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Release Date: 06/24/2019
Contact: Jared Hunt at (304) 340-3323

Joshua Higginbotham

Chairman Higginbotham Praises $1.2 Billion Investment in Mason County

POCA, W.Va. – House of Delegates Committee on Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Chairman Josh Higginbotham, R-Putnam, today praised West Virginia-based Domestic Synthetic Fuels for its planned $1.2 billion investment to build a coal-to-liquids plant in Mason County and said this is further evidence West Virginia is beginning a grand economic upswing.


“This is fantastic news for Mason County and our entire state,” he said. “This facility will not only create 130 full-time jobs, but will also support another 100 coal mining jobs once it begins production. This investment is yet another signal that West Virginia is open and eager for business.”


According to the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, the company is not getting any preferential deals or special treatment from the state – it’s using the same tax incentives available to any other job creator that wants to do business in West Virginia.


“This is proof-positive that our responsible fiscal management and fight against tax increases in recent years is reaping results,” Chairman Higginbotham said. “West Virginia no longer needs to cut backroom deals or pass special bills to attract investment. By treating all businesses fairly and keeping taxes low for all, we can spur job creation across the board.”


He said the environmentally sound coal-to-liquids process that will be used by the plant is evidence the United States can and should embrace all forms of energy production.


“By unleashing innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, we’re able to meet challenges head-on,” he said. “This company’s process of harnessing our coal and natural gas shows why we need to fight back against radicals like Michael Bloomberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Green New Deal idealists who want to end our fossil fuels industries and enact policies that disrespect our hard-working coal miners and energy workers.


“By embracing innovation and new technologies, we can find new ways to use our God-given resources to power America and help our citizens and communities prosper,” he said. “I thank Domestic Synthetic Fuels for their vision and commitment to our state and firmly believe this is just the beginning of an economic revival for West Virginia.” 

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