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Release Date: 01/19/2015
Contact: Jennifer McPherson (304) 340-3240

Timothy Miley

House Democratic Leader Tim Miley Asks Republican Speaker for Facts and Data to Support Claims that Repealing Legislation Will Save Coal Jobs

On Friday, House Minority Leader Tim Miley (D-Harrison) delivered a letter to newly elected House Speaker Tim Armstead (R-Kanawha) requesting an Economic Impact Statement on H.B. 2001, Repeal the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act.

 “This legislation has been touted by many members of the Legislature and coal industry representatives as a vital jobs-saving bill for the coal industry,” Miley said. “It has also been asserted that repealing this legislation would result in reduced electricity rates for residents and businesses around our state.   

“While we all want to support and help foster a thriving coal industry, the last thing we want to do is crush the hopes and dreams of so many out-of-work coal miners if this legislation doesn’t result in the resurgence promised by its proponents,” Miley continued. “I believe it is imperative for members of the Legislature to know the real impact of this legislation - to coal miners and their families and to other industries that may be affected by the repeal -  prior to being asked to cast their votes.”

Miley further noted, “It’s important to know whether the repeal of the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act accomplishes meaningful results, or whether the repeal of the legislation is mere campaign fluff.”

The House of Delegates adopted changes to the House Rules on the first day of session that included a provision (House Rule 95C) that permits the Speaker to request an Economic Impact Statement on any piece of legislation to determine how many jobs would be gained or lost as a result of the legislation and any effect on wages and compensation.

View a copy of the Minority Leader’s letter. [PDF]

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