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Bill Status - 2007 Regular Session

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There are 133 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 368Creating Food Security Act02/26/07
SB 382Relating to reemployment of certain Supreme Court retirees03/01/07
SB 578Increasing incremental salary for public employees03/01/07
SB 669Allowing Commissioner of Highways transfer cash surpluses among agency funds03/01/07
SB 681Relating to WV Capital Company Act02/28/07
SB 744Creating Highway Corridor Infrastructure Assistance Program03/01/07
SB 750Reducing rate of corporation net income tax03/01/07
SB 751Phasing out business franchise tax03/01/07
SB 752Creating WV Commercial Intellectual Property Incentives Tax Act03/01/07
HB 2006Income tax deduction for gifts to West Virginia charities01/11/07
HB 2032Relating to a tax exemption on certain sales of clothing01/11/07
HB 2057Reducing the corporation net income tax01/12/07
HB 2064Allowing an increase in the earned income exclusion for personal income tax purposes in the amount of poverty guidelines01/12/07
HB 2067Exempting from personal property taxation, the equipment, inventory and raw materials of crafts people who have had their work evaluated and accepted or juried and accepted by the West Virginia arts and crafts guild01/12/07
HB 2073Making available to retired participants in PEIA the optional dental, vision, and audiology and hearing-aid services insurance plans that are available to current participants01/12/07
HB 2091Exempting nonprofit organizations from paying an annual motor vehicle registration fee01/12/07
HB 2101Reducing the federal adjusted gross income for motor fuel expenses incurred in commuting to and from one's occupation01/12/07
HB 2103Directing one half of any budget surplus in a fiscal year equally to every West Virginia family or individual within two hundred percent of the poverty level01/12/07
HB 2107Promoting contributions to the maintenance and improvement of state parks01/12/07
HB 2110Exempting from the consumers sales and service tax any sales of medicines by a physician in the treatment of a patient in his or her office01/12/07
HB 2158Providing a base starting pay and retention salary increases for Division of Protective Services law-enforcement officers, excluding the Director and Deputy Director01/16/07
HB 2161Imposing an excise tax on the sale or rental of obscene materials01/16/07
HB 2169Creating sales and use tax exemptions for purchases of design and engineering services and materials and equipment directly used in construction of new or replacement amusement rides01/16/07
HB 2177Providing a tax credit to medical providers in an amount equal to their investment in electronic medical record technology01/16/07
HB 2191Exempting certain start-up businesses founded by West Virginia college or university graduates from various state, county and municipal taxes01/16/07
HB 2198Exempting county school boards of education school buses from paying tolls for transit over the West Virginia Turnpike or any parkways authority project01/16/07
HB 2207Business and occupation tax credit to electric power generators for the use of West Virginia coal01/16/07
HB 2220Raising the "years of service" supplemental salary increase for public employees01/16/07
HB 2225Allowing counties to increase the occupancy tax on hotel use and stay to six percent of consideration02/02/07
HB 2239Requiring the Attorney General to comply with certain requirements when entering into contracts for legal services01/16/07
HB 2240Providing that the reduction in the tax rate provided in this section applies to mines operating before the effective date of the applicable provision01/16/07
HB 2246Eliminating fees charged by the Criminal Identification Bureau to the State Police for providing certain information to volunteer fire departments01/16/07
HB 2250Providing retention salary increases for Division of Corrections and the Division of Juvenile Services employees01/16/07
HB 2278Salary increases for public employees based upon residential housing costs01/17/07
HB 2286Relating to a monetary incentive for eligible employees01/17/07
HB 2287Relating to the West Virginia Community Corrections Fund01/17/07
HB 2340Allowing the Superintendent of the State Police to charge a one hundred dollar motor vehicle inspection facility application fee02/08/07
HB 2345Exempting one motor vehicle owned by a state resident on active duty from ad valorem taxes02/08/07
HB 2350Eliminating the sales tax on food01/19/07
HB 2353Authorizing the transfer of a portion of the reserve of the Public Employees Insurance Agency to the West Virginia Retiree Health Benefit Trust Fund02/13/07
HB 2367Requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to remediate any waste tire pile in the state consisting of more than twenty-five tires01/31/07
HB 2382Exempting funeral-related retail sales from the consumers sales tax01/22/07
HB 2431Providing an exemption from estate taxes and the Consumers Sales and Service Tax for certain expenses of any infant who dies before reaching one year of age01/23/07
HB 2445Reducing and gradually eliminating the business franchise tax01/23/07
