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Bill Status - 1998 Regular Session

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There are 141 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 1Requiring construction of capitol complex parking garage03/03/98
SB 10Increasing excise tax on sale and use of all tobacco products01/14/98
SB 12Authorizing certain members of public bodies to purchase PEIA insurance01/14/98
SB 33Creating recreation and amusement tax01/14/98
SB 44Relating to neighborhood investment program act01/23/98
SB 45Providing tax credit for upgrade of county or state roads01/14/98
SB 46Providing voluntary fire department member tax exemption for vehicle01/14/98
SB 47Providing certain tax refund on gasoline and special fuels01/14/98
SB 48Increasing personal income tax deduction for retirement income01/14/98
SB 88Creating tax credit for economic development or environmental remediation01/14/98
SB 89Relating to exemption from B & O taxes for municipally owned generating units01/14/98
SB 93Allowing tax credit to employers providing child day care01/14/98
SB 107Prohibiting change orders on state contracts exceeding certain percentage of original bid03/04/98
SB 132Allowing tax deduction for contribution to state colleges and universities01/14/98
SB 147Relating to corporate headquarters relocation tax credit01/14/98
SB 161Dedicating certain sales proceeds to counties01/15/98
SB 183Creating orphan road and bridge acquisition program02/03/98
SB 188Relating to special veterans' vehicle registration plates03/02/98
SB 198Relating to withdrawal from law-enforcement training programs01/28/98
SB 201Creating bureau of state protective service02/05/98
SB 215Providing for state police structure; appointment of officers03/03/98
SB 218Exempting certain hunting clubs from business and franchise tax02/12/98
SB 219Extending protections for assaults and batteries to various state or county special response personnel02/13/98
SB 222Providing tax credit for long-term health care insurance premiums01/26/98
SB 227Conforming medical services definitions with federal practice requirements for emergency room physicians03/04/98
SB 242Permitting counties use of certain unclaimed funds01/29/98
SB 266Authorizing public energy authority to issue certain bonds01/30/98
SB 327Authorizing division of natural resources to promulgate legislative rule relating to wild turkeys02/09/98
SB 368Establishing egg marketing law of 199803/10/98
SB 377Requiring competitive bidding on governmental and school board audits02/02/98
SB 379Finding and declaring certain claims against state02/02/98
SB 380Equalizing pay scales of magistrates02/03/98
SB 392Increasing cap on municipal amusement tax02/04/98
SB 396Finding and declaring certain claims against state02/04/98
SB 407Establishing air emissions banking and trading program03/11/98
SB 408Establishing school zone police officers02/25/98
SB 429Providing certain procedures changed in education and public employees grievance board hearing process03/10/98
SB 445Increasing service credit for certain retired teachers03/10/98
SB 457Creating children's health insurance program03/04/98
SB 462Increasing excise tax on sale and use of tobacco products02/11/98
SB 466Increasing salaries of magistrates02/11/98
SB 467Establishing Prison Industries Act of 199803/04/98
SB 469Establishing procurement of electric power by state03/09/98
SB 479Relating to corporation net income tax adjustments02/12/98
SB 480Phasing out taxes imposed on certain health care providers02/12/98
SB 482Regulating business of purchasing certain future benefit payments03/04/98
SB 483Providing special emeritus license for certain embalmers and funeral directors03/04/98
SB 484Establishing seed law03/10/98
SB 485Making supplemental appropriation to department of health and human resources--drinking water treatment02/12/98
SB 486Making supplemental appropriation to governor's office--commission for national and community service02/12/98
SB 487Making supplemental appropriation to governor's office--governor's cabinet on children and families02/12/98
SB 488Making supplemental appropriation to department of agriculture02/12/98
SB 489Making supplemental appropriation to department of transportation02/12/98
SB 490Making supplemental appropriation to department of military affairs and public safety02/12/98
SB 491Making supplemental appropriation to department of health and human resources--human rights commission02/12/98
SB 492Making supplemental appropriation to division of human services02/12/98
SB 493Making supplemental appropriation to bureau of commerce02/12/98
SB 496Making supplemental appropriation to division of human services--family law masters program02/12/98
SB 499Making supplemental appropriation to division of juvenile services02/12/98
SB 500Making supplemental appropriation to division of juvenile services for Kanawha home for children02/12/98
SB 502Making supplemental appropriation to tax division02/12/98
SB 505Making supplemental appropriation to governor's office for transition expenses02/12/98
SB 506Making supplemental appropriation to division of natural resources02/12/98
SB 507Making supplemental appropriation to development office--community development02/12/98
SB 508Making supplemental appropriation to public defender services02/12/98
SB 510Making supplemental appropriation to division of purchasing02/12/98
SB 512Making supplemental appropriation to auditor's office02/12/98
SB 513Making supplemental appropriation to governor's cabinet on children and families for relocation expenses02/12/98
SB 515Making supplemental appropriation to department of military affairs and public safety--office of the secretary02/12/98
SB 516Making supplemental appropriation to department of military affairs and public safety--adjutant general--state militia02/12/98
SB 517Making supplemental appropriation to department of military affairs and public safety--fire commission02/12/98
SB 518Making supplemental appropriation to department of military affairs and public safety--division of corrections02/12/98
SB 521Making supplemental appropriation to state police02/12/98
SB 525Making supplemental appropriation to division of human services02/12/98
SB 526Making supplemental appropriation to division of culture and history02/12/98
