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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 52 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 34Relating to credit card fraud; limiting liability03/02/04
HB 2018Prohibiting automobile insurance rate increases or surcharges for reason of nonserious traffic convictions01/14/04
HB 2145Reducing insurance premium charges for school bus operators and drivers' education instructors01/14/04
HB 2189Providing that an insured individual's motor vehicle coverage is primary when a claim arises from the operation of a vehicle owned by a certain person, firm or corporation01/14/04
HB 2233Relating to variable premium adjustable life insurance policies01/14/04
HB 2316Requiring banks to immediately post deposits01/14/04
HB 2342Requiring coverage by insurers for breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery01/14/04
HB 2385Requiring insurance companies that provide health care coverage to provide for dietary treatment of medically necessary low protein and medical foods for treatment of inherited metabolic diseases when prescribed by a physician01/14/04
HB 2388Allowing the commissioner of banking to retain in his or her assessment and examination fund any interest or other return earned thereon01/14/04
HB 2444Relating generally to insurance fraud01/14/04
HB 2495Requiring insurance companies that provide automobile insurance to accept policy premiums either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually at the option of the insured01/14/04
HB 2703Establishing a new minimum surplus for farmers' mutual insurance companies01/14/04
HB 2712Including mental health parity applicability to nonemployer groups01/14/04
HB 2713Authorizing corporations incorporated under the laws of states other than West Virginia to apply for, obtain and maintain a certificate of authority to operate a health maintenance organization01/14/04
HB 2730Requiring health insurance plans to cover the cost of contraceptives for its covered people01/14/04
HB 2756Providing for the licensing of deferred deposit lenders01/14/04
HB 2765Relating generally to insurance vending machines01/14/04
HB 2849Preventing insurers from failing to renew an automobile liability or property damage policy for acts of God, excluding damage by floods01/14/04
HB 2886Making title insurance subject to rate filings01/14/04
HB 2887Licensing managing general agents and allowing insurance agencies to operate as managing general agents01/14/04
HB 2949Prohibiting auto insurers from developing rates for premiums by territories, and instead requiring them to be developed consistent with the congressional districts01/14/04
HB 2980Requiring the insurance commissioner to review and report to the Legislature the financial and other related impacts of any proposed legislation to mandate medical or health-related benefits01/14/04
HB 2981Providing standards for certifying and regulating preferred provider benefit plans01/14/04
HB 2982Updating current law regarding investment standards for domestic insurance companies to facilitate reasonable balance of preserving principal01/14/04
HB 3076Providing for the regulation of insurance company surcharging and multitiering practices and requiring companies to provide their insureds with notice and explanation as to intended surcharging01/14/04
HB 3088Authorizing the insurance commissioner to require nonresident excess line brokers to remit the surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies01/14/04
HB 3105Eliminating the interest payment on any untimely provider paid claims for health care services if the amount of interest is less than one dollar01/14/04
HB 3128Providing insurance coverage for osteoporosis screening and treatment01/14/04
HB 3152Permitting the consumer advocate to act as the manager of consumer activities in the insurance commission01/14/04
HB 4007Providing health benefit plans to small employers that do not have such plans covering their employees01/14/04
HB 4069Changing the time a policy has been in effect when requiring renewal of the property insurance policy except for specific reasons for permissible cancellation01/19/04
HB 4092Increasing the amount of mine subsidence insurance reinsured by the board of risk management01/21/04
HB 4155Allowing state-chartered banks to organize as limited liability companies if the FDIC determines they are eligible for deposit insurance01/28/04
HB 4246Authorizing BRIM to promulgate certain rules without going through the legislative rule-making process01/30/04
HB 4253Requiring auto and health insurance agents to fully disclose their insureds the cost of the agent's services02/02/04
HB 4254Providing for provisional licenses, requiring disclosure of fees prior to closing in a mortgage loan, and changing the mortgage order appeal and hearing schedule to make them consistent with the banking code02/02/04
HB 4258Relating to rate and form filing for group accident and sickness policies02/02/04
HB 4261Preventing the taking of checks or similar instruments to guarantee loans or cash advances02/02/04
HB 4301Providing a definition for "transacting insurance" that is applicable throughout the insurance code02/04/04
HB 4302Authorizing the state of West Virginia to become a member of the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact02/04/04
HB 4313Relating to licensing foreign insurers and exemption from certain other statutory provisions02/05/04
HB 4400Providing that an insurer may not fail to renew an outstanding automobile liability or physical damage insurance policy02/11/04
HB 4402Prohibiting homeowner insurance discrimination against dog owners02/11/04
HB 4404Establishing a use and file rate regulatory system for personal lines of insurance02/11/04
HB 4414Permitting insurers that are properly licensed to use the term "bank", "banking", "bankers" or "banking company" in their name02/11/04
HB 4425Establishing the deferred deposit loan act02/12/04
HB 4448Adopting the national association of insurance commissioners model language on nonforfeiture law02/12/04
HB 4488Prohibiting the use of a credit score in casualty insurance rate filings02/16/04
HB 4490Establishing the authority of the insurance office of consumer advocacy over premium rate increases as well as other consumer-related insurance matters02/16/04
HB 4526Preventing resident company insurance adjusters or agents from being named individually in lawsuits involving the company with which they are employed for alleged violations of the Unfair Trade Practices Act02/18/04
HB 4543Establishing rating areas for fire and casualty insurance costs02/19/04
HB 4620Limiting an insured with a household member considered at fault in an automobile accident from being held personally liable over and above the insurance policy for the actions of the household member02/25/04
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