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Bill Status - 2022 Regular Session

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There are 33 Bills pending in House Agriculture and Natural Resources




SB 99Continuing authority to index license and stamp fees01/17/22
HB 2049Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Fund01/12/22
HB 2050Establishing the West Virginia Healthy Food Crop Block Grant Program01/12/22
HB 2059Establishing a system for issuing permits for persons to provide rehabilitation of orphaned, sick and injured wildlife01/12/22
HB 2213Relating to the hunting of coyotes01/12/22
HB 2511Relating generally to hunting and fishing01/12/22
HB 2550Relating to the cultivation of medical cannabis01/12/22
HB 2568Relating to rules for hunting antlered deer01/12/22
HB 2685Relating to state certification of industrial hemp and medical cannabis seed01/12/22
HB 2860Requiring that open hunting season for big game begin on a Saturday01/12/22
HB 2999Relating to property ownership by Farmland Protection Board01/12/22
HB 3053Relating to requirements for a registered veterinary nurse01/12/22
HB 3140Allowing disabled persons to operate small electric vehicles on the Greenbrier Trail01/12/22
HB 3192Creating the West Virginia Farm Fresh Dairy Act01/12/22
HB 3224Establish food desert produce pilot program01/12/22
HB 3235To establish the Vegetable Garden Protection Act01/12/22
HB 4029To require the Division of Forestry to create an online renewal process no later than July 1, 202201/12/22
HB 4258To allow landowners to pay hunters to hunt their property01/19/22
HB 4302Conservation Districts Law of West Virginia01/20/22
HB 4332WV Farm Bill of 202201/21/22
HB 4387To allow honorably discharged veterans to have free lifetime hunting, fishing, and trapping license01/25/22
HB 4464Revising requirements for bear damage stamp for hunting license.01/31/22
HB 4486Required attire for deer hunters.02/01/22
HB 4548Create state veterinary blood bank02/03/22
HB 4554Farm Bill02/03/22
HB 4577Compassion for Community Cats Law02/08/22
HB 4681To establish a state animal abuse register02/15/22
HB 4685To create a VALU Guaranty program for West Virginia for a bank loan for livestock02/15/22
HB 4687Relating to wild and wonderful restoration Task Force02/15/22
HB 4722Banning of bee killing pesticides to protect agriculture02/15/22
HB 4801Creating a hunter access program for private landowners to enter an agreement with the state to allow hunters to use their property02/15/22
HB 4806Repeal breed specific legislation02/15/22
HB 4807Providing small grants to encourage the creation of large pollinator friendly gardening habitats02/15/22
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