stephens, and Azinger)
[Introduced February 19, 2009.]

Requesting that public and private colleges and universities in the State of West Virginia submit plans to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance on how their campuses can be made more military or veteran friendly.
Whereas, The Legislative Interim Select Committee B- Veterans' Issues has received and considered testimony from veterans, local health care providers, social workers and educational services personnel identifying the current state of affairs in post-deployment services available to veterans; and
Whereas, Testimony of veterans and experts also revealed that these veterans are highly interested and motivated to seek higher education, but face many limitations unique to veterans in doing so; and
Whereas, These veterans are facing struggles, injuries and mental and physical health care issues that are unprecedented and outside the scope of care of current student services; and
Whereas, Many of the state's institutions of higher learning have begun offering programs aimed at providing veterans with educational assistance including financial assistance, campus counseling, and aid in transition from military life to student life; and
Whereas, Generations of veterans from all services have called West Virginia home as West Virginia has one of the highest numbers of active duty and injured soldiers per capita in the nation; and
Whereas, It is important that all eligible veterans receive the honor, treatment and care they so richly deserve for volunteering their lives to the protection of this country and its institutions; and
Whereas, The State of West Virginia should remain committed to showing its gratitude of these service men and women by continuing its endeavor of developing and enhancing services aimed at providing eligible veterans with mental and physical healthcare and education opportunities; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the public and private colleges and universities in this state are requested to develop plans on how each campus can be made more "military or veteran friendly." Components in these plans would include, but not be limited to, devising methods of lowering the bureaucratic barriers facing veterans in enrollment, reenrollment, financial aid and transitioning into the educational process; appointing veterans' advocates and providing training for them in as many institutional units as is feasible; designing an area on campus for veterans to congregate and assisting veterans in gaining knowledge about all the benefits available to them and applying for such benefits; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the plans prepared by the colleges and universities be submitted on or before October 1, 2009, to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance for dissemination to interim committees dealing with issues relating to veterans and higher education.
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