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Bill Status - 2021 Regular Session

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There are 134 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 16Providing continued eligibility for developmental disability services to dependents of military members03/25/21
SB 61Expanding Coyote Control Program through voluntary assessment on breeding cows03/25/21
SB 66Creating Voluntary WVU Rifle Team Check-Off Program on hunting and fishing licenses03/25/21
SB 102Allowing disabled veterans and purple heart recipients park free at paid parking of state or its political subdivisions03/25/21
SB 308Modifying requirement that racetrack participate in WV Thoroughbred Development Fund by certain date03/02/21
SB 383Relating to exempting certain organizations from property taxation03/10/21
SB 395Expanding PEIA Finance Board membership03/24/21
SB 424Creating fixed income credit for low-income senior citizens04/01/21
SB 475Dedicating certain fees collected by Division of Labor to General Revenue Fund03/11/21
SB 490Supplemental appropriation from General Revenue to Department of Veterans’ Assistance04/05/21
SB 508Relating to public records management and preservation03/31/21
SB 531Relating to incomplete, duplicative, or redundant claims for refund03/22/21
SB 550Providing counties with authority to impose county sales and use tax of up to one percent under certain circumstances04/01/21
SB 586Providing WV veterans discounts on fees and charges at state parks03/24/21
SB 711Relating to school aid formula and minimum student enrollment04/01/21
HB 2018Relating generally to economic development loans and loan insurance issued by state02/15/21
HB 2027Relating to personal income tax reduction03/09/21
HB 2030Establishing a nursing program at Concord University03/19/21
HB 2041County Budget Flexibility Act03/18/21
HB 2042Exempting sales of small arms and small arms ammunition from state sales and use taxes02/10/21
HB 2043Authorizing the West Virginia Tourism Office to enter into an agreement with the Division of Highways to provide staff at the welcome centers03/10/21
HB 2050Establishing the West Virginia Healthy Food Crop Block Grant Program03/18/21
HB 2053Authorizing the DMV to issue certain vital records in the custody of the state registrar03/10/21
HB 2076Removing all costs and fees from a Silver Star registration plate02/19/21
HB 2081Relating to withholding tax on income of nonresidents from natural resources royalty payments02/17/21
HB 2082Changing the persons responsible for the taxes on soft drinks and soft drink syrups02/10/21
HB 2096Reinstating the film investment tax credit02/10/21
HB 2097Relating to calculating net enrollment for home-school students enrolled in one virtual school course in the public school system03/05/21
HB 2117Providing certain employees of the Highways increases in annual pay02/10/21
HB 2123Reducing personal income tax rates when personal income tax reduction fund is funded at a certain threshold02/10/21
HB 2160Issuing identification documents to homeless individuals residing at homeless shelters02/25/21
HB 2168Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities generally, restoring distribution to the West Virginia Infrastructure Fund to 2013 rates and decreasing the funds available for grants therefrom02/10/21
HB 2172College Graduate Tax Credit02/10/21
HB 2178Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act of 202103/18/21
HB 2181Allowing a personal income tax deduction for a stillborn child02/10/21
HB 2187West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit02/10/21
HB 2192Creating a tax credit for improving facades in historic districts02/10/21
HB 2208Exempting social security benefits from personal income tax02/10/21
HB 2211Abolishing the Personal Income Tax02/10/21
HB 2223Repealing section of code authorizing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles02/10/21
HB 2237Allowing free camping at state parks for certain resident veterans03/18/21
HB 2238Granting tax credits for parents and legal guardians whose children are in a home schooling program or private school02/10/21
HB 2244Relating to a tax rebate for facilities or processes that result in additional employment and an additional demand for electrical power02/10/21
HB 2256Providing that a municipal services user fee may not be imposed on employees of the state02/25/21
HB 2286Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Veterans' Assistance- Veterans Home02/10/21
