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House Resolution No. 32

(By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Thompson, and Delegates Perdue, Reynolds, Sobonya and Stephens)

[Introduced March 17, 2009.]

Recognizing and honoring Mose A. Napier for his service and dedication as Mayor for the City of Ceredo, West Virginia for the last forty years.

Whereas, Mose Napier was born, raised, and lived in Ceredo his entire life; and
Whereas, Ceredo in the 1960's was just sort of a wide spot in the main road, with one policeman who was on call 24/7 and Ceredo had no direction, or long range plans for improvements; and
Whereas, Mose Napier, just out of college and after serving his Country in the Army, decided that perhaps he could be elected Mayor and with the help of a positive Council begin to drag Ceredo into the twentieth century and began forty years of growth and improvements; and
Whereas, Under the direction of Mayor Napier the sidewalks and streets were improved. The City Police Officers are Academy trained. Ceredo has one of the finest Volunteer Fire Departments in the Country with a new garage that houses the best in fire trucks, ambulances with the latest life saving equipment; and
Whereas, With the direction of Mayor Napier the city began a beautification committee. This committee inspired everyone to keep their homes and businesses neat and clean with a lot of flowers; and
Whereas, Mayor Napier and the city purchased land for the C-K Middle School, High Rise for the Elderly, Paul Billups Memorial Park, Soft Ball Field, Veterans Memorial, walking track and Amphitheater. The park has become a hub for the community and the surrounding area; and
Whereas, The Mayor and council founded a Museum to house a large petroglyph pulled from the Ohio River in 1975. Since then a new Museum has grown to hold a history of not only Ceredo, the surrounding area, but of our State and also our Nation; and
Whereas, The last great building project for the Mayor and the city was a new City Hall. It houses the Mayor's office, Council Chambers, the Town Clerk, and the business office for the water company and a satellite office for the accessor of Wayne County; and
Whereas, The Mayor decided in 1997 that the citizens needed a newspaper to keep them informed as to the happenings in town, hence the New Crescent was born. The paper is delivered free to all homes and businesses in town with bundles going to businesses out of town; and
Whereas, The city has grown from a one man police department to a well trained department of ten, a well equipped Street Department of twelve employees; therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Delegates:
That the House of Delegates hereby recognizes and honors Mose A. Napier for his service and dedication as Mayor for the city of Ceredo, West Virginia for the last forty years; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates forward a certified copy of this resolution to Mose A. Napier and to the City Council of the City of Ceredo, West Virginia.
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