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There are 42 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 31Creating Dentist and Hygienist Education Student Loan Fund02/13/13
SB 36Relating to adoption of English and math college- and career-readiness standards02/13/13
SB 37Relating to high-quality digital learning program and Global 21 Middle School initiative02/13/13
SB 38Creating Higher Education Community School Law02/13/13
SB 44Requiring assistant principals in schools of certain enrollment02/13/13
SB 57Providing resident tuition rates to nonresident children of WV higher education institution graduates02/13/13
SB 66Eliminating requirement that schools input data into WVEIS02/13/13
SB 69Providing faculty and staff at state institutions of higher education eligible for Legislature02/13/13
SB 83Relating to residency requirements for campus police officers02/13/13
SB 91Creating pilot program incorporating Khan method of teaching math02/13/13
SB 92Including Salem International University as eligible PROMISE scholarship institution02/13/13
SB 94Providing salary increase for certain teachers02/13/13
SB 97Providing personal income tax credit for qualified college student loans02/13/13
SB 111Creating Dyslexia Screening and Intervention Pilot Project02/13/13
SB 114Relating to public school nurses02/13/13
SB 120Relating to issuance of barrister's teaching certificate02/13/13
SB 149Relating to temporary reassignment of injured or ill school service personnel02/14/13
SB 155Requiring State Board of Education fund special education programs for exceptional children02/14/13
SB 171Increasing compensation of county board of education members for certain meeting attendance02/15/13
SB 173Establishing policy for higher education students called to active military duty03/27/13
SB 174Providing for appointment of advocates for veterans at higher education institutions03/27/13
SB 325Creating loan forgiveness program for health professionals02/20/13
SB 327Relating to school bus driver certification02/20/13
SB 339Relating to depositing funds into Education Improvement Fund for PROMISE Scholarships02/21/13
SB 370Adjusting foundation allowance for school transportation costs and regional education service agencies02/26/13
SB 409Modifying county funding ratio of school students to counselors03/01/13
SB 502Clarifying language in Special Community-Based Pilot Demonstration Project to Improve Outcomes for At-Risk Youth03/12/13
SB 514Requiring full-time school personnel accrue personal leave on monthly basis03/13/13
SB 528Computing local county share of public education library funding03/14/13
SB 546Requiring appointment of State Superintendent of Schools be with advice and consent of Senate03/15/13
SB 560Relating to WV Research Trust Fund03/18/13
SB 562Decreasing student-to-teacher ratio and increasing pay for certain aides03/18/13
SB 568Allowing certain expelled students participate in Juvenile Drug Court03/19/13
SB 573Relating to publication of financial statements by county boards of education03/19/13
SB 577Allowing special needs students to participate in graduation ceremonies03/20/13
SB 603Relating to licensed school psychologist-to-pupil ratio03/22/13
SB 622Providing WVU and MU boards of governors additional authority and flexibility04/03/13
SB 644Creating WV Public Competitive Learning Academies Act of 201303/25/13
SB 657Providing school social workers salary supplement and education reimbursement for achieving national certification03/25/13
HB 2563Reducing the daily administrative time required of school counselors and increasing the time actually spent in counseling at-risk students04/01/13
HB 3158Relating to legislative oversight of education system performance and progress03/29/13
HB 3162Expanding the eligible recipients of matching funds to include West Virginia State University in certain circumstances, and modifying criteria for eligibility04/04/13
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