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(By Delegates Barnhart, Anderson, Brooks, Butler, Cannon, Coop-Gonzalez, Crouse, Dean, Fehrenbacher, Ferrell, Foggin, Forsht, Gearheart, A. Hall, Heckert, Hite, Honaker, Horst, Hott, Kelly, Kump, Linville, Longanacre, Mallow, Miller, Nestor, Reynolds, Rohrbach, Shamblin, Sheedy, Storch, Summers, Vance, Westfall, Worrell, and Zatezalo)

February 3, 2023

Referred to the Committee on Energy and Manufacturing and then to the Committee on Rules


Strongly encouraging Monongahela Power Company to purchase Pleasants Power Station. Whereas, The Pleasants Power Station has served as a crucial power resource for the Mid-Ohio Valley since 1979 and employs approximately 154 people throughout the region. The facility burns over 3 million tons of coal per year, supplying 9 percent of West Virginia’s power generation and powers thousands of homes and businesses throughout the region.

Whereas, The economic impact of the Pleasants Power Station to the regional economy and to local governments is over $400 million annually and serves to keep thousands of West Virginia miners, plant workers, technical and support workers and retailers gainfully employed. The impact of the plant reaches businesses in 19 counties throughout the State of West Virginia.

Whereas, The Pleasants Power Station has a $128 million impact to Pleasants County and its surrounding counties and contributes $1.75 million annually to Pleasants County Commission and Pleasants County Board of Education. The plant also represents the largest taxpayer in Pleasants County and is truly the heart and soul of the community; and

Whereas, The West Virginia Public Service Commission provided an opportunity for Monongahela Power Company to evaluate the feasibility of purchasing the Pleasants Power Station. Monongahela Power has expressed an interest in doing a feasibility study and is exploring the opportunities that the Pleasants Power Station can provide for power generation; Therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Delegates:

Be it resolved that the West Virginia House of Delegates strongly encourages Monongahela Power in this endeavor and encourages it to strongly consider purchasing the Pleasants Power Station to preserve the power source and economic opportunities that the facility provides; and, be it

Resolved further, That the Clerk of the House forward a copy of this resolution to Monongahela Power Company, Pleasants Power Station, and the Public Service Commission.

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