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President of the Senate and Lt. Governor, Jeff Kessler

WVPBR - Kessler Appoints Kanawha-Charleston Health Department Chief to Water System Panel
State Journal - Two appointments made to commission tasked with studying chemical spill bill
Gazette - Kessler, Miley want special session to delay chemical tank safety deadline - See more at:
Daily Mail - Tomblin says administrative action ‘preferable’ to special session - See more at:
MetroNews - Interim session in North Central West Virginia comes to an end
MetroNews - Legislative leadership calls for special session on tank bill during September interim meetings
State Journal - Advocacy groups, Sustainable Business Council opposed to tank bill special session
Washington Post - America’s coal heartland is in economic freefall — but only the most desperate are fleeing
Daily Mail - Governor to restore some funding cuts
State Journal - Tomblin approves Future Fund bill
Herald Dispatch - W.Va. session wraps up
Gazette - Home testing a start, but questions remain
Gazette - Freedom tanks not 'unregulated,' as Tomblin said
State Journal - Former coal towns also may benefit from future fund
NY Times - Calls for Oversight in West Virginia Went Unheeded
MetroNews - Former coal towns also may benefit from future fund
Daily Mail - Officials discuss possible law changes after leak
MetroNews - 3 Questions with Senate President Jeff Kessler
MetroNews - Senate President says officials and residents should know of any water threats
Daily Mail - Lawmakers meet again after delay from chemical spill
NBCNEWS - West Virginia chemical company facing tough questions after spill
Daily Mail - Potential 'loophole' in chemical spill reporting law
The Journal - Plan Ahead: Future Fund will help facilitate state's growth
State Journal - Issues and Eggs kick off discussion of topics for legislative session
Gazette - Kessler: State's home rule law 'a mess'
Daily Mail - Kessler doubts any more auditing powers for Attorney General's Office
Daily Mail - Legislative leaders differ on pay raise
The Intelligencer - Local Legislators Support Raises, Small Business Help
MetroNews - The legislative line-up
MetroNews - Some lawmakers cool to idea of using Rainy Day money for budget needs
Gazette - Legislators' reactions to speech splits along party lines
MetroNews - Kessler says state purchasing rules are being reviewed after tower audit
The Intelligencer - Online Surge Slows Health Right
Washington Post - In W.Va. after big coal, a push to create oil natural gas trust fund from natural gas bonanza
Global Post - In W.Va. after big coal, a push to create oil natural gas trust fund from natural gas bonanza
GrandForks Herald - OUR OPINION: N.D. Legacy Fund inspires imitators
Daily Mail - State lawmakers weigh natural gas trust fund
Register Herald - Kessler: Voters may hold fate of future fund
WVPubcast - ND lawmakers teach WV legislators Legacy Fund lessons
Herald Dispatch - W.Va. delegates eye 'future fund' prospects
Gazette - Lawmakers hope for 'future fund' after North Dakota trip
Metronews - North Dakota-bound officials seek info on legacy fund
WDAY6 - West Virginia lawmakers to travel to North Dakota to study Legacy Fund
Daily Mail - WV lawmakers to visit North Dakota Wednesday
Daily Times - Legislature takes field trip
Metro News - Senate President Kessler fills vacant committee chairman seats
Gazette - W.Va. Democrats, others plan pro-coal trip to D.C.
Gazette - 18 W.Va. legislators off to study North Dakota's Legacy Fund
Public News - Momentum Building Behind WV Future Fund
The Intelligencer - Kessler to Study N.D. Use of Gas Tax
Register Herald - Senate leader battling for future fund
MetroNews - Tax money: save it, spend it, give it back.
