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Release Date: 01/07/2014
Contact: House Minority Leader Delegate Tim Armstead at (304) 340-3320

Delegate Armstead

House Republicans Seek Bold Solutions to Challenges Facing West Virginia in 2014

Charleston – Republican members of the West Virginia House of Delegates today pledged to fight for bold reforms that are needed to usher in a “New Birth of Freedom” in West Virginia during the 2014 Legislative Session that begins on January 8.

“West Virginians are facing tremendous challenges as they work hard each day to care for their families and pursue their dreams. They need bold solutions that will reenergize our economy, ensure integrity and confidence in our State’s leaders and provide new opportunities for prosperity for all West Virginians,” said House Republican Leader Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha. “We have great pride and confidence in our State and its people. West Virginians deserve a government that works with them and helps them to realize their goals and ambitions rather than placing obstacles and stumbling blocks in their way.”

Republican Delegates seek and will work for:

A New Birth of Economic Growth by reducing the tax burden on our citizens, providing our people with exciting new educational opportunities, fostering job creation, expanding energy production and research, and evaluating the impact of new policies on economic growth and job creation.

A New Birth of Accountability by setting spending priorities within our budget, “living within our means,” providing transparency in how tax dollars are spent and challenging the Obamacare federal takeover of our healthcare system.

A New Birth of Integrity by working to ensure fair and honest elections and demanding strong ethical conduct of all government officials.

A New Birth of Prosperity in economic growth and a more vibrant and effective educational system through greater local control and accountability in our schools.

A New Birth of Freedom by protecting the inherent rights granted our citizens by our State and Federal Constitutions and preserving the sanctity of human life, the right of our citizens to maintain firearms for their protection and recreation, and the freedom of religion and belief of all our citizens.

“West Virginians have a right to expect their elected representatives to set an example of honesty and integrity, that they will work to ensure our citizens every available opportunity to earn a good living in our State, and provide them the ability to educate their children in the best schools possible,” said House Republican Whip Daryl Cowles, R-Morgan.

“So many of our fellow West Virginians are looking for work or are working two jobs while others are being forced to watch as their children seek work in other states. This legislative session provides us an immediate opportunity to address the challenges our citizens face each day,” said Republican Caucus Chair Patrick Lane, R-Kanawha. “We intend to work hard during the next 60 days to turn our State around and set it on the right course for job creation.”

Recent studies show that West Virginia is 48th in the Nation in job creation, last among the states in workforce participation, 50th in median household income, and 49th in K-12 student achievement. Despite these dismal statistics, Republicans have great confidence that there are basic, common-sense solutions that can improve West Virginia’s economic future and the opportunities available to all West Virginians.

“We love West Virginia and are honored to have the opportunity serve her people in the Legislature. We recognize there truly are positive solutions to the challenges facing the men and women who sent us here. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and work together to enact meaningful reforms this year. We can’t afford to wait another decade or even another year,” Armstead said. “There is simply no excuse for our State to be at the bottom of the list in terms of income, employment and education. We can do better and our Republican legislators are going to fight to make the bold changes needed to move West Virginia forward.”

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