HB 2301Repealing the soft drink tax02/11/21
HB 2308Creating the Business PROMISE+ Scholarship02/22/21
HB 2336Establishing the Katherine Johnson Academy03/19/21
HB 2338Adding pasteurized milk and other dairy foods produced or processed in West Virginia to the list of items required to be purchased by all state-funded institutions02/18/21
HB 2340Require compensation for state police officers when required to be on standby so they can be called back to work if necessary02/12/21
HB 2345Requiring each county school board to employ at least one full time school nurse03/11/21
HB 2348Allowing certain deductions to be made from individual personal income tax refunds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation02/12/21
HB 2353Establishing a tax credit for families who suffer the loss of a stillborn child02/12/21
HB 2355Establishing a tax deduction against corporation net income tax for retail food distributors that donate to school “backpack programs”02/12/21
HB 2362Implementing trauma-informed practices in schools02/26/21
HB 2369Provide that you can make monthly payments on property taxes02/13/21
HB 2490Requiring fifty percent of all reappropriated revenue accounts to be surrendered to general revenue02/15/21
HB 2502Specified percent of all “unencumbered” special revenue accounts to be surrendered to general revenue if there has been activity in the account for specified periods02/15/21
HB 2503Requiring legislative approval of additional parkways bonds and removing tolls once bonds paid 03/18/21
HB 2540Providing tax credits to provide vehicles to certain persons02/16/21
HB 2544Creating the West Virginia Small Business Jumpstart Act02/16/21
HB 2575Increasing the age limit to 40 for people to test for career fire departments02/25/21
HB 2618Relating to Good Samaritan Food Donation Act02/19/21
HB 2626Relating to discontinuing operation of certain state facilities02/19/21
HB 2627Continuing the licensed racetrack modernization fund02/22/21
HB 2632Permitting Commissioner of Highways to make transfers of money within the State Road Fund03/05/21
HB 2634Coverage for the treatment of chronic pain03/16/21
HB 2644West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Business Technology Property Valuation Act and the West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Tax Credit Act02/23/21
HB 2649Modifying the tax on soft drinks to only cover sugary drinks02/23/21
HB 2669Establishing tax credits for lead abatement in child occupied residences02/23/21
HB 2677Relating to increasing the amount of money for which a purchase may be made without obtaining three bids to ten thousand dollars03/18/21
HB 2681Authorizing the Insurance Commissioner to transfer moneys from the Insurance Commission Fund into the Workers’ Compensation Old Fund to reduce any deficit balance of the Old Fund02/25/21
HB 2696Creating the fire service equipment and training fund02/23/21
HB 2699Authorize the Workforce West Virginia to hire additional employees to serve at the Commissioner’s will and pleasure03/02/21
HB 2706Authorizing and permitting the Economic Development Authority to make working capital loans from a revolving loan fund capitalized with federal grant funds including those federal grant funds received from the United States Economic Development Administration02/23/21
HB 2724Requesting funding for a raise for State Police 02/24/21
HB 2735Tax credits for living and deceased organ donors02/24/21
HB 2736Provide a sales tax exemption for firearms and firearm ammunition for WV residents02/24/21
HB 2744Provide for a change in compensation for the Board of Public Works beginning July 1, 202102/24/21
HB 2746Establishing the behavioral health workforce education initiative at the Higher Education Policy Commission03/03/21
HB 2759Relating to tax credit for disabled veterans for lifetime hunting, trapping and fishing license02/24/21
HB 2778Create the Education Tax Credit03/19/21
HB 2779Allow contracted work by state troopers to be counted toward their retirement instead of overtime02/26/21
HB 2805Making Pierpont Community and Technical College a division of Fairmont State University known as the Pierpont College of Community and Technical Education03/12/21
HB 2806To allow parents to retain their child without losing a year of sports eligibility03/19/21
HB 2813Relating to employees of local boards of health03/01/21
HB 2831Nursing Program Expansion Pilot Program03/23/21