MetroNews - Lawmakers hitting the road as part of job creation task force legislation
Register Herald - Lawmakers already may swear in witnesses
Gazette - W.Va. gay-rights advocates hail high court rulings
State Journal - Mark Kennedy Shriver will join Wheeling Sesquicentennial celebration
DailyMail - JFK's nephew to join in West Virginia Day concert
DailyMail - Legislature to convene for interim meetings in Wheeling
Metronews - Senate President says more equitable system needed for table game fees
Exponent Telegram - Select Committee on Children and Poverty to meet in Wheeling
Register Herald - Patriot ruling inspires Rahall’s bill
Register Herald - Marking 150th birthday, interims move to Wheeling
WBOY12 - Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin Orders Investigation at WV Veterans Nursing Facility
Daily Mail - Notable West Virginians nominate their favorite state foods
State Journal - WV legislative session dealt with several legal industry bills
The Intelligencer - Region Tops In Drilling Output
The Intelligencer - W.Va. Taxpayers Subsidizing Out-of-State Horse Breeding
Metronews - Morgantown TIF bill signed into law
Metronews - Bill to reduce prison overcrowding moving on
The Intelligencer - Bill Would Lower Gambling Fees
Gazette - Labor protests voter ID proposal
WV PUBCAST - Committee discusses prison problems; Senate passes Home Rule bill
Weirton Daily Times - Report shows huge gap in table gambling revenue in W.Va.
HRC - Inclusive Non-Discrimination Bill Introduced in West Virginia Senate
The Intelligencer - School Measure Going To Vote
State Journal - WV Senate holds over vote on education reform bill
Gazette - W.Va. Senate to consider boosting trooper pay, force size
Gazette - Senate delays vote on Tomblin education bill
Daily Mail - Vote on education bill delayed until Monday
The Intelligencer - New Cameron School Dedication Held Sunday
Register Herald - Senate unanimous in passing education bill
Metronews - Gov.’s education reform bill clears Senate
The Intelligencer - School Bill Clears Senate
Metronews - Tomblin’s prison overcrowding bill going to full Senate
WCHS8 - State Senate Unanimously Passes Governor's Bill
Gazette - State doles out $336,000 in preservation grants
WV PUBCAST - Senate moves prison overcrowding bill
Logan Banner - Future funds being explored by legislature
Herald Dispatch - Prison overcrowding bill close to Senate vote
Daily Mail - Kessler hopes to avoid logjam in second half of legislative session
Metronews - State Senate approves prison overcrowding bill
The Intelligencer - Calabrese Wants Reason For Cuts to HRC Funding
Daily Mail - Delegates introduce 117 bills during 'last hurrah'
The Intelligencer - McMechen Gets Post Office Back
Hampshire Review - WV "Buy American Act" - US Made Products for State Projects
Daily Mail - Municipal gun laws likely to remain
Gazette - W.Va. Senate to kill gun bill
Metronews - City gun bill not moving in Senate
State Journal - WV Senate President Kessler: Bill to trump city gun ordinances likely won't pass
Metronews - Senate President’s bill would lower table game fees for three racinos
Gazette - Campaign financing bill advances
Gazette - Courage: Resisting gun fanatics
Register Herald - Threat to Senate leader could shoot down gun bill
Daily Mail - Fate of anti-discrimination legislation yet to be decided
Daily Mail - W.Va. Senate bill trims gaming license costs
The Intelligencer - Pattern of Prison Reforms Leads To Closing of Facilities in U.S.
WCHS8 - WV Senate President Says Gun Bill Unlikely To Proceed
Daily Mail - Anti-discrimination bill falters in House
WSAZ3 - State Lawmakers Stall Gun Legislation After Receiving Threats
The Intelligencer - Track Continues To Push for Fee Break
NECN - Anti-discrimination push falters in W.Va. House
Daily Mail - Casino industry decries changes to slots bill
The Intelligencer - Pass Kessler Version of Bill
State Journal - 18 legislators sign letter to governor to expand Medicaid
Gazette - State Senate bill restores election ad reporting rules
The Intelligencer - Senate Passes Advertising Bill
Spirit of Jefferson - Fight over gun bills continues
Metronews - Senate approves fee reduction for table games
WV PUBCAST - Senate passes final wage payment, three gambling bills
State Journal - WV Legislature's 'crossover day' brings out the possums
Daily Mail - Senate leader advises caution on Turnpike toll removal
Metronews - Legislative leaders say TIF bill will likely be approved
ABC - More State Laws Are Loosening Gun Restrictions
The Intelligencer - Casino Fee Bill Off The Table
The Intelligencer - Local Bills Still Active
Metronews - TIF: pass or fail?
