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Release Date: 12/09/2009
Contact: Sen. Evan Jenkins 304-417-0727

Evan H. Jenkins

Handling of Parolees From Other States Living in West Virginia Being Reviewed and Assessed

CHARLESTON - In the wake of the murder of four police officers in Washington, a careful review and assessment of West Virginia's handling of adult offenders living in the state while on parole from other states has been initiated by the chairman of the senate committee on interstate cooperation, Sen. Evan Jenkins (D-Cabell).

"A tragic by-line to the recent shooting of four police officers in the state of Washington by an Arkansas parolee is a possible breakdown in how the alleged gunman was being supewised under an adult offender agreement between the two states. This individual had a long rap sheet in both states and questions are now being raised about why he was even allowed to be loose on the street. My committee has oversight responsibilities of our state's parlicipation in the same interstate agreement that's being reviewed in the wake of the slain officers in Washington. I want to enswe we have safeguards in place here to help protect our citizens," Jenkins said.

"All states, including West Virginia, participate in the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. The compact is an agreement that sets the rules and regulations on how an adult offender on parole in one state can request to move to another state. If a parolee is allowed to move, the supervision of that individual also transfers. The compact does allow the so-called receiving state of a parolee to impose their own conditions of supervision. Some are suggesting that in the recent murders, the parolee may have moved to Washington because they have less restrictive supervision requirements and therefore is an attractive state for parolees to request residence," Jenkins said.

"I've advised the members of the committee on interstate moperation that I am requesting a thorough review by our state officials responsible for administering the compact. I am also requesting that they present to the committee at our next meeting the specific details, requirements and supervision standards we require on any parolee trying to move to ow state. Public safety must be our top priority and maintaining strict supervision standards and absolute necessity," Jenkins said.


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