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HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to hear remarks of the Governor01/10/24
HCR 2 U.S. Army SPC Steven W. Herron Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 3 Legg Brothers WWII Veterans Memorial Bridge 02/29/24
HCR 5 George M. Hall Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 6 U. S. Army Staff Sgt. James Ira “Junior” Spurrier Memorial Bridge03/04/24
HCR 7 U. S. Navy Radarman 3rd Class Craig W. Haines Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 8 Judy Brothers Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 9 Private Jefferson Howell Memorial Road02/29/24
HCR 11 VFD Gregory Linn Haught Memorial Bridge.02/29/24
HCR 12 “U. S. Marine Private First Class Calvin Lee Loudin Memorial Bridge”.02/29/24
HCR 13 Commemorating the life of Marilyn Kay Parsons01/12/24
HCR 14 Assistant Chief David Timothy “Tim” Wilson Memorial Road02/29/24
HCR 15 USMC Private Timith Daley Nunn Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 16 Thomas Leo Starsick Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 17 Ab and Laura Baisden Bridge02/29/24
HCR 18 Caldwell Brothers Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 19 CPL Thomas Lowell Wines Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 20 SP4 Donnie Lee Hackney Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 21 Louie Patton Memorial Bridge03/05/24
HCR 22 “U.S. Army Corporal William Edgar Hancock Memorial Bridge”.02/29/24
HCR 23 Cody J. Mullens Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 25 U. S. Navy Sonarman First Class William C. Harris Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 26 PFC Jerry Lee Bassett Memorial Bridge 02/29/24
HCR 27 U. S. Army Sergeant Jerry Lee Harris Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 28 Karantonis Brothers Armed Forces Memorial Bridge 02/29/24
HCR 29 U.S. Army Sgt Thomas Lawson Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 30 Jack L. Hart Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 32 Sloan Brothers Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 33 U. S. Army PFC Gale Hall Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 34 U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Harlie Steven Gabbert Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 35 Gulf War Veteran’s Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 36 Chief Master Sgt. Dan Chandler Bridge02/29/24
HCR 39 US Army SP3 Delbert Sherdan “Buck” Huffman Sr. Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 40 USMC MSG Edward P. & MP Carl A. McCray Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 41 Thurman W. Whisner Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 42 U.S. Army SSG William E. Miller Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 44 Frank Walker Mosley Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 45 Alexander Arbuckle “Abe” McLaughlin Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 46 Jacob “Jack” Taylor Rudolph, Sr. Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 47 U. S. Army SGT John Claude Roby Memorial Bridge03/04/24
HCR 48 November 7th to be designated annually as “Pastor Appreciation Day”02/26/24
HCR 49 U. S. Air Force Airman 1st Class “Willis ”Arnold" Karickhoff Memorial Bridge03/04/24
HCR 50 Jack A. Hatfield Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 51 U. S. Army Colonel Merlin C. Kerns Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 53 U. S. Navy Quartermaster Third Class Lawrence Earl Boggs Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 59 Asa H. Kisamore, Jr. Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 60 Terra Dawn Lewis Memorial Road and Bridge 02/29/24
HCR 61 Mollohan Brothers Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 62 U.S. Army First Sergeant Clarence Shirley Blake Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 66 U.S. Army SP4 Lonnie “Bill” Walker Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HCR 67 Kenneth R. Lucas Memorial Bridge03/04/24
HCR 68 U. S. Army Air Force, Major (Ret.) Willis “Scottie” Adams Memorial Bridge02/29/24
HJR 28 Protection from medically-assisted suicide or euthanasia in West Virginia Amendment03/09/24
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the Eighty-sixth Legislature, 202401/10/24
HR 2 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts and Journals of the House01/10/24
HR 3 Creating a Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence01/10/24
HR 6 A resolution reaffirming support for the town of Thurmond, the historic buildings within the community, and the strong coal mining history associated with it02/13/24
HR 7 Supporting the Preservation of the Charleston Processing and Distribution Center01/29/24
HR 9 Reaffirming the longstanding sisterhood partnership between West Virginia and Taiwan02/29/24
HR 12 Memorializing the life of The Honorable Charles E. Romine03/01/24
SCR 1 US Army PFC Leon Charles Trader Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 2 US Army PFC John Henry Trail Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 4 US Army 2LT Eston Kuhn Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 5 US Army 1LT Herschel Jarrell Memorial Road02/29/24
SCR 6 US Army SSG Orland Jackson "Tom" Meikles Memorial Road02/29/24
SCR 8 US Army Corporal Clemon Knapp Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 11 US Marine Corps PFC Noel Harper Fields Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 12 US Army Private Raymond Lee Perkins Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 14 US Army PFC William Gorman Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 15 Chief Edward "Eddie" Keesecker Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 16 Urging US Congress enact reforms to federal permitting policies to accelerate deployment of new energy infrastructure01/25/24
SCR 17 Reaffirming support of WV Legislature for State of Israel and Jewish people01/25/24
