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Bill Status - 1996 Regular Session

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There are 32 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




SB 445Relating to methods of plugging wells03/01/96
HB 2078Including cystic fibrosis as a testable health issue in child care screening01/09/96
HB 2127Prohibiting the funding for abortions except cases wherein an abortion is performed to save the life of the mother01/09/96
HB 2550Licensure of foreign medical graduates01/10/96
HB 2661Requiring that state educational personnel who undergo training for health care procedures receive increased wages at the next highest pay grade01/10/96
HB 4003Regulation of body piercing studio businesses01/10/96
HB 4006Granting subpoena powers to the Commissioner of the Division of Human Services under specified circumstances01/10/96
HB 4013Creating the Rural Hospital Deregulation Act01/10/96
HB 4061Setting minimum standards for instruction of food service safety and sanitation for all food employees working in tax-supported food service operations in the State01/15/96
HB 4075West Virginia Tanning Facility Permit Act01/16/96
HB 4091Exempting small hospitals from certificate of need requirements01/17/96
HB 4126Requiring minimum inpatient care for mothers and newly born infants01/18/96
HB 4197Requiring specified insurance coverage for childbirth and postdelivery inpatient care01/25/96
HB 4202Minimizing the practice of defensive medicine01/25/96
HB 4312Retention and destruction of health care records01/30/96
HB 4317Requiring providers of medicaid assistance or services to furnish the recipients with itemized statements of the assistance or services01/30/96
HB 4327Improving nursing home staff quality through a salary increase for nonsupervisory employees01/30/96
HB 4339Relating to certification of physician assistants01/30/96
HB 4368Providing access to private health insurance for recipients of medicaid01/31/96
HB 4382Equalization of pharmaceutical drug prices02/01/96
HB 4414Requiring medical providers to test females for drug use who have given birth to stillborns02/05/96
HB 4471Relating generally to certificates of need02/06/96
HB 4492Establishing a special volunteer medical license and providing civil immunity for services rendered to indigents02/07/96
HB 4505Regulation of health provider cooperatives02/07/96
HB 4531Children's Emergency Medical and Injury Prevention Systems Act02/09/96
HB 4579Criteria for the health care cost review authority board's approval of hospital rates, etc.02/13/96
HB 4594Exempting certain homes established by churches from nursing and personal care home licensure02/14/96
HB 4599Clarifying that state statutes or rules supersede county or municipal rules in the regulation of health and sanitation standards and limiting regulation of wells02/14/96
HB 4623Applying certain hospital rates retroactively to the beginning of the hospital's fiscal year02/15/96
HB 4643Requiring a parent or guardian to submit a sworn statement when requesting that a vaccination not be required02/19/96
HB 4757Restricted administration of medications by unlicensed personnel in certain facilities and care homes02/23/96
HB 4787Requiring insurance coverage of inpatient for mothers and newly born infants during specified time periods following childbirth02/23/96
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