Register Herald - Senate passes bill to protect gun owners’ rights
Gazette - Tomblin signs wide-ranging education bill
Daily Mail - Lawmakers 'trading' to move tax district, magistrate pay raise bills
The Intelligencer - Kessler ‘Confident’ On Home Rule Bill
Daily Mail - Tomblin doesn’t expect Medicaid funding bill to pass
Metronews - Tomblin’s prison reform bill clears opposition
The Intelligencer - Legislature Coming To the Friendly City
State Journal - Tomblin's bills win; Monongalia TIF bill fails in final legislative hours
Metronews - Dozens of bills approved by legislature on final day of session
Parkersburg News - Session a busy one for W.Va. lawmakers
State Journal - WV lawmakers approve scholarships for children of slain police officers
Metronews - Senate President still confident about Morgantown TIF
Gazette - Special session may be in works
State Journal - WV Legislature passes $11.17 billion budget
Daily Mail - Special session stuck on magistrate pay
WV Gazette - LGBT group urges legislators to add sexual orientation to law
WCHS - Bill To Drug Test Welfare Recipients Gains Bi-Partisan Support In Senate But Will Likely Stall
The Intelligencer - Any Changes in Gambling Fee Would Be Made by Legislature
WV Gazette - W.Va. Senate proposes aid for kids of slain troopers
Register Herald - Education plan would give more control to local school boards
Herald Dispatch - Tomblin introduces prison proposal
Daily Mail - Groups announce child poverty platform
WSAZ - Bill Proposes to Overhaul West Virginia Education System
State Journal - Tomblin’s education bill is nearly 200 pages of reforms
Daily Mail - Education reform bill would change hiring practices
WTRF - W.Va. Legislators Consider Gradually Adding State Troopers through 2017
WV Gazette - W.Va. Senate to consider boosting trooper pay, force size
The Intelligencer - Legislature Considers Shale Bills
Metronews - Discrimination bill to come up again at State House
Metronews - Senate President says now is the time to save
WV PUBCAST - Senate special committee to take on childhood poverty
Daily Mail - Few leadership changes for W.Va. Legislature
The Intelligencer - Edgell Named President Pro Tempore for W.Va. Senate
The Intelligencer - Kessler Expects Bold Decisions From Tomblin
WTRF7 - Gov. Tomblin's Inauguration Set for Monday
Bluefield Daily Telegraph - W.Va. Senate President Kessler vows 'the best is yet to come'
MetroNews - Senate President: ‘We’ll get through this.’
The Intelligencer - Fitzsimmons Appointed To W.Va. Senate
Gazette - W.Va. lawmakers to look at mental health, school safety
Register-Herald - Senate president: ‘Not convinced that everybody needs to have a bazooka on their back’
The Journal - Bipartisan work makes Kessler the right leader
Gazette - Lawmakers nominating new leaders for 2013-14
Register Herald - Kessler expects to see Senate ‘unified’ after turbulent year
The Intelligencer - Kessler Keeps Party Backing
WCHS - Lawmakers Nominate Leaders
WOWKTV13 - W.Va. lawmakers nominating new leaders for 2013-14
The Intelligencer - Report: W.Va. Sees Shale Job Growth
WCHS - State Senate Resignations Coming
WVPubcast - Considering the how and why of board appointees
The Gazette - Battle lines being drawn for W.Va.'s 2013 session
Herald Dispatch - W.Va. GOP spells out its agenda
State Journal - Marshall County hailed as counter to ailing economy
The Gazette - Century Aluminum got a lower electricity rate; will others ask as well?
