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Release Date: 06/24/2019

Michael Angelucci,Sammi Brown,Amanda Estep-Burton,Cindy Lavender-Bowe,Cody Thompson,Danielle Walker,Lisa Zukoff

Delegates Urge Governor to Veto House Bill 206

Seven delegates are urging Gov. Jim Justice to veto House Bill 206 because of concerns that it could violate the state constitution.

The Senate passed the bill Monday evening. Delegates Michael Angelucci, D-Marion; Sammi Brown, D-Jefferson; Amanda Estep-Burton, D-Kanawha; Cindy Lavender-Bowe, D-Greenbrier; Cody Thompson, D-Randolph; Lisa Zukoff, D-Marshall; and Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia, joined in calling for the governor to veto the bill.

“I wasn’t elected to represent special interest groups,” Delegate Estep-Burton said. “I was elected to be a voice for my constituents. If you have to manipulate the democratic process to get your special interest agenda to pass, that is not the will of the people. Montani Semper Liberi, as long as you aren’t bought by corporate interest. Please veto House Bill 206 and represent the people who elected you.”

Delegates cited Article 6 Chapter 30 of the state constitution, the single-object provision, saying issues should be debated separately.

"I urge Governor Justice to veto this unconstitutional bill and allow legislators to debate educational issues individually during the next regular session," Delegate Angelucci said.

“We had an opportunity to truly invest in the betterment of students and show the people of West Virginia that we not only represent them, we respect them and their voices,” Delegate Brown said. “This was an opportunity lost by the passage of House Bill 206. Overwhelmingly, across all regions, constituents spoke out against the components and composition of this bill. They’ve lost faith in their government, but we can still offer hope with the veto of the omnibus bill.” ###

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