HB 2452Providing an exemption from gross income for certain members of volunteer fire departments, for state personal income tax purposes01/23/07
HB 2462Changing the paygrade of "sanitation plant operator" from "f" to "g"01/24/07
HB 2499Increasing the earned income exclusion from ten thousand dollars to twenty-two thousand dollars01/24/07
HB 2500Exempting from the sales and use tax special equipment installed in a motor vehicle for the use of a person with physical disabilities02/15/07
HB 2510Establishing in the state treasury a targeted minority economic development fund to address economic issues of minorities and minority communities02/08/07
HB 2519Relating to legislative appropriation of tobacco settlement funds01/24/07
HB 2539Providing a tax credit to landlords who rent to parolees01/25/07
HB 2540Providing funding for the West Virginia Affordable Housing Trust Fund by imposing a transfer fee on transfer of all real property01/25/07
HB 2550Ensuring that members of the West Virginia State Police, who are called back to work when off-duty, are to be compensated for those hours02/16/07
HB 2551Relating to the underground storage tank insurance fund02/02/07
HB 2561Eliminating the severance tax and the health care provider tax on behavior health providers01/26/07
HB 2584Dedicating a portion of the receipts from the tax on food products to be distributed equally to each district of the Division of Highways01/26/07
HB 2695Pharmaceutical Cost Management Council, pharmaceutical advertising expense reporting01/29/07
HB 2704Providing State Treasury Fire Protection Fund revenue to the West Virginia State Fire Chiefs Association and the West Virginia State Fireman's Association01/30/07
HB 2707Providing for a pension for volunteer firemen02/21/07
HB 2716Reducing state income taxes for state and federal retirees by increasing the exemption on retirement income02/13/07
HB 2731Including a checkoff option to donate some or all of any tax refund to the "Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Checkoff Program"01/30/07
HB 2739Providing veterans' death certificates to families and funeral directors at no cost02/15/07
HB 2753Providing a five percent personal income tax reduction01/31/07
HB 2771Relating to investment of moneys by the West Virginia Investment Management Board02/21/07
HB 2782Providing a loan forgiveness program for nurses02/01/07
HB 2797Providing a schedule of salary increases for employees of the Division of Corrections, the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority and the Division of Juvenile Services02/01/07
HB 2798Publicizing tax delinquencies on the West Virginia Tax Department website 02/01/07
HB 2810Subtracting social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income02/02/07
HB 2812Tax credit for employees who provide child day care services for their employees02/02/07
HB 2828Providing a housing supplement for members of the State Police02/05/07
HB 2830Reducing state income taxes for state and federal retirees02/05/07
HB 2836Allowing a public school employee or retiree who missed work as a result of pregnancy to purchase up to one year of service credit in the teachers retirement system02/20/07
HB 2855Exempting sales of propane gas for any church, religious sect, society or denomination consumption from the imposition of the excise tax on gasoline or special fuel02/06/07
HB 2863Clarifying retirement benefits for the Deputy Sheriff Retirement System02/06/07
HB 2879Providing one-time supplements to all annuitants when they reach the age of seventy02/07/07
HB 2890Excluding federal interest income when applying the income exclusion available to those sixty-five years of age or older and to persons permanently and totally disabled02/07/07
HB 2912Replacing the sales tax on food with a sales and service tax upon sales of wagers or plays by racetrack video lottery02/07/07
HB 2916Promulgating rules for the approval of a pay plan for all employees in the classified exempt service and to require the certification of classified exempt payrolls02/07/07
HB 2927Exempting certain income received by retired federal employees from the personal income tax02/08/07
HB 2942Relating to the reduction of state income taxes for certain state and federal retirees by increasing the exemption on retirement income02/08/07
HB 2946Removing the five year coalbed methane severance tax exemption02/08/07
HB 2953Relating to the expiration date of the tax for the manufacturing or production of synthetic fuel from coal02/08/07
HB 2961Providing all public employees a six percent pay raise02/09/07
HB 2975Permitting deed of trust or mortgage interest paid on a taxpayers' personal residences to be used for personal income tax purposes02/09/07
HB 2976Reinstating the sales tax exemption for comprehensive mental health care centers02/09/07
HB 2984Providing a cost-of-living adjustment for comprehensive community mental health care providers02/09/07
HB 2995Increasing the amount of annual and incremental salary increases for eligible state employees02/12/07
HB 2997Providing a salary increase for civilian employees of the state police02/12/07