The Intelligencer - Our Lady of Peace School Marks 50 Years
State Journal - Nation’s highest court upholds WV redistricting plan
WV Record - UPDATED: U.S. SC upholds W.Va. congressional redistricting
Daily Mail - Supreme Court rules: W.Va. redistricting can stand
Daily Mail - West Virginia’s congressional redistricting plan, drawn in 2011, upheld by Supreme Court
The Intelligencer - Officials Tour YSS Center
Register Herald - Lawmakers offer help in FBI bug probe
Register Herald - W.Va. senators named to energy compact
WTAP5 - Community Reacts To New Correctional Center
Daily Mail - Plan for new state districts in limbo
The Intelligencer - W.Va. Food Tax To Be Gone by 2013
Bluefield Daily Telegraph - Work group to explore prison sentencing, overcrowding
Daily Mail - ‘Stand your ground' law is a reasonable stance
The Intelligencer - Build Solutions, Not More Prisons
Gazette - National group wants W.Va. to overturn 'stand your ground' law
Parkersburg News - Reversing the Trend
State Journal - WV officials announce prison overcrowding initiative
Logan Banner - APNewsBreak: W.Va. prisons study wins support
WTRF7 - Senate President Makes Appointments to Prison Overcrowding Panel
WOWK13 - US Supreme Court may decide soon whether to hear redistricting case
WVPUBCAST - West Virginia Suicide Prevention Council returns to Mercer County
State Journal - US Supreme Court may soon decide whether to hear redistricting case
Bluefield Daily Telegraph - Drivers that text while driving soon face fines
The Intelligencer - W.Va. Not Likely To Repeal Castle Doctrine Law
State Journal - WV prisons study wins support
The Intelligencer - Airport Gets Federal Grant Funding to Build New Hangars
Bluefield Telegraph - Texting while driving — W.Va. ban begins today
The Intelligencer - Drilling Fluids Company Opens $2 Million Facility
Parkersburg News - Expanded child abuse mandated reporting in effect
MetroNews - Texting Ban Won't Happen Until July 1
Daily Mail - Drivers: Hold the phone ... for now
Herald Dispatch - Tom Miller: Time for W.Va. drivers to put away the cellphones
The Intelligencer - Local Police Teaming up to Show They CARE
The Intelligencer - Wheeling Forum Addresses Stopping EPA’s "War on Coal"
MetroNews - Lawmakers To Look At SOS Authority
Daily Mail - Interims to discuss range of topics
Register-Herald - Kessler doesn’t see Browning’s defeat as rebuke of leadership
Gazette - Lawmakers list redistricting in topics for study
Wetzel Chronicle - Crothers Memorialized With Bridge Name
Digital Journal - West Virginia Passes Distracted-Driving Law
Wetzel Chronicle - Crothers Bridge Will Be Dedicated Tuesday
Final Wrap-Up
WVNSTV - WV Gov. Tomblin Signs Several Bills into Law
WTAP - Required To Report, Senate Bill 161 Passed
Daily Mail - Tomblin still optimistic state will attract an ethane cracker
Weirton Times - WLU announces new master's program
WTRF7 - On This Day 175 Years Ago, West Liberty University Was Founded
The Intelligencer - West Liberty Marks 175th Year as School
OHS - WV Substance Abuse Bill Signed Into Law
Wall Street Journal - Fitch Rates West Virginia EDA Lease Revs 'AA'; Outlook Stable
WTRF7 - Bobby Earnhardt Excited About Seeking to Run a Completely Themed West Virginia Car.
