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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 60 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 25Relating to adoption records01/08/20
SB 37Providing long-term care and substance abuse treatment01/08/20
SB 39Requiring patients be provided estimate of health care provider's standard charges01/08/20
SB 56Prohibiting insurance coverage from requiring prior authorization for tests to stage cancer01/08/20
SB 67Creating litigation practice license for social workers01/08/20
SB 74Requiring wholesale drug distributors to report certain information to WV Board of Pharmacy01/08/20
SB 83Creating Fetal Heartbeat Act01/08/20
SB 89Creating Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program01/08/20
SB 111Relating generally to tobacco usage and e-cigarette restrictions01/08/20
SB 134Transferring child welfare enforcement responsibilities to State Police01/08/20
SB 189Relating to partial filling of prescriptions01/09/20
SB 220Relating to exemptions from mandated immunizations01/09/20
SB 242Relating to work requirements for SNAP benefits01/09/20
SB 257Prohibiting discrimination in access to organ transplants based on physical or mental disability01/10/20
SB 268Relating to certain waivers for SNAP benefits01/10/20
SB 280Requiring establishment of paternity before awarding DHHR benefits01/10/20
SB 286Prohibiting syringe exchange programs01/10/20
SB 301Relating to Foster Care Ombudsman Program01/10/20
SB 302Updating laws on foster care01/10/20
SB 320Creating WV Farm Fresh Dairy Act01/13/20
SB 473Requiring physicians notify parents when prescribing contraceptives to minors01/15/20
SB 474Requiring public schools notify parents when dispensing contraceptives to minors01/15/20
SB 480Enacting WV Human Life Protection Act01/15/20
SB 526Requiring DHHR seek waiver within SNAP seeking exclusion of sweetened beverages and energy drinks from program01/17/20
SB 538Repealing excise tax on soft drinks01/20/20
SB 543Establishing Minority Health Advisory Team01/20/20
SB 549Relating to informed consent for vaccinations01/20/20
SB 555Enacting the Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases01/21/20
SB 565Allowing private schools option of requiring vaccinations01/21/20
SB 567Relating to wholesale importation of prescription drugs01/21/20
SB 582Imposing certain conduct requirements on pharmacy benefit managers01/22/20
SB 585Relating to Human Life Non-Discrimination Act01/22/20
SB 604Creating cabinet position of State Surgeon General01/23/20
SB 605Redefining definition of 'life-prolonging intervention'01/23/20
SB 622Relating to taxation of prescription opioids01/24/20
SB 627Authorizing local board of health to engage in office-based medication-assisted treatment01/27/20
SB 643Creating Youth Mental Health Protection Act01/29/20
SB 656Facilitating interstate practice of audiology and speech-language pathology01/29/20
SB 666Improving quality of WV Medicaid Program01/30/20
SB 671Relating to temporary food service permits01/31/20
SB 681Creating Persistent Symptoms Act01/31/20
SB 682Creating pilot program to implement smart health cards for individuals receiving Medicaid01/31/20
SB 688Relating to telemedicine practice02/03/20
SB 701Regulating pharmacy services administrative organizations02/05/20
SB 708Establishing loan repayment program for certified behavior analysts02/05/20
SB 715Creating Patient Safety and Transparency Act02/05/20
SB 718Providing immunity from civil or criminal liability for individuals who provide assistance on report of child abuse or neglect02/06/20
SB 720Including DHHR employees in WV Clearance for Access: Registry and Employment Screening process02/06/20
SB 721Relating to certain institutions that provide care and treatment of mentally ill or intellectually disabled individuals02/06/20
SB 724Including ulcerative colitis as serious medical condition02/06/20
SB 763Improving accountability of opioid manufacturers02/13/20
SB 774Disposing of unused, unwanted, or expired medications02/13/20
SB 786Recognizing anesthesiologist assistants02/14/20
SB 791Allowing state and federal criminal history record check of each adult living in residence when minor child is placed there due to emergency02/14/20
HB 4062Reducing the cost of prescription drugs01/22/20
HB 4356Relating to the administration of anesthetics02/06/20
HB 4387Donated Drug Repository Program02/18/20
HB 4419Relating to the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database01/23/20
HB 4734Rewriting the article on registered professional nurses02/20/20
HB 4971Relating to a closing hospital02/27/20
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