HB 3022Exempting motor vehicles in funeral processions from the requirement to pay tolls on parkway projects02/19/07
HB 3027Allowing the federal adjusted gross income deduction for the amount spent for medical expenses02/13/07
HB 3030Relating to the imposition of a tax on corporations for the transfer of corporate real estate or equipment02/13/07
HB 3031Imposing an annual tax on land holdings in excess of one thousand acres02/13/07
HB 3043Exempting heating oil for residential use from the Motor Fuel Excise Tax02/13/07
HB 3045Creating a new pay grade classification of "bus operator II"02/20/07
HB 3049Authorizing Class III and IV municipalities to participate on a limited basis in the West Virginia Tax Increment Financing Act02/13/07
HB 3050Subtracting social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income to determine West Virginia adjusted gross income for purposes of personal income tax02/13/07
HB 3067Providing salary increases for deputies with college degrees02/14/07
HB 3091Providing an exemption from property taxation for property used by nonprofit corporations for providing electricity to residents02/15/07
HB 3095Providing tax credits for utility taxpayers with a net operating loss02/15/07
HB 3100Providing a motion picture tax credit02/16/07
HB 3104Relating to a severance tax imposed on surface mining activities02/16/07
HB 3105Increasing salaries for civilian employees of the State Police02/16/07
HB 3113Medical Cost Containment Act02/16/07
HB 3123Eliminating the food tax, increasing the tax on nonintoxicating beer, increasing the cigarette tax, increasing the noncigarette tobacco products tax..etc...02/19/07
HB 3135Relating to the soft drinks tax02/20/07
HB 3136Relating to the Severance and Business Privilege Tax Act and the Workers' Compensation Debt Reduction Act02/20/07
HB 3147Allowing the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection to use a certain portion of the civil penalties collected for watershed improvement projects02/21/07
HB 3149Relating to definitions of and security for loans made from the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund02/21/07
HB 3165Providing for a credit against the West Virginia personal income tax liability in the amount of payments made on student loans02/22/07
HB 3172Changing the qualifier for low income for a senior citizens' homestead tax credit02/22/07
HB 3174Including qualified continuing care retirement communities under the provision of the Tax Limitations Amendment02/22/07
HB 3176Relating to the business and occupation tax on manufacturing synthetic fuel02/22/07
HB 3185Relating to pro rata distribution of moneys from the West Virginia Racing Commission Special Account - Unredeemed Pari-Mutuel Tickets02/22/07
HB 3198Enacting the West Virginia Windfall Profit Tax Act02/22/07
HB 3199Providing a one hundred dollar tax credit to certain businesses that are required to reprogram its cash registers because of a change in the food tax02/22/07
HB 3209Providing benefits for those who have served in the military service02/22/07
HB 3210Protecting consumers of failed water or sewer utilities by authorizing the Public Service Commission to order a capable water or sewer public utility to acquire the failed utility02/22/07
HB 3216Allowing a disabled veteran one additional license plate02/22/07
HB 3224Removing certain exceptions in the definitions of employer and employee covered by the West Virginia minimum wage law02/23/07
HB 3227Providing the option for certain former state employees who were members of the Public Employees Retirement System to transfer to the State Teachers' Retirement System02/23/07
HB 3231Increasing the assessment of value of managed timberland while providing for a tax of ten percent on the sale or transfer of managed timberland02/23/07
HB 3233Increasing compensation paid to senior status magistrates02/23/07
HB 3234Providing that a judge becoming eligible for retirement is not required to contribute to the retirement system02/23/07
HB 3237Including certain credit unions and their employees in the definitions of "employer" and "employee" for purposes of the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency02/23/07
HB 3238Relating to prohibiting legislators from enrolling in the state retirement system02/23/07
HB 3245Equalizing pay for all high school sports head coaches02/23/07
HB 3248Idle Reduction Technology Credit02/23/07
HB 3251Providing an excise tax on the recordation of mortgages and deeds of trust for implementing the provisions of the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act02/23/07
HB 3253Reverting the 911 fee on wireless telephones from three dollars to seventy-five cents02/23/07
HB 3255Directing any unallocated funds from the sale of bonds equally between the Economic Development Project Bridge Loan Fund, Infrastructure Fund for water and sewer improvements, and to the Disaster Recovery Fund 02/23/07
HB 3259Providing for a modification to federal adjusted gross income for expenses incurred by organ donors02/23/07
HB 3260Abolishing the business and franchise tax02/23/07
HB 3267Reducing the rate of tax on corporation net income02/23/07
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