HB 2838Authorize the ordering of restitution to the state for reimbursement of costs incurred for misuse of public funds, and to create the State Auditor’s Public Integrity and Fraud Fund for use of said funds03/12/21
HB 2844Expanding the Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit03/02/21
HB 2847Add hotel occupancy tax to taxes eligible for PILOT agreements under the Tax Increment Financing Act03/02/21
HB 2862Relating to the Deputy Sheriff Retirement System Act03/04/21
HB 2902Making a supplementary appropriation to the Public Service Commission03/03/21
HB 2936To permit the Board of Treasury Investments to compensate appointed members for each meeting attended and to eliminate certain outdated and contradictory investment restrictions.03/05/21
HB 2951Repeal of authority granted to municipalities to levy business and occupation or privilege tax03/05/21
HB 2965Requiring PEIA, Medicaid and other health insurance providers to cover treatment of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders03/10/21
HB 2974To implement a Property Tax Poverty Exemption - School Excess Levy03/08/21
HB 2984To revise the West Virginia Tax Increment Financing Act to authorize a county commission or municipal levying body to modify the termination times of certain districts03/08/21
HB 2993Allow State Treasurer to charge a monthly penalty to certain spending units03/09/21
HB 3012Creating a 529 type tax-deferred savings account for first time homebuyers03/09/21
HB 3013Provide a state income tax credit for nurses to encourage recruitment and commitment to the profession in this state03/26/21
HB 3021To clarify that incomplete claims for refund are not filed and will not start interest accruing03/09/21
HB 3039Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax03/10/21
HB 3049Increase nutrition rates for Senior services03/10/21
HB 3058Relating to the General Revenue Fund03/10/21
HB 3067Raise the homestead exemption to 30,00003/11/21
HB 3070Reducing federal taxable income subject to the corporate net income tax for businesses relocating from China to West Virginia03/11/21
HB 3075Transferring funds remaining in the Racetrack Modernization Fund to the State Road Fund and closing the Racetrack Modernization Fund03/11/21
HB 3100To make exempt from sales tax the purchase of plastic and pewter models used in hobbies such as tabletop strategy or role playing gaming03/12/21
HB 3103Educational Employee Tax Credit03/12/21
HB 3105Increasing salary of Secretary of WV Library Commission03/12/21
HB 3109Salary increase for teachers and school service personnel03/12/21
HB 3116Establish an Earned Income Tax Credit03/12/21
HB 3117Establish technology/remote work tax deduction from state income tax03/12/21
HB 3127Relating to Public Utilities Audit03/26/21
HB 3155Provide for a raise for private investigators hired by public defender offices or court appointed panel attorneys03/15/21
HB 3165Creating personal income tax credit for volunteer firefighters03/15/21
HB 3167Access to Rehabilitation Act03/15/21
HB 3179Limit property tax increases on certain individuals03/16/21
HB 3180Require all tax assessments be done on a periodic schedule03/16/21
HB 3217Student Rescue Act03/24/21
HB 3240Establishing an Earned Income Tax Credit03/16/21
HB 3253Relating to late fees for property taxes03/16/21
HB 3256To create a state level government grant for safe houses to be implemented in the State of West Virginia03/16/21
HB 3260To extend the Neighborhood Investment Program Act to July 1, 2026 and to increase the allowable tax credit03/16/21
HB 3261Relating to adoption attorneys03/24/21
HB 3267Relating to inventory tax reduction03/16/21
HB 3269To require the Department of Environmental Protection to assume responsibility of cost and permitting of dams that are deemed to be under state control03/25/21
HB 3279Incentivizing the Sale of Healthy, Local Produce03/16/21
HB 3283Amending the Hotel Motel Tax03/16/21
HB 3285To provide for the HSTA scholarships03/23/21
HB 3290Supplemental appropriation decreasing existing items of appropriation and adding new items of appropriation in the Department of Health and Human Resources03/18/21
HB 3296Decreasing and increasing appropriations to the Executive, Governor’s office03/23/21
HB 3300Relating to reducing personal income tax rates generally04/09/21
HB 3302Relating generally to broadband enhancement and expansion policies03/24/21
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