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Bill Status - 2007 Regular Session

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There are 90 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




HB 2008Requiring abortion facilities to have certain written policies and procedures01/11/07
HB 2025Requiring that abortions be performed in hospitals or by physicians with admitting privileges to a hospital within the local service area01/11/07
HB 2031Requiring medical practitioners who perform abortions to estimate the gestational age of the fetus01/11/07
HB 2036Establishing the crime of partial birth infanticide01/11/07
HB 2037Requiring that abortion providers notify the parents of a minor seeking an abortion forty-eight hours before performing the procedure01/11/07
HB 2072Requiring the department of health and human resources to enforce specific abortion clinic regulations01/12/07
HB 2082Increasing the rate of the tax on cigarettes and dedicating the first five million dollars to the Department of Agriculture01/12/07
HB 2085Granting the Bureau for Public Health the authority to inspect facilities where abortions are performed at any time during the day or night, without a warrant01/12/07
HB 2092Allowing pharmacists and other individuals involved in dispensing medicines to refuse to fill prescriptions or dispense any substance that can be used as part of an abortion-related procedure01/12/07
HB 2099Relating to recovery rooms where abortions are performed01/12/07
HB 2115Requiring any facility that performs abortions to maintain a quality assurance program01/15/07
HB 2117Requiring abortion providers have relationship with hospitals within fifteen minutes travel time01/15/07
HB 2122Eliminating the food sales tax on food not consumed on the premises01/15/07
HB 2123Eliminating the consumer sales and service tax on food, increasing the cigarette excise tax to one dollar per pack and increasing the excise tax on noncigarette tobacco products to fifteen percent01/15/07
HB 2129Banning partial birth abortions in instances when the unborn child is capable of survival if delivered01/15/07
HB 2134Providing rape victims with reliable emergency information regarding pregnancy and abortion, and providing those victims with emergency contraception if they desire01/15/07
HB 2138Prohibiting abortions at state college or university medical facilities, except when the abortion is necessary to save the life of the woman receiving the abortion01/15/07
HB 2149Requiring the collection of statistics relative to abortions performed in the State01/15/07
HB 2151Relating to parental notification requirements for abortions performed on unemancipated minors01/16/07
HB 2152Eliminating mercury in childhood vaccines01/16/07
HB 2173Multiple Prescriptions Abuse Prevention Act01/16/07
HB 2214Providing that a legally unlicensed personal care home may house up to four unrelated residents if there is at least one full-time employee working at the home01/16/07
HB 2219Requiring a physician to receive written consent from at least one parent or legal guardian before an abortion is performed on an unemancipated minor01/16/07
HB 2221Providing for a pilot project intended to divert low-income residents from early institutionalization01/16/07
HB 2228Prohibiting subsidies to entities that perform abortions01/16/07
HB 2231Requiring employers to pay nurses at their regular rate of pay for all the time they are on-call on the employer's premises01/16/07
HB 2234Establishing the hospitals infection disclosure act requiring hospitals to disclose hospital-infection rates for the public01/16/07
HB 2244Promoting and facilitating the breastfeeding of infants01/16/07
HB 2245Requiring the Department of Health and Human Resources to maintain information for public dissemination relative to judicial bypasses to the requirement of parental notification relative to abortions performed on minors01/16/07
HB 2248Relating to a child's right to nurse01/16/07
HB 2267Providing that the exemption from consumers sales and service tax for drugs, durable medical goods, mobility enhancing devices, prosthetic devices and insulin does not apply to purchases by health care providers for use in providing professional services01/17/07
HB 2273Prohibiting a business or organization from performing abortions in a public facility01/17/07
HB 2289Authorizing the practice of E-prescribing01/17/07
HB 2312Requiring faith-based, abstinence-only and antichoice facilities to have written policies and procedures01/18/07
HB 2313Requiring any faith-based facility that counsels women regarding contraception, abortion or pregnancy to maintain a quality assurance program01/18/07
HB 2326Authorizing medication administration by unlicensed personnel of nursing homes01/19/07
HB 2333Making elder-care and in-home health care available to all seniors aged sixty-five or older, on a sliding fee scale01/19/07
HB 2359Prohibiting certain nursing homes from using state funds for activities unrelated to the provision of health care services01/19/07
HB 2368Prohibiting the performance of any abortion when the woman seeking it is doing so solely on account of the gender of the fetus01/19/07
HB 2369Requiring physicians performing abortions take steps designed to save the life of any aborted live fetus01/19/07
HB 2386Providing for the adequate staffing of nursing homes and training of nursing home staff01/22/07
HB 2395Requiring medical facilities that provide abortions to administer anesthesia to an unborn fetus when aborted if it is older than seven weeks01/22/07
