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Release Date: 11/14/2007
Contact: 304-294-8802

Senator Billy Wayne Bailey

State Senator Calls on Governor to Shorten Work Week For State Employees

Senate Majority Whip, Billy Wayne Bailey Jr.(D-Wyoming), is asking Governor Manchin to initiate a policy to set a 10 hour day, 4-day week, work schedule for all state employees.

Senator Bailey, who has proposed the policy for the past two years to the Governor, says that state employees are suffering from the 5-day work week especially now that gasoline prices have risen to over three dollars a gallon.

“Many state employees travel great distances to work yet received minimal salary increases, Senator Bailey said. Many of these employees could apply for, and receive welfare.”

The proposed changes to the workweek would benefit both state employees and the public. Implementing a 10/4 work week would be a raise to employees, and at the same time cost the state nothing, according to the 9th District Senator.

Senator Bailey also encourages the private sector to adopt this policy due to the skyrocketing gas prices. “If you allowed the employees to work staggered days so that offices could remain open each business day, it would not only make the offices more accessible to our citizens who cannot visit the offices during regular business hours, but would help our employees fiscally”, said Senator Bailey.

For more information please contact Senator Billy Wayne Bailey Jr. at 294-8802.

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