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Bill Status - 2006 Regular Session

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There are 25 Bills pending in Senate Pensions




SB 65Exempting military retirement benefits from personal income tax01/11/06
SB 93Providing cost-of-living increase to certain annuitants of Teachers Retirement System01/11/06
SB 119Allowing teacher retirement age plus years of service equal eighty01/11/06
SB 128Increasing multiplier for public employees retirement01/12/06
SB 135Allowing state employer matching contributions to deferred compensation plans01/12/06
SB 172Authorizing Consolidated Public Retirement Board recover late employer contributions with interest 01/16/06
SB 175Relating to public employees disability retirement benefits01/16/06
SB 179Relating to repurchase of state employees' accumulated sick leave01/17/06
SB 220Creating Emergency Medical Services Retirement System Act01/19/06
SB 225Providing one-time supplement to certain public employee and teacher retirees01/20/06
SB 233Exempting certain retirement benefits from personal income tax01/20/06
SB 238Exempting certain teachers retirement benefits from personal income tax 01/23/06
SB 267Relating to PEIA premium rates for certain public employee retirees01/25/06
SB 427Prohibiting reduction of disability pensions for certain public employee retirees01/30/06
SB 458Providing one-time supplement to certain public employee and teacher retirees02/01/06
SB 507Providing supplement to certain Teachers Retirement System annuitants02/06/06
SB 524Relating to judges' retirement system02/08/06
SB 589Relating to PEIA premium rates for certain public employee retirees02/16/06
SB 652Creating Retiree Health Benefit Trust Fund02/20/06
SB 699Removing cap on scholarship funds for dependents of certain deceased State Police02/20/06
SB 704Relating to retirement requirements for certain Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services officers02/20/06
SB 707Relating to public employee annuity option following spouse's death02/20/06
SB 718Relating to retirement age and disability benefits for State Police02/20/06
HB 4752Allowing the purchase of service credit in the State Teachers Retirement System for temporary employment under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA)03/02/06
HB 4844Service credit for certain temporary legislative employees03/02/06
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