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Bill Status - 2016 Regular Session

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171 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/13/16
HCR 2 U.S. Army PV2 William Frederick Kump Memorial Bridge02/24/16
HCR 3 North River Mills Historic Trace03/12/16
HCR 4 CSA LTG Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson Bridge03/11/16
HCR 5 U.S. Army PV2 Eskridge A. Waggoner Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 7 U.S. Army PFC Cecil Ray Ball Memorial Bridge03/09/16
HCR 8 Harry Ripley Memorial Bridge03/11/16
HCR 10 U.S.Marine Corps GySgt Lionel Collins Memorial Road03/09/16
HCR 11 World Autism Awareness Day03/12/16
HCR 13 U.S. Army SPC 4 Everette R. Johnson Memorial Bridge03/11/16
HCR 14 Second Friday in July as West Virginia Collector Car Appreciation Day02/24/16
HCR 15 U.S.Marine Corps PFC Clayton Andrew Craft Memorial Bridge03/09/16
HCR 17 SGT Larry Joseph Whitt Bridge03/12/16
HCR 18 U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant William Henry 'Bill' Whitman Memorial Highway03/09/16
HCR 19 H. Laban White Memorial Bridge02/24/16
HCR 20 Funding for the West Virginia National Guard03/12/16
HCR 22 U. S. Army SGT Gary Lee DeBoard Memorial Intersection03/12/16
HCR 26 Corporal Gary Wayne Weekley Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 29 Harry C. "Buck" Markley Jr. Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 30 U.S. Army PFC Everett Henry Woody Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 36 Applying for an Article V Amendments Convention to Propose a Constitutional Amendment03/12/16
HCR 41 U.S. Army Air Corps CPT Kenneth R. Winters, Sr. Memorial Bridge03/09/16
HCR 42 WVSP Tpr. Phillip S. Kesner Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 51 U.S. Army PFC Danny Mire Stoneking Memorial Bridge03/11/16
HCR 54 Byron 'Bray' Kelley Memorial Bridge03/11/16
HCR 56 U.S. Army CPL Robert Eugene Jackson Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 57 U.S. Army PVT Leander Reel Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 68 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium and Heavy Duty Engines and Vehicles Phase 203/12/16
HCR 72 Max G. Parkinson Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 86 Designating April 16, 2016 as World Voice Day03/12/16
HCR 88 Extending the Conference Committee relating to H. B. 2800, Adding law-enforcement officers' contact information and names of family members to the list of exemptions from public records requests.02/23/16
HCR 90 U.S. Army CPL Fon Mitchell Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 92 Captain John Bond and the West Virginia State Troops Memorial Bridge03/12/16
HCR 93 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the motor vehicle code03/12/16
HCR 103 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to conduct an interim study on the educational impact and budgetary and funding formula consequences of Education Savings Accounts03/12/16
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the 82nd Legislature, 201601/13/16
HR 2 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/13/16
HR 3 Creating a Select Committee on Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse01/13/16
HR 4 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Arnold W. Ryan01/18/16
HR 5 Expressing concern of the House of Delegates to the growth of the federal government's power over the individual states of the United States03/12/16
HR 6 Honoring the town of Piedmont's 160th anniversary03/07/16
HR 7 Designating that the month of April be proclaimed as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month beginning in 2016.02/15/16
HR 8 Authorizing the Committee on Rules to arrange a Special Calendar and providing for making public the vote on certain questions in connection with the preparation thereof02/15/16
HR 9 Recognizing March as self-care month in West Virginia03/07/16
HR 10 Creating support services and programs for childhood cancer patients and families03/07/16
HR 11 Enhancing hunting, fishing, recreational shooting and other outdoor recreational opportunities as well as strengthen conservation efforts nationwide03/07/16
HR 13 Designating that March 2016 be proclaimed as Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Month03/07/16
HR 15 Self Injury Awareness Day03/07/16
HR 17 Reaffirming the sister-state relationship between the State of West Virginia and Taiwan03/01/16
HR 18 Honoring and memorializing the life of Phyllis J. Rutledge03/07/16
HR 19 Drug Court Day in West Virginia03/09/16
