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There are 29 Bills pending in House Energy




HB 2055Prohibiting drilling units from being established without consent of all owners01/09/19
HB 2073Implementing the recommendations of the studies required by the Natural Gas and Horizontal Well Control Act01/09/19
HB 2087Reallocating and dedicating three percent of oil and gas severance tax revenues to the oil and gas producing counties01/09/19
HB 2102Relating generally to horizontal well control standards01/09/19
HB 2110Reallocating and dedicating the natural gas and oil severance tax revenues annually to the natural gas and oil-producing counties of origin01/09/19
HB 2113Intrastate Coal and Use Act01/09/19
HB 2123Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act01/09/19
HB 2131Establishing the Legislative Oversight Commission on Energy Workers Safety01/09/19
HB 2138Prohibiting blasting within six hundred twenty-five feet of an occupied dwelling01/09/19
HB 2202Relating to net metering01/10/19
HB 2334Establishing an industrial water extraction fee01/11/19
HB 2358Intrastate Coal and Use Act01/14/19
HB 2373Streamlining the process of abandoned mineral interests01/14/19
HB 2543Increasing the tax on the privilege of severing natural gas and oil01/21/19
HB 2568Increasing the tax on the privilege of severing natural gas and oil01/21/19
HB 2637Excluding electric generating facilities designated as an exempt wholesale generator from being regulated by the PSC01/24/19
HB 2641Requiring owners of oil and gas wells to install and maintain separate meters that calculate the amount of production from those wells01/24/19
HB 2660Relating to the manner in which actual investment of capital and costs and a natural gas utility’s expedited cost recovery are calculated01/24/19
HB 2722Requiring the use of statutory income tax rates for ratemaking purposes for certain public utilities01/29/19
HB 2726Entitling natural resource producers to the economic opportunity tax credit01/29/19
HB 2767Reducing the severance tax on thermal or steam coal01/30/19
HB 2911Permitting third party ownership of on-site renewable and alternative generating facilities02/07/19
HB 2957Permitting residential customers to deduct up to 50 percent of their electric utility payments from their federal adjusted gross income02/11/19
HB 2960Relating to entry onto private property for certain purposes by a federally regulated natural gas company02/11/19
HB 2979Relating to abandoned mines02/11/19
HB 3017Relating to the deregulation of natural gas for certain consumers02/12/19
HB 3065Orphan Oil and Gas Well Prevention Act02/12/19
HB 3072Permitting customers and developers to enter into solar power purchase agreements02/12/19
HB 3079Relating to withholding tax on income from natural resources royalty payments02/12/19
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