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(By Delegates Campbell, T., Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Boggs, Caputo, Craig, Hatfield, Manchin, Paxton, Perdue, Pethtel, Phillips, R., Poling, M., Poore, Talbott, White, Williams, Cann, Ireland, Moore, Morgan, Stowers, Varner, Brown, Doyle, Ferro, Fleischauer, Frazier, Guthrie, Lawrence, Mahan, Manypenny, Marshall, Phillips, L., Staggers, Wells, Miley, Shaver and Swartzmiller)


Expressing concern of the House of Delegates of the number of unintended pregnancies of West Virginia women and urging acknowledgment of state policies and agencies attempting to limit unintended pregnancies.

    Whereas, Many unintended pregnancies occur each year in West Virginia; and

    Whereas, West Virginia is the only state in the nation to experience a rise in the teen birth rate; and

    Whereas, State government can be effective in promoting the health and well-being of West Virginia women through programs such as the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources’ family planning program and through providing accessibility to insurance coverage and health care; and

    Whereas, Family planning promotes the health of men, women and children and the well being of families and infants, encourages responsible behavior, reduces unintended pregnancies, reduces expenditures for high risk pregnancies and allows pregnancies to take place at a time when planned and when, thus, couples are best able to care for new children; and

    Whereas, The medical, educational and counseling services of the West Virginia Family Planning Program clinics are broad, including male and female exams, cervical cancer screening, breast and testicular screening, STD testing and treatment, counseling on STD, HIV and AIDS risks, fertility counseling, pregnancy testing and counseling, referral services, male and female birth control and male and female sterilization services; and

    Whereas, The State Department of Education is working to reduce unintended pregnancy through education so that it may give our young people the tools needed to lead healthy, productive lives; and

    Whereas, It is vital to know how West Virginia women deal with unintended pregnancies, whether these result in abortion or not, and how West Virginia government, through the Department of Health and Human Resources and Department of Education, may assist West Virginia men and women in understanding the negative impact of unintended pregnancies; and

    Whereas, It is vital to understand why unintended pregnancies occur and determine the best role of state government in reducing the frequency of unintended pregnancies and abortions; and

    Whereas, We believe that the best way to reduce abortion is through education and health care access; therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Delegates of West Virginia:

    That all West Virginians be better informed of the struggles women experience due to unintended pregnancies and be encouraged to develop policies that are considerate of their plight so that laws can be enacted which provide for stronger and healthier families for the benefit of West Virginia men, women and children; and, be it

    Further Resolved, That the Legislature do all that it can in order to promote and protect the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources’ Family Planning Program, the West Virginia Department of Education and the West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services as these agencies continue to provide such critically important health programs in our great Mountain State that promote the health and well-being of West Virginia women.

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