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(By Delegates Anderson, J. Kelly, Zatezalo, Cooper, Boggs, Criss, Householder, Pethtel, Maynard, Bridges, and Evans)

[March 10, 2022]

Highlighting West Virginia’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strengthen national security and energy independence and supply world energy markets.

Whereas, The tragic events in Ukraine are bringing renewed attention to national security issues and world energy policies; and

Whereas, Multiple NATO countries remain dependent on Russian energy, i.e. coal, gas and oil; and

Whereas, Remarkedly, even the United States is consuming shipments of Russian coal to generate electricity and oil to fuel its energy needs; and

Whereas, dependence on Russian coal, gas and oil throughout Europe is clearly limiting an effective response from NATO countries; and

Whereas, World sanctions against Russia are having limited effects because energy sales are exempt from sanctions; and

Whereas, Countries, including the United States, by purchasing Russian energy, are sending payments to Russia, funding their military actions; and

Whereas, Current national energy policies have and continue to jeopardize domestic national security and our ability to assist our allies overseas; and

Whereas, By shutting down coal-fired power plants, curtailing coal output, prohibiting natural gas production and pipeline development, and importing Russian energy, current policies have weakened our energy security and our capacity to help our allies overseas; and

Whereas, The national security and energy independence of the United States is of paramount importance and has taken a second seat to climate policies and environmental interests; and

Whereas, West Virginia energy, such as coal and natural gas, shall hereinafter be referred to as “Freedom Fuel,” and our coal workers referred to as “Freedom Miners”; and

Whereas, Russia currently supplies about 30% of the metallurgical coal used by European steelmakers and about 60% of the thermal coal used to generate electricity; and

Whereas, West Virginia coal, already preferred by European electricity generators and steel manufacturers for its quality and stable supply history, can offset European needs for Russian coal; and

Whereas, If natural gas supplies are further disrupted, coal-fired power plants can generate more electricity to offset the lost generation from natural gas plants; and

Whereas, West Virginia coal can be converted to liquid fuels to address oil and diesel fuel shortages; therefore, be it 

Resolved by the House of Delegates of West Virginia:

That the State Executive, State Legislature, and industry leaders convene immediately to discuss the situation; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the State Executive and State Legislature is urged to identify and remove barriers and obstacles to establish a path forward for West Virginia coal and natural gas to be extracted and transported to NATO countries; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the Legislature is urged to create a special committee under the leadership of the House of Delegates’ and Senate’s Energy Committee Chairmen and select committee members to develop policies, legislation, and regulatory reforms necessary to effectuate the intent and scope of the charge outlined herein; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the Legislature is urged to unleash the power of West Virginia’s Freedom Fuels for a stronger nation and safer, more secure global community.

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