HR 20 Honoring and memorializing the life of Frank “Chunki” Angotti who served for four years in the West Virginia Legislature03/11/16
SCR 1 Urging Congress propose regulation freedom amendment03/12/16
SCR 2 Urging Congress provide funding for WV National Guard03/12/16
SCR 3 Julian, Earl and Edward Hill Brothers Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 5 Coach Bill Stewart Exit02/24/16
SCR 6 USMC PFC Marshall Lee King Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 7 Rosie the Riveters Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 8 US Army PFC Ernest D. Marcum Bridge03/12/16
SCR 9 US Army First Sergeant Jesse T. McPeake Memorial Road03/12/16
SCR 11 US Marine Corps Sergeant Gerald Leslie Perry Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 12 Wayne County Veterans Memorial Highway03/12/16
SCR 13 Tom Williams Family Bridge03/12/16
SCR 14 US Marine Corps PFC Billy Joe Vickers Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 15 US Army SFC Jesse Muncy Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 16 US Army CPL John Belcastro Bridge02/16/16
SCR 17 US Army Sergeant Charles Edward Smith Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 18 Wilbur Lee Clayton Memorial Bridge03/10/16
SCR 19 Rev. Rexford Montgomery Workman Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 20 US Army CPL Troy Matthews Memorial Bridge02/24/16
SCR 21 US Army S/SGT Delmer R. Jones Memorial Bridge03/08/16
SCR 22 Trautwein Family Bridge03/12/16
SCR 23 Johnny Mack Bryant Memorial Bridge03/08/16
SCR 24 US Army PFC Arland W. Hatcher Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 25 US Army PFC Cornelius Vance Memorial Bridge03/08/16
SCR 26 Charles Edward Ellis and Ira Virgil Ellis Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 27 Herman Daner Rogers Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 28 US Marine Corps CPL Ronald "Duke" Varney Memorial Bridge03/08/16
SCR 29 US Army SSG Landon Clair Ray and US Army SPC4 Garry Dwight Haynes Memorial Bridge03/08/16
SCR 30 Lester W. and Ida C. Ellis Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 31 US Air Force Staff Sgt Bethel Howard McNeely and US Marine Staff Sgt Clyde Elmo Bryant Bridge03/08/16
SCR 32 CW2 Robert D. Taylor Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 33 Requesting WV Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council study and report on consolidation regarding public water and sewer utilities03/10/16
SCR 36 US Army SPC5 Joseph Richard "Rick" Schafer Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 37 US Army PFC Willie Paul Wilson bridge03/12/16
SCR 38 Army PFC Denver Holly Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 39 Clifford Family Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 41 US Army SGT Philip Ray Casto Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 42 US Navy LCDR Helen Elizabeth Peck Memorial Bridge03/08/16
SCR 44 US Marine Corps SGT Mike Plasha Memorial Bridge03/10/16
SCR 45 US Army SGT Deforest Lee Talbert Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 47 WV State Police SGT Harold E. Dailey Bridge03/10/16
SCR 53 Harry C. "Buck" Markley, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 54 Union Army CPT John Bond Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 55 Dewey "Duke" Maynard Memorial Road03/12/16
SCR 56 Judge Ronald G. Pearson Bridge03/12/16
SCR 59 US Army SPC 4 Everette R. Johnson Memorial Bridge03/12/16
SCR 64 Requesting DOH study 2015 performance audit and report to Joint Committee on Government and Finance any action taken as result of audit03/12/16
SR 1 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate has assembled01/13/16
SR 2 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/13/16
SR 3 Recognizing achievements and contributions of Monongalia County01/13/16
SR 4 Honoring Mineral County's 150th anniversary 01/13/16
SR 5 Congratulating Jefferson High School 01/18/16
SR 6 Designating January 19, 2016, as Higher Education Day 01/19/16
SR 7 Authorizing appointment of employees01/25/16
SR 8 Designating January 25, 2016, as Homeschool Day at Legislature01/25/16
SR 9 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots Girls' Volleyball team on winning 2015 AAA championship01/25/16
SR 10 Designating January 26, 2016, as WV Local Foods Day at Legislature01/26/16
SR 11 Designating January 26, 2016, as Broadband Day at Legislature01/26/16
SR 12 Recognizing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day at Capitol01/27/16
SR 13 Designating January 31, 2016, as Day of Prayer for Coalfields01/27/16
SR 14 Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day at Legislature01/29/16
