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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 24 Bills pending in Senate Transportation (Prior to 2005)




SB 7Establishing minimum speed limit for passing lane on interstates01/14/04
SB 68Providing reduced turnpike toll for motorcycles01/14/04
SB 73Allowing holders of suspended commercial driver's licenses to continue operating in certain cases01/14/04
SB 85Requiring legislative approval for designation of roads, highways or bridges01/14/04
SB 90Regulating of all-terrain vehicles01/14/04
SB 91Relating to motor vehicle safety seat belts; penalty01/14/04
SB 153Establishing All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Regulation Act01/14/04
SB 212Requiring that certain loads of motor vehicles be covered; penalty01/19/04
SB 215Regulating all-terrain vehicles01/19/04
SB 235Providing drivers of motor vehicles treat red lights as stop signs in certain cases01/20/04
SB 246Requiring inspection for certain nonfarm use motor vehicles01/21/04
SB 252Creating Child Safety All-Terrain Vehicle Act01/21/04
SB 253Relating to all-terrain vehicles generally01/21/04
SB 264Regulating of all-terrain vehicles01/22/04
SB 265Adding laser speed gun as device for measuring speeds01/22/04
SB 308Providing license plates for 82nd airborne division01/28/04
SB 424Authorizing county commissions to implement hazardous road program02/03/04
SB 520Providing special license plates for armed services retirees02/12/04
SB 561Authorizing county commission to regulate operation of all-terrain vehicles in certain cases02/18/04
SB 613Providing special license plates to next of kin of member of armed forces killed in combat02/23/04
SB 614Authorizing use of flashing white lights as auxiliary lights on emergency vehicles02/23/04
SB 632Regulating all-terrain vehicles02/23/04
SB 635Relating to motorcycle utilizing inoperable vehicle detection device at traffic-control signal02/23/04
HB 4110Making the state's criminal and penalty laws applying to the use and display of beer and alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles conform to federal law02/05/04
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