SB 529Making supplemental appropriation to division of human services for FACTS02/12/98
SB 539Requiring notification to taxpayers of tax changes before due date02/13/98
SB 540Making supplemental appropriation of moneys remaining unappropriated in lottery net profit fund to department of education02/13/98
SB 543Making technical corrections regarding corporation net income tax03/10/98
SB 545Exempting special dyed kerosene from gasoline and special fuel excise tax02/20/98
SB 555Providing exclusion from personal income tax for national guard members02/16/98
SB 558Making supplemental appropriation to state department of education--office of the secretary02/16/98
SB 559Making supplemental appropriation of moneys remaining unappropriated in lottery net profit fund to state bureau of senior services02/16/98
SB 561Relating to approval of state contracts as to form03/04/98
SB 571Requiring state agencies purchase certain energy needs through public energy authority02/25/98
SB 579Relating to household employers filing payroll tax returns on household employees02/17/98
SB 583Increasing amount of revenue that can be borrowed from revenue shortfall reserve fund02/18/98
SB 586Providing electronic purchase of certain hunting, trapping and fishing licenses02/24/98
SB 589Restricting increases on assessment and taxation of Class II and Class III property02/18/98
SB 614Increasing personal income tax deduction for retirement income02/19/98
SB 617Providing tax credit for hiring of unemployed persons and welfare recipients02/19/98
SB 620Increasing per diem compensation and expenses for judges of court of claims02/19/98
SB 621Facilitating procurement and distribution of funds for infrastructure development02/19/98
SB 622Increasing business registration period03/10/98
SB 623Relating to imposition of municipal B & O taxes on health maintenance organizations03/10/98
SB 632Authorizing national guard administrative allowance02/20/98
SB 637Including former divisions of corrections and health within coverage of occupational safety and health act03/04/98
SB 639Relating to renewal of existing retail liquor licenses; establishing additional licensing fees02/23/98
SB 640Providing for conversion of rural hospital acute care beds to skilled nursing beds03/10/98
SB 659Exempting certain sales of food and clothing from consumers sales tax02/23/98
SB 663Relating to coal severance and business privilege taxes02/23/98
SB 671Creating Small Tourism Business Development Act03/05/98
SB 678Exempting from severance tax certain natural gas and oil production03/03/98
SB 681Authorizing implementation of electronic funds transfer for tax payments03/10/98
SB 683Bringing state law into conformity with federal safe water act03/10/98
SB 685Recreating coal and energy research bureau03/10/98
SB 692Clarifying services exempt from consumers sales tax02/23/98
SB 698Establishing Ohio river management fund advisory board03/10/98
SB 702Relating to small business tax credit03/10/98
SB 707Changing method of apportioning corporate partner's distributive share02/23/98
SB 710Specifying fee limitations on special charges for local municipal services02/23/98
SB 715Requiring simple or short form for payment of timber severance tax02/23/98
SB 719Defining "leased residential real estate" and value for assessment purposes02/23/98
SB 721Relating to reinserting homes for unmarried mothers into definition of "child welfare agency"03/10/98
SB 723Relating to Kanawha home for children03/10/98
SB 724Relating to moneys deposited in child assessment and in-state placement fund02/23/98
SB 732Increasing salary of justices of supreme court of appeals and circuit court judges03/04/98
SB 738Relating to excise tax on bottled soft drinks02/23/98
SB 740Providing funding for Chapmanville public library, Buffalo Creek memorial library and Logan area public library02/23/98
SB 743Increasing experience increment for classified employees03/10/98
SB 754Creating Small Business Jobs Creation Tax Credit Act03/02/98
HB 2495Requiring a divorced member to prove there is no qualified domestic relations order in effect as a condition to elect certain retirement annuity options03/09/98
HB 2608Distribution of revenues of video lottery net terminal income to the thoroughbred development fund03/10/98
HB 2672Changing purchasing requirements and procedures for the state railroad authority03/02/98
HB 2812Providing fire departments first priority for distribution of surplus property02/19/98
HB 2880Modifying the definition of direct advertising01/29/98
HB 4057Authorizing the regional jail and correctional facility authority to construct new facilities or renovate existing facilities for the incarceration of juveniles03/03/98
HB 4061Authorizing specialized motorcycle license plates for veterans03/09/98
HB 4071Increasing the amount of awards that victims may receive from the court of claims and modifying certain procedures03/04/98
HB 4274Increasing the per diem compensation and expenses of judges of the court of claims03/10/98
HB 4328Disposition of court costs collected in magistrate courts03/10/98
HB 4436Creating a new registration plate for classic motor vehicles and motorcycles and use of such vehicles for general transportation03/13/98
HB 4461Exempting funds in individual retirement accounts from levy and attachment by creditors03/04/98
HB 4510Requiring the installation of fire hydrants in all upgrades and new installations of water mains03/12/98
HB 4513Creating the consumer protection enforcement fund03/10/98
HB 4534Establishing "Operation Native Talent" for West Virginians seeking employment and job opportunities03/11/98
HB 4620Tax exemption for real estate transfers between grandparent and grandchild and exempting conversions to limited liability companies from corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships or trusts03/06/98
HB 4628Eliminating exclusion of federal alimony deduction from West Virginia source income for nonresidents03/04/98
HB 4649Criteria for issuance of a motor vehicle dealer license and use of dealer plates03/13/98
HB 4691Purchases and warranties relating to information systems and software purchased by the state and the year-2000 compliance03/11/98
HB 4700Providing a mechanism for distributing funds to legal service organizations03/05/98
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