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There are 70 Bills pending in House Technology and Infrastructure




SB 136Updating language regarding Fairmont State alumni license plates01/17/22
SB 151Creating license plate recognizing linemen02/01/22
SB 192Establishing Civil Air Patrol license plate02/01/22
HB 2032Issuing specialty motor vehicle registration plates for businesses owning a fleet of 25 or more vehicles01/12/22
HB 2038Revising requirements relating to the issuance and renewal of handicap vehicle placards01/12/22
HB 2053Authorizing the DMV to issue certain vital records in the custody of the state registrar01/12/22
HB 2090Relating to a customer constructing a connection or other infrastructure necessary for the customer to connect to the public utility01/12/22
HB 2113Relating to paving contracts01/12/22
HB 2116Verifying legal employment status of contractors and vendor’s employees for certain road and bridge contracts01/12/22
HB 2147Providing that the Division of Motor Vehicles identification cards be issued at no cost01/12/22
HB 2150Relating to driving restrictions in school zones01/12/22
HB 2167Exempting motor vehicles from personal property tax01/12/22
HB 2191Requiring paving contracts for state highways to have special requirements to prevent potholes01/12/22
HB 2203Ending tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike effective July 1, 202101/12/22
HB 2204Providing for a special “Don’t Tread On Me” license plate01/12/22
HB 2222Prohibiting vehicles from driving slow in the left lane01/12/22
HB 2298Requiring a warning light to be erected on certain roads to warn of a traffic light ahead01/12/22
HB 2299Clarifying that a vehicle may not be backed into a public street or highway unless it does not interfere with other traffic01/12/22
HB 2488Relating to an occupational limited license01/12/22
HB 2494Create license plate for autism awareness01/12/22
HB 2498Ensure State Road Construction Account funds are in addition to general highways funds provided to the DOT districts01/12/22
HB 2503Requiring legislative approval of additional parkways bonds and removing tolls once bonds paid 01/12/22
HB 2668Removing obsolete provisions regarding DOH standards for studded tires and chains01/12/22
HB 2711Permitting persons who are twenty-one years of age or older to operate or be a passenger on a motorcycle without a helmet01/12/22
HB 2727Providing a special license plate for homeland security individuals01/12/22
HB 2732Establishing a penalty for any vehicle that is not a plug-in hybrid vehicle or plug-in electric vehicle for utilizing a parking space that is designated for charging an electric vehicle01/12/22
HB 2737Repeal code relating to inspection of vehicles01/12/22
HB 2761Authorizing the Division of Highways to assess local impacts to roadways for activities permitted by the Department of Environmental Protection01/12/22
HB 2774Requiring that a state employee with a commercial driver’s license have a current medical evaluation certification01/12/22
HB 2836Allow the establishment of a prescriptive public easement on private property for roads or paths traversed by the public in vehicles over a period of 20 or more years01/12/22
HB 2856Relating to performance metrics for the West Virginia Division of Highways01/12/22
HB 2857Prohibiting the placement of the name or likeness of public officials on state road signs01/12/22
HB 2858Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a formula for allocating road funds among districts01/12/22
HB 2904Relating to unlawfully using electronic communication devices while driving01/12/22
HB 2923Relating to Social Media privacy and educational institutions01/12/22
HB 2963Establish a website for publicly-available archive of all bridge and road naming resolutions01/12/22
HB 2964Prohibit road signs that include public official’s name and likeness01/12/22
HB 3016Require utility and cable companies that operate here to have call centers located in WV01/12/22
HB 3086Exempting motor vehicles from personal property tax01/12/22
HB 3142Relating to electric bicycles01/12/22
HB 3195To repeal the extra $200 fee for electric vehicle registration and $100 for hybrid vehicle registration01/12/22
HB 3230Prohibiting dangerous materials being placed on highways01/12/22
HB 3242Exempting law enforcement and emergency vehicles from paying turnpike tolls01/12/22
HB 4026Prohibiting driving slow in left lane except under certain circumstances01/12/22
HB 4028Relating to Board of Public Works assessing a flat fee on land owned by railroad, telegraph, telephone or pipeline under certain conditions01/12/22
HB 4040Creating the WV Energy Efficiency Jobs Creation Act01/12/22
HB 4061Relating to the Commissioner of Highways accepting ownership of equipment which has been rented or leased01/13/22
HB 4063Relating to the duties, powers and responsibilities of the Secretary of Transportation01/13/22
HB 4078Relating to titling and registration of foreign market vehicles01/13/22
HB 4079Require counties provide a road naming if there is more than one landowner01/13/22
HB 4096To exempt school buses from toll fees in West Virginia01/17/22
HB 4106Exempt school buses with students on board from paying turnpike tolls01/17/22
HB 4109To exempt EMS providers from Turnpike Tolls01/17/22
HB 4272Reciprocity for inspection stickers on new cars purchased in neighboring states01/19/22
HB 4290Relating to annual inspection sticker01/20/22
HB 4327Relating to the suspension of driver’s license for unpaid tickets01/21/22
HB 4342Providing for the Relief at the Pump Bill01/21/22
HB 4356Placing notation on drivers license or ID cards regarding certain cognitive disabilities01/24/22
HB 4381Include vehicle inspection within the vehicle registration process01/25/22
HB 4405Authorizing municipal fire departments specialized license plates01/26/22
HB 4422To enforce stricter penalties upon railroad companies and engineers of trains who block crossings.01/27/22
HB 4429Establishing penalty for vehicles unlawfully parking in a space designated for fueling a vehicle01/31/22
HB 4443Prohibiting certain devices which enhance a diesel-powered vehicle’s capacity to emit soot01/31/22
HB 4478Transferring the Broadband Enhancement Council from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Economic Development02/01/22
HB 4520To amend the laws relating to overtaking and passing school buses in West Virginia02/02/22
HB 4635Limiting naming of state funded infrastructure for a current or former public official02/11/22
HB 4788Provide for a special driver’s license for those with physical disabilities02/15/22
HB 4790Relating to establishing a program for camera assisted speed enforcement in active school zones in this state02/15/22
HB 4791Affordable broadband access for seniors, low income, and disabled persons due to fixed, minimum, or moderate incomes02/15/22
HB 4815Keep federal level weight limits for trucking in the state of WV02/15/22
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