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Bill Status - 2007 Regular Session

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There are 26 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




HB 2045Authorizing paid municipal fire departments to investigate suspicious or illegal fires01/11/07
HB 2050Authorizing county tax assessors to choose not to impose the property tax in a county on businesses for property that is business inventory intended for resale01/11/07
HB 2112Prohibiting county farmland preservation boards from purchasing land without the permission of the county commission01/15/07
HB 2119Prohibiting discrimination against the location of factory-built housing by units of local government01/15/07
HB 2135Allowing municipalities to regulate the hours of operation of private liquor clubs by ordinance01/15/07
HB 2155Authorizing county commissions to create a special fund for the purposes of posting bond for certain individuals01/16/07
HB 2306Empowering certain county and municipalities to deny a development activity if adequate public facilities, assets and services are not available to support the activity01/18/07
HB 2307Authorizing county commissions to use impact fees to fund the building and operation of libraries and to administer and provide affordable housing for individuals or families of low or moderate income01/18/07
HB 2320Clarifying that the sheriff is the appointing officer with respect to deputy sheriffs who have resigned and thereafter seek appointment by reinstatement01/19/07
HB 2325Prohibiting municipalities from imposing user fees on persons who reside outside the municipality01/19/07
HB 2334Preventing political subdivisions of the state from selling goods in competition with private businesses01/19/07
HB 2339Abolishing the requirement that a county's governing body adopt a comprehensive plan before enacting a subdivision and land development ordinance01/19/07
HB 2352Removing the exemption from planning and zoning restrictions for mining and manufacturing activities and uses01/19/07
HB 2374Excluding certain taxes imposed on certain utilities01/22/07
HB 2425Extending the Time for the City Council of Piedmont to meet as a levying body01/23/07
HB 2491Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal fire departments01/24/07
HB 2541Allowing county commissions to adopt an ordinance providing for a single board of directors for emergency and fire services01/25/07
HB 2729Extending the time a local levying body may meet as a levying body01/30/07
HB 2856Increasing the salary of public service district board members02/06/07
HB 2968Relating to the hiring of employees by the county assessor02/09/07
HB 3005Requiring the appointment of a fireman to a county planning commission02/12/07
HB 3085Providing an enforcement mechanism for cities to collect serious delinquent municipal fees02/15/07
HB 3119Requiring a public hearing and county commission approval before state highways and other public lands can be annexed by a municipality02/19/07
HB 3121Providing for the licensing of the business of renting and leasing residential rental property02/19/07
HB 3133Relating to annexation of unincorporated territory02/19/07
HB 3151Allowing a county commission without an established planning commission to regulate the location of businesses selling sexually oriented material02/21/07
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