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COVID-19 Symptoms & Information [CDC]:
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DHHR's PATH Portal for Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare Premium Insurance:
WV School Closures and Food Distribution:
WVDNR COVID-19 Response: Policy Changes and Guidelines for Hunters and Anglers
Talking to Children about COVID-19 [CDC]: Talking to Children about COVID-19
DHHR's provider guidelines for child care facilities::
Free COVID-19 Testing:

Coronavirus Rumor Control
Eligible Emergency Protective Measures
Emergency Medical Care
Public Assistance Simplified Application
Procurement Under Grants: Under Exigent or Emergency Circumstances

Tracking the Virus

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation [IHME]: COVID-19 Projections
COVID-19 Map COVID-19/Coronavirus Real Time Updates
John Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center
National Institutes of Health [NIH]: Latest Research Information

Federal CARES Act Info

Legislation []: H.R.748 - CARES Act
CARES Act Summary
Checks for West Virginians
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Personal Relief Payments FAQ
Small Business Loans FAQ
Unemployment Benefits FAQ
Personal Relief Payments FAQ

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2020 Census:
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Business Assistance/ Broadband Support

Resources for WV Business and Workers:
COVID-19 Small Business Resources:
West Virginia Tax Department:
Federal Communication Commission's Keep America Connected Initiative:
University of Charleston's Internet Support Resources:
Broadband Enhancement Council's Interactive Wi-Fi Map:

Legislative Press Releases

Bipartisan Legislative Leaders Encourage Governor to Close West Virginia's Schools for Remainder of Year 04/02/2020
Bipartisan Legislative Leaders Issue Guidance, Encourage Unity During COVID-19 Pandemic 3/23/2020

Executive Orders:

Order regarding casinos, restaurants and bars and take-away food/drink Executive Order 2-20 entered March 18, 2020.
Order closing all fitness centers, gymnasiums, recreation centers and similar businesses. Executive Order 3-20 entered March 18, 2020.
Order regarding unemployment benefits. Executive Order 4-20 entered March 19, 2020.
Order regarding courthouse services and staffing. Executive Order 5-20 entered March 19, 2020.
Order regarding closure of barber shops, nail salons and hair salons. Executive Order 6-20 entered March 19, 2020.
Order suspending statutory regulations during State of Emergency. Executive Order 7-20 entered March 19, 2020.
Order regarding state park lodges and Hatfield McCoy Trail. Executive Order 8-20 entered March 20, 2020.
Order regarding suspension of statutory regulations for State of Emergency. Executive Order 10-20 entered March 23, 2020.
Stay at Home order and regarding non-essential businesses. Executive Order 9-20 entered March 24, 2020.
Order regarding suspension of statutory regulations during State of Emergency. Executive Order 11-20 entered March 25, 2020.
Order regarding re-instatement of statutory regulations to respond to COVID-19. Executive Order 12-20 entered March 26, 2020.
Order regarding suspension of tax-related statutory regulations. Executive Order 13-20 entered March 26, 2020.
Order regarding state park campground closures and individuals traveling from areas with substantial spread of COVID-19. Executive Order 14-20 entered March 30, 2020.
Order regarding suspension of statutory regulations. Executive Order 17-20 entered March 31, 2020.
Order regarding private campgrounds to be closed to new arrivals who have traveled from outside West Virginia. Executive Order 15-20 entered April 1, 2020.
Order regarding elective medical procedures. Executive Order 16-20 entered April 1, 2020.
Order moving the Primary Election to June 9, 2020. Executive Order 18-20 entered April 1, 2020.
Order regarding suspension of regulatory statues during State of Emergency. Executive Order 19-20 entered April 1, 2020.
Order regarding Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties: Executive Order 20-20 entered April 4, 2020.
Order regarding Harrison, Kanawha, and Monongalia counties: Executive Order 21-20, entered April 5, 2020.
Order regarding Marion County: Executive Order 22-20, entered April 8, 2020
Order regarding municipal elections and procedures for public and private golf courses: Executive Order 23-20, entered April 9, 2020
Order regarding Cabell, Ohio, Wayne, and Wood counties: Executive Order 24-20, entered April 10, 2020.
Order expanding the state's hotspots for COVID-19 to include Jackson County: Executive Order 25-20, entered April 13, 2020.
Order regarding suspension of statutory regulations: Executive Order 26-20, entered April 13, 2020.
Order regarding the testing of nursing home residents and staff: Executive Order 27-20, entered April 17, 2020.
Order regarding urgent elective medical procedures: Executive Order 28-20, entered April 20, 2020.
Order lifting provisions of Executive Order 20-20, regarding Morgan County only: Executive Order 29-20, entered April 25, 2020.
Order amending previous executive orders regarding certain health care providers and Chapter 30 health care boards: Executive Order 30-20, entered April 30, 2020.
Order suspending certain statutory regulations during State of Emergency: Executive Order 31-20, entered April 28, 2020.
Order Declaring Certain Provisions Of Previous Executive Orders Are Amended Or Terminated: Executive Order 32-20, entered May 4, 2020.
Order removing Jackson, Kanawha, and Ohio counties from COVID-19 hotspots: Executive Order 33-20, entered May 3, 2020.
Order removing Cabell, Wayne, and Wood counties from COVID-19 hotspots: Executive Order 34-20, entered May 5, 2020.
Order to test all people who live or work in assisted living residences and to test all people who work in child care centers: Executive Order 35-20, entered May 6, 2020.
Order allowing the reopening of wellness center facilities and drive-in movie theaters: Executive Order 36-20, entered May 11, 2020.
Order regarding reopening of fitness centers, gyms, and recreation centers: Executive Order 37-20, entered May 18, 2020.
Order removing Berkeley, Jefferson, Harrison, Monongalia, and Marion counties from COVID-19 hotspot list: Executive Order 38-20, entered May 19, 2020.
Order allowing re-opening of businesses under Week 4 phase: Executive Order 39-20, entered May 21, 2020.
Executive order allowing re-opening of state park cabins/lodges to in-state residents, indoor bars at 50% capacity, and museums and visitors centers: Executive Order 40-20, entered May 26, 2020.
Order allowing reopening of spas/massage businesses, pools, indoor amusement, and limited video lottery retailers: Executive Order 41-21, entered May 30, 2020.
Executive Order allowing reopening of theaters and casinos: Executive Order 42-20, effective June 5, 2020.
Order allowing activities including low-contact outdoor youth sports, WVSSAC-sanctioned athletics and band summer training programs, little league sports practices, and the reopenings of all remaining adult sports facilities: Executive Order 43-20, effective June 8, 2020.
Executive Order allowing re-openings of private and state park campgrounds, cabins, and lodges to out-of-state guests provided stays do not exceed 7 days: Executive Order 44-20, effective June 8, 2020.
Order regarding graduation ceremonies and racetracks: Executive Order 45-20, effective June 22, 2020.
Order suspending the regulatory statute regarding table games license renewal fees: Executive Order 46-20, effective June 30, 2020.
Order regarding the transfer of money from the Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund to the current balance of the General Revenue Fund: Executive Order 47-20, effective June 30, 2020.
Order declaring all departments, agencies, bureaus, sections, boards, commissions, and other organizations within the executive branch to effect a spending reduction of General Revenue appropriations for the 2020 fiscal year: Executive Order 48-20, effective June 30, 2020.
Order provisions of previous executive orders are amended and supplemented regarding fairs, festivals, amusement parks, and prohibited activities: Executive Order 49-20, effective July 1, 2020.
Order all individuals age 9 and over within the state of West Virginia shall wear an adequate face covering when in confined, indoor spaces, with exceptions: Executive Order 50-20, effective July 7, 2020.
Order limiting social gatherings to 25 people and regarding fairs/festivals: Executive Order 51-20, effective July 14, 2020.
Order closing all bars in Monongalia County for 10 days: Executive Order 52-20, effective July 14, 2020.

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