Wetzel Chronicle - Span Will Be Named For Crothers
WV Record - W.Va. officials say panel's ruling in redistricting suit worth U.S. SC review
Herald Mail - Powerball jackpot winner donates additional $600,000 for rec center
Gazette - W.Va. lawmakers seek OK of congressional districts
State Journal - Attorneys file documents in congressional redistricting case
Tyler Star - Sistersville aims to make ferry a tourist attraction
State Journal - WV expects to break even on Century Aluminum tax break
Register Herald - Lawmakers pass both texting, drug bills
State Journal - Regular WV Legislative session adjourns
MetroNews - Hoppy's Commentary for Monday
WVNSTV59 - Asthma and Allergy Foundation Approves of Drug-Tracking Bill
State Journal - WV budget moves from conference committee
State Journal - Hundreds of bills passed during WV's 2012 regular session
State Journal - WV Legislature’s budget session extended through Friday
The Intelligencer - Final Day Of Session Arrives
State Journal - UPDATE: WV bill regulating exotic animals heads to governor's desk
Register Herald - Lawmakers pass both texting, drug bills
State Journal - Regular WV Legislative session adjourns
MetroNews - Hoppy's Commentary for Monday
WVNSTV59 - Asthma and Allergy Foundation Approves of Drug-Tracking Bill
Register Herald - Hang up and drive
WVTV9 - Family marks W.Va. suicide prevention bill signing
The Intelligencer - Local Bills Pass As Session Wanes
State Journal - Bills try to make their way through the pack as legislative session nears end
Gazette - Mine safety legislation now awaits Gov. Tomblin's signature
Daily Mail - Lawmakers eye costs of W.Va. autism coverage law
WDTV5 - Lawmakers Eye Costs of Autism Coverage Law
The Intelligencer - Kessler Eyes Last Week of Legislative Session
State Journal - WV mine safety bill passes 2nd Senate committee
State Journal - Mine safety bill clears first Senate hurdle
Daily Mail - Exotic animal bill worries owners
Herald Dispatch - Legislative roundup
State Journal - Lawmakers seek to close the meth pipeline in WV
State Journal - WV Senate passes 30 bills on crossover day
MetroNews - Kid Concussion Bill Advances
Daily Mail - Senate unanimously OKs bill targeting children's concussions from sports
Gazette - W.Va. Senate passes bill requiring hotel CO detectors
State Journal - WV Senate passes 31 bills as deadline approaches
Daily Mail - End of legislative session nears
Northwestern - W.Va. reins in public retiree health benefit costs
Register Herald - Panel approves public breast feeding
Herald Dispatch - Legislators: $1.5B road bond issue likely dead
State Journal - Senate committee OK’s concussion rules
Gazette - Copper theft bill moves to full Senate
Daily Mail - Despite support from leadership, gay rights bill not likely to pass
Gazette - Tomblin remains optimistic about mine safety bill
Herald Dispatch - Senate approves bill to aid regional jails and substance abuse programs
State Journal - Report urges WV sentencing, parole reforms
Herald Dispatch - Legislators: $1.5B road bond issue likely dead
Bluefield Telegraph - Lawmakers plan coordinated effort to combat state’s drug problem
Register Herald - OPEB passage makes W.Va. ‘shining star of nation’
Herald Dispatch - Gov sees key successes this session
Register Herald - Deer farm transfer bill hits temporary snag in the Senate
Herald Dispatch - Legislators not optimistic about lieutenant gov position
Daily Mail - State Supreme Court explains redistricting decision
State Journal - W.Va. Senate Passes Resolution Endorsing “Marcellus Principles”
State Journal - WV Senate OK’s underage drinking penalty change
MetroNews - OPEB Bill To Governor
Herald Dispatch - Creating state trust fund now could offer stability for future
WSAZ3 - W.Va. Looks to Regulate or Ban Ownership of Some Exotic Animals
WSAZ3 - W.Va. Lawmakers Working to Protect More Victims of Stalking and Abuse
WTRF7 - West Virginia Texting While Driving Bill Could Soon Become Law
MetroNews - Mine Safety Takes Center Stage
MetroNews - Senate Could Approve Texting Bill Today
The Intelligencer - Restrict Ownership Of Wild Animals
PNS.ORG - Lawmakers Hope To Close Protective Order Loophole
WVPubcast - Domestic violence focus
The Intelligencer - Senate Passes OPEB Reform
Marietta Times - Lawmakers back efforts to expand protective orders
Gazette - Senate passes bill to pay down major liability
MetroNews - OPEB Moves Through Senate As Promised
Register Herald - Texting bill is revised
WTRF7 - Lawmakers back efforts to expand protective orders
State Journal - Senate suspends rules to pass OPEB fix
WVWatchdog - West Virginia Senate passes Gov. Tomblin’s OPEB fix
The Intelligencer - Herron: Home Rule a ‘Valuable Tool’
The Intelligencer - Welcome Mat Out in W.Va.
