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Kayla Young (D - Kanawha, 056)

Minority Leader Pro Tempore


Capitol Office:
Room 6R-A, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3362

District Phone: (304) 561-4234

Kayla Young Biography


MINORITY CHAIR: Government Organization
MINORITY CHAIR: Workforce Development
MINORITY VICE CHAIR: Energy and Manufacturing
Technology and Infrastructure

Dept of Transportation Accountability
Energy and Manufacturing
Government Organization
Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Subcommittee
Post Audits Subcommittee
Technology and Infrastructure
Workforce Development and Labor Issues


District Counties: Kanawha



Delegate Young was the Lead Sponsor of 87 bills
HJR 22To allow certain state employees the eligibility to a seat in the legislaturePendingJudiciary
HB 2623Relating to withholding tax on income of nonresidents from natural resources royalty paymentsPendingFinance
HB 2624To implement trauma-informed practices in schoolsPendingEducation
HB 2625Emergency Absentee Ballot Preparedness ActPendingPolitical Subdivisions
HB 2626Creating the Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan Fair Pay ActPending
HB 2631Authorizing dogs to be in certain licensed establishmentsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2801Relating to Social Media privacy and educational institutionsPendingJudiciary
HB 2802Creating the Economic Development Tuition WaiverPendingEducation
HB 2803Remove felonies from reason to disqualify from votingPendingJudiciary
HB 2810Relating to data disposal protectionPendingJudiciary
HB 2811Permitting anyone over 65 to vote absenteePendingJudiciary
HB 2813Provide for disclosure of potentially harmful ingredients in menstrual productsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2814To create a Hydrogen power task forceSigned
HB 2843Relating to statute of limitations for discriminationPending
HB 2844Relating to anti-discrimination protections for independent contractorsPending
HB 2863Creating a homeless education coordinator for county schoolsPendingEducation
HB 2869Relating to law enforcement warrant for third party informationPendingJudiciary
HB 2876Allowing the Secretary of State’s office to transmit electronically the total ballots cast, counted, and rejectedPendingJudiciary
HB 2877Relating to the definition of employer for sexual harassment purposesPending
HB 2892Relating to the Disconnection of Residential Utility during a State of Emergency PendingGovernment Organization
HB 2897Permit registered voters to vote an absentee ballot by mail in all circumstancesPendingJudiciary
HB 2950Exempting certain hygiene products from sales taxPendingFinance
HB 2951Removing certain drugs from schedule onePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2952Creating online voters' guidePendingJudiciary
HB 2962Second Look Sentencing ActPendingJudiciary
HB 2963Prohibit Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from making inmates pay co-payment for medical or dental service by a doctor or nursePendingBanking and Insurance
HB 2964Relating to online privacy protection for minorsPendingJudiciary
HB 2971Access to Rehabilitation ActPendingFinance
HB 2984Relating to establishing a program for camera assisted speed enforcement in active school zones in this statePending
HB 2988Relating to wholesale importation of prescription drugsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3014Require Correctional Facilities to provide free feminine hygiene products PendingJudiciary
HB 3015Creating the Food Infrastructure GrantPendingFinance
HB 3016Establish food desert produce pilot programPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 3017Establish Food Waste Task ForcePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3018Establishing that 18 is the age of consent and removing the ability of an underage person to obtaining a consent to marry through their parents, legal guardians, or by petition to the circuit courtSigned
HB 3019Relating to student suicide preventionPendingEducation
HB 3020To mandate that the Secretary of State to utilize the Electronic Registration Information CenterPendingGovernment Organization
HB 3021Expanding early childhood education programs to three-year-old childrenPendingEducation
HB 3022Relating to childcare subsidies within DHHR, paid based on monthly enrollmentPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3024Hunger-Free Campus ActPendingEducation
HB 3030Creating the Paid Parental Leave Pilot ProgramPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 3033Create Intergenerational Poverty Task ForcePendingGovernment Organization
HB 3034To create a Parolee Drivers PermitPending
HB 3041Permitting civil remedies for the unauthorized disclosure of intimate imagesPendingJudiciary
HB 3052Creating small business and minority populations economic and workforce development taskforcePending
HB 3053Requesting a study to evaluate and analyze the potential for bulk energy storage resourcesPending
HB 3054Student Suicide Prevention - ID CardsPendingEducation
HB 3086Men’s Equality ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3087Concerning the right of consumers of electricity to interconnect energy storage systems for use on their propertyPending
HB 3088Relating to the Energy Storage Procurement ActPending
HB 3089Tax credits for employers providing child carePendingFinance
HB 3099To establish a grant program for colleges that take steps to establish themselves as Student Basic Needs campusesPendingEducation
HB 3100Requiring medical insurance providers to include infertility services in their policiesPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 3159COVID-19 Supplemental paid sick leavePendingFinance
HB 3204Mobile Food-Vendor Freedom ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3256To mandate that credit card payment be acceptable at toll boothsPending
HB 3257Relating to infant and maternity mortalityPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3258Ending the toll road when the bond is paid offPending
HB 3259Exempting county school buses from paying the toll feesPendingEducation
HB 3260Genetic Information Privacy ActPendingJudiciary
HB 3261Relating to Social Workers QualificationsSigned
HB 3263Provide for statewide participation in the federal Community Eligibility Provision for its durationPendingEducation
HB 3264Allowing one free day for WV resident’s to obtain new for-profit business licensePending
HB 3276Relating to requiring video cameras in certain special education classroomsPendingEducation
HB 3277Establishing the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Benefits ActPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 3296Provide for statewide participation in the federal Community Eligibility Provision for its durationPendingEducation
HB 3297To allow patients to refuse residents and medical students from observing or performing medical care on patientsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3298Prohibiting civil rights violations based on disability, gender identity or sexual orientationPending
HB 3372Relating to limitations on motor vehicles used by nonprofit cooperative recycling associationsPendingGovernment Organization
HB 3373To recognize school social workers as having the same status and funding as school counselorsPendingEducation
HB 3382Child care expense tax creditPendingFinance
HB 3383Youth Mental Health Protection ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3384Agricultural Right to Repair ActPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 3415Maternal Health and Family Support Act PendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3420Relating to the reimbursement of sexual assault forensic medical examinations PendingJudiciary
HB 3423Relating to utility rate freezePending
HB 3425Small Business Investment Grant FundPendingFinance
HB 3434Establishing a nuclear reactor pilot programPending
HB 3452To authorize an increase to the officer uniform allowance and to create a maternity and specialty uniform allowancePendingVeterans Affairs and Homeland Security
HB 3453Consumer Data Protection ActPending
HB 3458To create the Behavioral Health Reform and Innovation CouncilPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3462Relating generally to identifying and educating exceptional children exhibiting indicators or diagnosed with dyslexia or dyscalculiaPendingEducation
HB 3467To allow for designated Outdoor Refreshment AreasPendingGovernment Organization
HB 3506Relating to infant and maternity mortalityPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3507Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Insurance Coverage Protection ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3508To create the Core State Behavioral Health Crisis Services SystemPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3530Relating to tax reductions and other aid PendingFinance

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