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House Resolution 40

(By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Thompson)

[Introduced March 23, 2009.]

H. R. 40 - "Amending House Rule 112, relating to amendments and the prefiling thereof."
Resolved by the House of Delegates:
That Rule 112 of the Rules of the House of Delegates be amended to read as follows:
Forms For and Prefiling Required
112. The Clerk shall, upon request, furnish to members sheets with a proper heading printed in blank upon which amendments shall may be written, and all amendments offered shall be on such blanks or provided in typewritten form and bear the name of the member offering the same. Amendments offered by members to bills or Joint Resolutions shall be prefiled with the Clerk within two hours of the start of any daily session wherein the bill or Joint Resolution is on Second Reading on either the House or Special Calendar.
All amendments offered under the provisions of this rule shall be delivered to the Clerk in paper format, or, if such amendments have been compiled by staff, the same shall be prepared and delivered to the Clerk in paper and digital format. All such digital amendments shall be prefiled in central files by the person preparing such amendments by the time of prefiling the amendments in paper format. If such amendments are drafted by a member, the Clerk may prepare the digital format of the amendments from the paper format provided by the member and prefile the digital amendments in central files.
Any member may, by unanimous consent of the House or by majority vote, offer amendments on Second Reading, prior to a bill or Joint Resolution being engrossed and advanced to Third Reading.
The provisions of this rule shall not apply to any bills or Joint Resolutions which have been read prior to being referred to a committee, which have been taken up for immediate consideration and read a first time, or upon which the Constitutional Rule requiring a bill to be read on three several days has been dispensed with in any prior proceedings.

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