Daily Mail - Tomblin predicts Legislature will tackle unfunded liability
WVPubcast - Senate passes cracker
WVPubcast - Lt. Governor bill opposition
MetroNews - Hoppy's Commentary for Thursday
WVWatchdog - Natural gas cracker tax incentive becomes first bill passed by West Virginia Legislature in 2012
WCHS8 - Senate Sends Bill Cutting Property Taxes To Governor
WOWK13 - WV Senate passes cracker tax break
The Intelligencer - Kessler Proposes W.Va. Futures Fund for 2012
Wall Street Journal - APNewsBreak: W.Va. to lobby in Houston for plant
The Journal - Supreme Court ruling allows Legislature's congressional districts
CNN - Justices stay earlier ruling on West Virginia's congressional map
MetroNews - Congressional Map Won't Change
Gazette - U.S. Supreme Court blocks W.Va. redistricting ruling
WVWatchdog - U.S. Supreme Court approves stay in West Virginia congressional redistricting case
The Intelligencer - Storch, Klempa Seek Tax Revenue Reallocation
The Intelligencer - Senators Get New Redistricting Map
The Intelligencer - New Prison an Issue as Lawmakers Return
The Intelligencer - Kessler: U.S. Supreme Court to Get Map Appeal
Register Herald - OPEB, drug crisis, prisons hot topics for lawmakers
State Journal - Tomblin presents balanced budget to lawmakers as 2012 session starts
MetroNews - Court Denies Stay for Congressional Maps
WVWatchdog - Federal judges remove Jan. 17 deadline for West Virginia congressional redistricting, deny stay
Daily Mail - Court gives W.Va. breathing room on redistricting
Daily Mail - Because there’s no time to sit around at the DMV…
Daily Mail - Marcellus legislation sends right message
WVWatchdog - Marcellus Shale bill passes West Virginia Legislature (video)
W.Va. lawmakers begin special session on Marcellus shale field
State Journal - Ronald Miller named new agriculture chairman
WTRF - Push Continues for Methane Cracker in W.Va.
MetroNews - Marcellus: WV A Step Ahead of Pennsylvania
VCStar - W.Va. lawmakers see major gains heading into 2012
Register Herald - Kessler names subcommittee to work on OPEB liability
Daily Mail - Marcellus legislation sends right message
WVWatchdog - Marcellus Shale bill passes West Virginia Legislature (video)
The Intelligencer - Committees Pass Marcellus Bill
W.Va. lawmakers begin special session on Marcellus shale field
Register Herald - Penn State scandal a concern for W.Va. lawmakers?
State Journal - Ronald Miller named new agriculture chairman
Register Herald - Greenbrier’s Miller to head Senate Agriculture Committee
The Intelligencer - Kessler Seeks Review of Child Abuse Laws
The Intelligencer - Kessler Expects Session Sunday
New Agriculture Committee Chair Appointed
Special Session on Shale Is Set
Register Herald - Penn State scandal a concern for W.Va. lawmakers?