SCR 18 Stanley W. and Evelyn C. See Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 19 US Army PFC Henry W. Baldwin Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 21 US Army MSG James E. Jackson Jr. Memorial Road02/29/24
SCR 22 USMC Major Cornelius Burdette Memorial Road02/29/24
SCR 23 US Navy LT Lewis Joseph D'Antoni Memorial Road02/29/24
SCR 24 Recognizing First Responders Honor Board's nominees for Medal of Valor02/07/24
SCR 25 US Army SGT Wyatt K. Hinton Memorial Bridge02/29/24
SCR 26 US Army Private Clarence William "Buck" Holliday Memorial Road02/29/24
SR 1 Authorizing appointment of employees for second regular session of 86th Legislature01/10/24
SR 2 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Donna J. Boley01/11/24
SR 3 Commemorating 150th anniversary of Keyser01/11/24
SR 4 Designating January as Human Trafficking Awareness month01/10/24
SR 5 Designating January 15, 2024, as Child Advocacy Day at Legislature01/15/24
SR 6 Honoring life of Edith Levy, Ed. D., Holocaust survivor03/08/24
SR 7 Designating January 22, 2024, as WV Tourism Day01/22/24
SR 8 Designating January 23, 2024, as Hunger Free WV Day at Legislature01/23/24
SR 9 Recognizing January 23, 2024, as Mountaineer Therapy Dogs' Day at Legislature01/23/24
SR 10 Commemorating 78th Southern Legislative Conference of Council of State Governments Southern Office01/24/24
SR 11 Designating January 25, 2024, as Veterans Appreciation Day01/25/24
SR 12 Recognizing January 21-January 27 as National School Choice Week01/25/24
SR 13 Recognizing Myles Lumber Company as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer for 202301/29/24
SR 14 Designating January 29, 2024, as Future Farmers of America Day01/29/24
SR 15 Designating January 29, 2024, as Fairmont State University Day01/29/24
SR 16 Supporting preservation of Charleston USPS Processing and Distribution Center01/26/24
SR 17 Recognizing Riley Gaines as ambassador for Independent Women's Forum and advocate for women's equality in sports01/29/24
SR 18 Designating January 30, 2024, as West Virginia University Day01/30/24
SR 19 Designating January 31, 2024, as Marshall University Day01/31/24
SR 20 Recognizing essential role of CASA for abused and neglected children02/01/24
SR 21 Designating February 1, 2024, as National Unclaimed Property Day02/01/24
SR 22 Designating February 1, 2024, as Sexual Violence Awareness Day02/01/24
SR 23 Designating February 2, 2024, as American Heart Association Day02/02/24
SR 24 Recognizing February 2, 2024, as WV Home School Day02/02/24
SR 25 Designating February 5, 2024, as Recovery Advocacy Day02/05/24
SR 26 Designating February 6, 2024, as Preston County Day02/06/24
SR 27 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson for its service, dedication, and commitment to Jefferson County02/06/24
SR 28 Designating February 6, 2024, as Local Food and Farm Day02/06/24
SR 29 Designating February 8, 2024, as Tucker County Day02/08/24
SR 30 Designating February 8, 2024, as WV Hospital Day02/08/24
SR 31 Designating February 8, 2024, as WV American Academy of Pediatrics Child Health Advocacy Day02/08/24
SR 32 Designating February 9, 2024, as Eating Disorder Advocacy Day02/09/24
SR 33 Designating February 12, 2024, as Corrections Day02/12/24
SR 34 Recognizing William Schwertfeger, decorated combat veteran of US Army, on his 100th birthday02/13/24
SR 35 Recognizing 152nd anniversary of Glenville State University02/13/24
SR 36 Recognizing February 14, 2024, as Child Care Day02/14/24
SR 37 Designating February 14, 2024, as National Organ Donor Day02/14/24
SR 38 Recognizing value and supporting Small Town and Main Street development02/15/24
SR 39 Designating February 15, 2024, as WV State University Day02/15/24
SR 40 Designating February 15, 2024, as Angelman Syndrome Awareness Day02/15/24
SR 41 Designating February 16, 2024, as Adventure Travel Day02/16/24
SR 42 Supporting Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas' constitutional right to self-defense02/16/24
SR 43 Memorializing life of Honorable John Patton Fanning02/19/24
SR 44 Designating February 19, 2024, as Pancreatic Cancer Day02/19/24
SR 45 Recognizing 112th anniversary of Girl Scouts of USA02/19/24
SR 46 Affirming support for preservation of certain historic buildings across state02/19/24
SR 47 Recognizing week of May 5-11, 2024, as Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week02/20/24
SR 48 Recognizing AARP of WV for many contributions provided to enhance our state and its people02/20/24
SR 49 Recognizing World Scouting Museum02/21/24
SR 50 Designating February 21, 2024, as WV History Day02/21/24
SR 51 Memorializing life of Lora Susan Thompson02/22/24
SR 52 Designating February 23, 2024, as WV Motorsports Day02/23/24
SR 53 Designating February 27, 2024, as Domestic Violence Awareness Day02/27/24
SR 54 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley for its service, dedication and commitment to Berkeley County02/28/24
SR 55 Memorializing life of Honorable William Wayne Bailey, Jr.02/28/24
SR 56 Memorializing life of Honorable Warren Randolph McGraw Sr.02/29/24
SR 57 Recognizing accomplishments of Hurricane High School Red Hot Show Choir02/29/24
SR 58 Designating February 29, 2024, as WV Arts Day02/29/24
SR 59 Reaffirming longstanding sisterhood partnership between WV and Taiwan02/29/24
SR 60 Recognizing May 1, 2024, as Purebred Dog Day03/01/24
SR 61 Encouraging WV military veterans to volunteer as election workers in 2024 statewide elections03/01/24
SR 62 Memorializing life of Betty Burkett03/04/24
SR 63 Memorializing life of Sylvia Shafer03/04/24
SR 65 Recognizing March as American Red Cross month03/05/24
SR 66 Designating March 5, 2024, as Women's and Girls' Day03/05/24
SR 67 Designating March 6, 2024, as Suicide Prevention Awareness Day03/06/24
SR 68 Designating March 7, 2024, as Recovery Community Day03/07/24
SR 69 Recognizing month of March as National Social Work Awareness Month03/07/24
SR 70 Memorializing life of Heather Nicole Miller03/08/24
SR 71 Congratulating Kerri-Anne Cook on becoming first female golfer to win WVSSAC AA golf tournament03/08/24
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