SR 15 School Counselors Day at Legislature01/29/16
SR 16 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley02/01/16
SR 17 Recognizing WV School of Osteopathic Medicine02/01/16
SR 18 Designating February 2, 2016, as Library Day at the Legislature02/02/16
SR 19 Recognizing UniCare Health Plan of West Virginia02/02/16
SR 20 Recognizing Putnam Area Robotics Team02/02/16
SR 21 Designating February 5, 2016, as Go Red for Women Day02/02/16
SR 22 Recognizing Roane County High School golf team02/04/16
SR 23 Recognizing WV firefighters02/04/16
SR 24 Honoring life and legacy of Dr. Carter G. Woodson02/05/16
SR 25 Down Syndrome Awareness Day at Capitol02/05/16
SR 26 Recognizing Bryan Humphreys as West Virginia's Outstanding Logger02/09/16
SR 27 Designating February 9, 2016, as Fairness West Virginia Day at the Legislature02/09/16
SR 28 Designating February 9, 2016, as Forestry Day at Legislature02/09/16
SR 29 Designating February 9, 2016, as Women's and Girls' Day at the Legislature02/09/16
SR 30 Recognizing John Canfield for leadership and service to West Virginia's Insurance community02/10/16
SR 31 Congratulating Ross Johnson for being named 2015 Earle S. Dillard Agent of the Year02/10/16
SR 32 Designating February 10, 2016, as Disability Advocacy Day at the Legislature02/10/16
SR 33 Congratulating Wirt County Ladies Volleyball team02/11/16
SR 34 Memorializing life of Virginia Mae Ellars02/12/16
SR 35 Designating February 15, 2016, as Corrections Day02/15/16
SR 36 Designating February 15, 2016, as Veterans Visibility Day at Legislature02/15/16
SR 37 Recognizing Harrison County, West Virginia, as County of Champions02/15/16
SR 38 Recognizing WV Federation of Democratic Women02/16/16
SR 39 Designating February 17, 2016, as Nurses Unity Day at the Legislature02/17/16
SR 40 Designating February 18, 2016, as WV Kids at Risk Day at Legislature02/18/16
SR 41 Memorializing life of Honorable A. Keith Wagner02/19/16
SR 42 Designating February 19, 2016, as WVU and WVU Extension Service Day02/19/16
SR 43 Designating February 22, 2016, as WV Arts Day02/22/16
SR 44 Recognizing WV State Historic Preservation Office02/22/16
SR 45 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson02/23/16
SR 46 Designating February 23, 2016, as Mercer County Day02/23/16
SR 47 Designating March 7-13, 2016, as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week02/23/16
SR 48 Recognizing Sylvia Shafer for her tireless efforts in advocating for humane treatment of animals02/23/16
SR 49 Designating February 23, 2016, as West Virginia State University Day02/23/16
SR 50 Congratulating Charleston Catholic High School girls' soccer team02/24/16
SR 51 Congratulating Cabell Midland High School boys' cross country team02/24/16
SR 52 Designating February 26, 2016, as Marshall University Day02/26/16
SR 53 Honoring William "Red" Dawson for dedication and service to Marshall University and West Virginia02/26/16
SR 54 Designating February 29, 2016, as Preston County Day02/29/16
SR 55 Designating March, 2016, as Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Month03/01/16
SR 56 Reaffirming sister-state relationship between West Virginia and Taiwan03/01/16
SR 57 Recognizing Sistersville Tank Works03/02/16
SR 58 Designating March 2, 2016, as Domestic Violence Prevention Day03/02/16
SR 59 Designating March 3, 2016, as Cancer Survivorship Day03/03/16
SR 60 Recognizing June 12, 2016, as 75th Anniversary of American Tree Farm System03/03/16
SR 61 Designating March 7, 2016, as Wyoming County Day03/07/16
SR 62 Congratulating Charleston Catholic golf team for 2015 Class A State Championship03/09/16
SR 63 Recognizing contributions of drug courts to WV03/10/16
SR 64 Supporting Morgantown High School marching band's efforts to represent USS West Virginia at 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade03/10/16
SR 65 Recognizing YMCA WV Alliance on YMCA Day at Capitol03/10/16
SR 66 Memorializing life of Honorable Darrell E. Holmes03/12/16
SR 67 Recognizing dedicated public service of Hon. William R. Laird IV03/12/16
SR 68 Recognizing dedicated public service of the Hon. Herb Snyder03/12/16
SR 69 Recognizing dedicated public service of Hon. Jeffrey V. Kessler03/12/16
SR 70 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable William P. Cole III03/12/16
SR 71 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Howard Wellman03/12/16
SR 72 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/15/16
SR 73 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/15/16
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