WTRF7 - West Virginia Senate President Wants Tougher Child Abuse Laws
Martinsburg Journal - Kessler should reach out to Republicans
The Intelligencer - Senators Assigned To Posts
State Journal - Kessler: No Rewards for Challengers to Leadership
MetroNews - Senate President Selects Team
Daily Mail - W.Va. needs to deal with Marcellus issues
State Journal - Kessler Keeps Senate Leadership Team Intact
WVPB - State Senate leadership set
Register Herald - Kessler plans to keep leadership team as is
Daily Mail - Senate president keeps chairmen
WVVA - New W.Va. Senate president keeps leadership team
Metro News - Kessler Doesn't Change His Team
Daily Mail - Kessler: No changes to leadership team
The Intelligencer - Kessler Calling the Shots
Wetzel Chronicle - Grants Will Fund Paden City Gym Roof Repair
The Intelligencer - Kessler Correct About Priorities
Times-News - New West Virginia Senate chief targeting Marcellus, retiree costs
Marietta Times - New W.Va. Senate chief targeting Marcellus, OPEB
Register Herald - Senate president targets Marcellus, OPEB
WDTV5 - Kessler Wins Senate Presidency
West Liberty Graduate Named President of W.Va. Senate
WVNSTV59 - New W.Va. Senate chief targeting Marcellus, OPEB
The Republic - After months of on-the-job experience, new W.Va. Senate President Kessler outlines priorities
The Gazette - Kessler retains Senate leadership post
Daily Mail - Kessler overcomes challenge, elected Senate president
The Intelligencer - Kessler Elected Senate Chief
State Journal - Art Kirkendoll, Jeff Kessler Sworn Into Senate Roles
WTRF7 - Kessler Succeeds Tomblin as W.Va. Senate President
News&Sentinel - Kessler named Senate president
WSAZ3 - First New W.Va. Senate President in 17 Years Elected
MetroNews - Senator Kessler Gets Caucus Support
The Intelligenger - Vote Is Early Next Week
The Intelligenger - W.Va. Eliminates Sick Day Credit Perks
The Intelligenger - Kessler Hopeful On State Future
The Intelligenger - Ohio Cracking Down, W.Va. to Review Laws
WV WatchDog - Senate presidency race looms for Kessler
DailyMail - Senators face off for Tomblin’s old job
The Intelligenger - Kessler Seeking To Keep His Title
MetroNews - Acting Senate President Says He Has Votes To Make It Permanent
WDTV5 - 'Walk For Recovery' Held at Stonewall Resort
WTRF - Sistersville Ferry up And Running Again
The Intelligenger - Kessler Boots Possible Rival
MetroNews - Shake Up In Senate
State Journal - McCabe No Longer Senate President Pro Tempore
WTRF - Senate Adjourns Amid Redistricting Debate
WTRF - Kessler Expects Easy Fix at Special Session
Cult of Mac - Can iPads Make Senators More Efficient?
WV Watchdog - Kessler Talks About West Virginia Redistricting
WV Watchdog - State Senate Goes High Tech with iPads (with video)
WV Public Broadcasting - WV Senate enters the digital age
WCHS Radio - Special Session To Start Monday
State Journal - Legislature Establishes Two New Interim Subcommittees
Acting Pres.'s comments on Executive Order
Wheeling Intelligencer - Kessler Wants Frack Disclosure
Metro News - Lawmakers Set to Discuss Marcellus Regs
State Journal - Newly-appointed committee to hold first meeting
WTRF - W.Va. Senate President Set to Discuss Legislation on Marcellus Shale Drilling
DailyMail - W.Va. lawmakers get do-over for Marcellus rules
WOWK - Legislature Creates Marcellus Committee
Wheeling Intelligencer - Redistricting Committee Convenes
MetroNews - Acting Senate President Says Treatment Is Needed
WTRF - Acting WV Senate President Wants to Tackle Two Major Issues
Wheeling Intelligencer - OPEB Deal Is In The Works
Charleston Gazette - Nicholas County senator to serve on juvenile-help council
WV Watchdog - Marcellus Shale Gets July Interim Focus
WOWK - Ariz. Decision Could Impact 2012 W.Va. Supreme Court Race
MetroNews - 'You Know Who's Representing You'
The Journal - Plan needed to monitor natural gas industry
The Intelligencer - Kessler Names Klempa to Committee
MetroNews - Kessler Appoints Marcellus Committee Reps
The Journal - Plan needed to monitor natural gas industry
TheIntelligencer - Acting Senate President Kessler Names Klempa to Committee
MetroNews - Kessler Appoints Marcellus Committee Reps
DailyMail - W.Va. lawmakers get do-over for Marcellus rules
Register-Herald - Kessler selects senators for Marcellus shale panel
Frackcheckwv - Five Senators Named to Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Development
The State Journal - Kessler Names Members to Serve on Marcellus Shale Committee
The Boone Examiner - Senators named to Joint Marcellus Shale Committee
WOWK - Legislature Creates Marcellus Committee
Wheeling Intelligencer - Redistricting Committee Convenes
MetroNews - Acting Senate President Says Treatment Is Needed
WTRF - Acting WV Senate President Wants to Tackle Two Major Issues

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