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Legislative Manual

Legislative Manual
Produced by: House Clerk’s Office

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A more abbreviated publication than the Blue Book, this manual is updated every two years and contains photographs and biographies of the current governor and legislators. It also contains the names of congressional representatives, elected state officials, judicial officers, legislative staff, members of the press, former governors and past legislators. In addition, each manual includes statistical information on population, legislative rules, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and West Virginia.

View Sections of the 2007-2008 Legislative Manual

Table of Contents (p. 1-3)
Judicial Department (p. 4)
Judges of Circuit Courts (p. 5-9)
Members of the Press (p. 10)
Population of Congressional Districts (p. 11-12)
Governors of West Virginia, 1863-2008 (p. 13-14)
The Declaration of Independence (p. 15-19)
Index to U. S Constitution (p. 20-22)
The Constitution of the United States (p. 23-37)
Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (p. 38-47)
The Bill of Rights (p. 48-50)
WV State Constitution (p. 51-143)
Amendments to the WV State Constitution (p. 144-167)
Index to WV State Constitution (p. 168-194)
Rules of the Senate (p. 195-214)
Index to Rules of the Senate (p. 215-223)
Rules of the House of Delegates (p. 225-284)
Index to House Rules (p. 285-300)
Joint Rules (p. 301-317)
Index to Joint Rules (p. 318-321)
Population of Counties (p. 322)
House Apportionment (p. 323-324)
Political Composition (p. 325-326)
West Virginia Legislatures, 1863-2007 (p. 327-328)
Service Record of Delegates (p. 329-330)
Diagram of House Chamber (p. 331-332)
Standing Commmittees of the House (p. 333-336)
Biographies of House Members (p. 337-413)
House of Delegates Staff (p. 414-415)
Elective Officers of the House, 1863-2008 (p. 416-420)
Roster of Members of the Senate and House (p. 421-436)
Senate Apportionment (p. 437)
Population of Senatorial Districts (p. 438-439)
Senate Service Records (p. 440)
Diagram of Senate Chamber (p. 441-442)
Senate Standing Committees (p. 443-444)
Biographies of Senate Members (p. 445-477)
Senate Staff (p. 478-479)
Elective Officers of Senate, 1863-2008 (p. 480-483)
Legislative Glossary (p. 484-493)
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