HB 2398Amending certain provisions involving dental hygienists01/22/07
HB 2401Requiring nursing homes to have quality assurance programs and plans01/22/07
HB 2416Prohibiting pharmacists and other persons involved in dispensing medicines from refusing to fill prescriptions01/23/07
HB 2438Requiring employers to provide health insurance to employees working on public improvement projects01/23/07
HB 2439Relating to language a doctor must give a woman before performing an abortion regarding life of the fetus01/23/07
HB 2440Banning abortions in instances when the unborn child is capable of survival if delivered01/23/07
HB 2443Relating to the monitoring of nursing home residents through the use of electronic monitoring devices01/23/07
HB 2487Ensuring Patient Safety Act01/24/07
HB 2511Providing a mechanism whereby unused, unexpired nonnarcotic drugs previously owned by a deceased nursing home patient or resident may be donated to free health care clinics in the state01/24/07
HB 2534Prohibiting the prescription of the drug oxycontin unless directly administered by a licensed physician01/25/07
HB 2562Requiring nursing homes to publicly post staffing information and granting rights to family councils01/26/07
HB 2572Prohibiting the establishment of methadone treatment programs and clinics except those operated by comprehensive community mental health centers01/26/07
HB 2581Requiring notice of an abortion to be provided to the father of the unborn child01/26/07
HB 2727Creating the criminal offense of injury to a pregnant woman that results in miscarriage or stillbirth01/30/07
HB 2754Requiring that employers perform criminal history background checks for employees working as in-home health care providers01/31/07
HB 2792Prohibiting family planning centers that receive state funding from discussing abortion02/01/07
HB 2806Relating to setting in which a dental hygienist may perform their duties without direct supervision02/02/07
HB 2835Requiring vaccinations of all girls entering the sixth grade against the human papillomavirus02/05/07
HB 2902Allowing a woman of child bearing age to complete an advance directive, to include information as to what effect the advance directive shall have if she is pregnant02/07/07
HB 2903Allowing hospitals to perform abortions only if the mother's life is in imminent danger02/07/07
HB 2904Emergency Contraception Education Act02/07/07
HB 2905Ensuring that medical workers have the right to refuse to participate in any abortion-related activity02/07/07
HB 2922Relating to exempting physicians from obtaining Medicaid preauthorization for certain medical conditions02/08/07
HB 2935Providing that health facilities that provide abortions shall not only be fined, but also for taking any other actions which are not in accordance with the best practices of care as determined by the Department of Health and Human Resources02/08/07
HB 2941Providing an exemption from mandatory immunizations for good cause or due to impossibility or religious beliefs02/08/07
HB 2978Genetic Information Privacy Act02/09/07
HB 2993Defining the term "Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan" in the public employees insurance act02/12/07
HB 2996Establishing a Doctor's Disciplinary Review Board02/12/07
HB 3003No State-Funded Transportation for Abortion Act02/12/07
HB 3004Prohibiting the use of the body of fetuses for certain purposes02/12/07
HB 3014Pharmaceutical Availability and Affordability Act of 200702/13/07
HB 3035Relating to prohibiting the establishment of new methadone treatment programs 02/13/07
HB 3037Prohibiting employees at restaurants from handling drinking vessels by touching on or near the vessel's brim02/13/07
HB 3055Requiring pediatric dentists that administer general anesthesia to pediatric patients to comply with certain requirements for personnel, operating facilities, equipment, monitoring procedures, recovery and discharge02/13/07
HB 3058Providing that when any body part of an unborn child is outside the womb, the child is born, and is considered a citizen of the state02/13/07
HB 3077Prohibiting state funding of abortions02/15/07
HB 3099Requiring that every woman seeking an abortion be given the opportunity to see an ultrasound image of the fetus02/16/07
HB 3108Making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without written consent by both parents02/16/07
HB 3126Prohibiting school employees from promoting abortion02/19/07
HB 3128Relating to parental notification requirements for obtaining abortions by unemancipated minors02/19/07
HB 3150Requiring the Commissioner of Public Health to conduct a Public Health Impact Statement assessing the health impact of any new air or water rule02/21/07
HB 3153Requiring that any person seeking an abortion provide two forms of identification02/21/07
HB 3156Relating to issuing a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth 02/21/07
HB 3160Allowing certain physician assistants to conduct involuntary custody examinations02/21/07
HB 3183Abortion Complication Reporting Act02/22/07
HB 3187Requiring facilities providing abortions to obtain parental notification or consent in writing02/22/07
HB 3243Prohibiting coverage for abortions under insurance plans provided under the Public Employees Insurance Act02/23/07
HB 3275Relating to reporting requirements for physicians when it is suspected that a woman has suffered injury or death due to an induced abortion02/23/07
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