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HB 2028 Limiting supervision of laying of lines on state rights-of-way 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 230) 709
HB 2086 Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act 01/22/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 24) 206
HB 2088 Relating to admissibility of certain evidence in a civil action for damages 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 348)
HB 2149 Relating to the Farm-To-Food Bank Tax Credit 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 306) 856
HB 2164 Clarifying that appeals to the Supreme Court are a matter of right 02/04/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 81) 373
HB 2321 Allowing workers’ compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 271) 770
HB 2338 Allowing the owner of an antique military vehicle to display alternate registration insignia 01/31/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 68) 328
HB 2419 Relating to the authorization to release a defendant or a person arrested upon his or her own recognizance 01/29/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 54) 288
HB 2478 Modifying the Fair Trade Practices Act 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 335)
HB 2497 Relating to the whistle-blower law 01/28/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 47) 274
HB 2527 Relating to forgery and other crimes concerning lottery tickets 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 125) 453
HB 2602 Including possession of known stolen property in the offense of receiving or transferring stolen property 01/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 9) 159
HB 2646 Providing a safe harbor for employers to correct underpayment or nonpayment of wages and benefits due to separated employees 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 307) 856
HB 2679 Relating to state issued identification cards 01/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 10) 159
HB 2696 Creating an additional index system for state-owned lands 01/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 11) 160
HB 2775 Requiring each high school student to complete a full credit course of study in personal finance 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 221)
HB 2877 Relating to charging a fee for parking in an accessible parking space bearing the international symbol of access 01/29/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 56) 289
HB 2892 Including digital and virtual information in the definition of property that can be searched and seized by a warrant 02/04/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 82) 373
HB 2897 Relating to driving restrictions in school zones 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 336)
HB 2922 Relating to requirements to obtain a final order of discharge and dismissal for possession of opiates or opioids 01/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 12) 160
HB 2924 Permitting the West Virginia Tourism Office to decide to contract with the Division of Highways to sell advertising space on the WV511 website 01/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 13) 160
HB 2961 Permitting the commissioner to require a water supply system be equipped with a backflow prevention assembly 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 201) 618
HB 2967 Permitting a county to retain the excise taxes for the privilege of transferring title of real estate 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 93)
HB 3039 Relating to a court's consideration of the expression of a preference by a child in certain child custody matters 01/15/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 3) 132
HB 3049 Improving dissemination of boiled water advisories to affected communities 02/03/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 74) 347
HB 3098 Allowing the same business owner to brew and sell beer to also distill and sell liquor 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 272) 770
HB 3127 Relating to the Secondary School Activities Commission and participation by home schooled students 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 295) 817
HB 4001 Creating West Virginia Impact Fund 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 274)
HB 4002 Creating a felony crime relating to drug delivery resulting in death 01/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 38) 242
HB 4003 Relating to telehealth insurance requirements 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 126) 453
HB 4004 Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission 01/15/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 4) 132
HB 4007 Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act 01/15/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 5) 132
HB 4009 Relating to the process for involuntary hospitalization 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 296) 818
HB 4010 Changing the licensing requirement for certain casino employees 01/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 15) 171
HB 4011 Reorganizing various boards and authorities for the licensing and oversight of trades, occupations, and professions 01/27/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 41) 257
HB 4015 Relating to Broadband Enhancement and Expansion 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 250)
HB 4017 Establishing country roads accountability and transparency 01/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 17) 187
HB 4019 Downstream Natural Gas Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit Act of 2020 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 308) 856
HB 4020 Removing authority of municipalities to require occupational licensure if licensure for the occupation is required by the state 01/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 18)
HB 4022 Clarifying the qualifications of the Chancellor of the Higher Education Policy Commission 01/15/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 6) 133
HB 4026 Exempting businesses transporting scrap tires, waste tires, or other used tires, from certain statutory provisions 01/30/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 63) 310
HB 4030 Increasing limit for application for original appointment as a firefighter to 40 years of age for honorably discharged veterans 01/29/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 57) 289
HB 4039 Providing limitations on nuisance actions against fire department and emergency medical services 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 251)
HB 4042 Requiring agencies exempt from some or all of state purchasing requirements to adopt procedural rules 01/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 14) 161
HB 4058 Relating to pharmacy benefit managers 01/23/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 31) 224
HB 4061 Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy Act 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 127) 454
HB 4062 Reducing the cost of prescription drugs 01/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 19) 187
HB 4067 Relating to crimes against property 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 202) 618
HB 4069 West Virginia Student Religious Liberties Act 02/11/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 144) 504
HB 4077 Increasing the amount of the bond required to be posted by proprietary schools 01/22/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 25) 206
HB 4083 Requiring the West Virginia Parkways Authority to accept the use of credit and debit cards for paying tolls 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 114) 433
HB 4088 Disposition of funds from certain oil and natural gas wells due to unknown or unlocatable interest owners 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 169)
HB 4089 Requiring cursive writing to be taught 01/28/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 48) 274
HB 4090 Creating the Oil and Gas Abandoned Well Plugging Fund 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 94) 391
HB 4091 Allowing for expedited oil and gas well permitting upon payment of applicable expedited fees 01/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 16) 171
HB 4092 Relating to foster care 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 222)
HB 4094 Continuing the Foster Care Ombudsman 01/29/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 59) 290
HB 4099 Eliminating the permit for shampoo assistants 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 232) 709
HB 4101 Relating to requiring a court to verify certain conditions are met before a child who has been removed from a home 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 203) 618
HB 4102 Relating to opioid antagonists 02/04/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 83) 373
HB 4103 Relating to office of drug control policy 01/15/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 7) 133
HB 4108 Relating generally to certificates of need for health care services 01/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 20) 188
HB 4113 Relating to motor fuel excise taxes 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 170)
HB 4119 Establishing the crime of torture 01/22/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 26) 206
HB 4123 Clarifying that 911 telecommunication workers are included in the definition of those individuals who perform "emergency services" during a disaster 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 204) 619
HB 4129 Relating to adoption 01/27/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 42) 258
HB 4130 Relating to competitive bidding for government construction contracts arising out of declared states of emergency 01/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 21) 188
HB 4137 Allowing counties to store and maintain voter registration records in a digital format 02/04/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 85) 374
HB 4141 Requiring the Department of Administration to publish its comprehensive annual financial report by the end of December 01/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 23) 188
HB 4146 Relating to credit for reinsurance 01/27/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 43)
HB 4149 Relating to insurance 01/27/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 44) 258
HB 4155 Relating generally to the regulation of plumbers 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 276) 757
HB 4158 Allowing a person to manufacture a stated amount of alcoholic liquor for personal consumption 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 172)
HB 4159 Relating to the manufacture and sale of hard cider 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 337)
HB 4161 Making it illegal to scleral tattoo a person 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 95) 391
HB 4165 West Virginia Remembers Program 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 223)
HB 4166 Prohibiting certain sex offenders from being in a supervisory position over children 01/27/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 45) 258
HB 4176 West Virginia Intelligence/Fusion Center Act 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 338)
HB 4178 Requiring calls which are recorded be maintained for a period of five years 02/12/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 152) 523
HB 4179 Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact 01/31/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 69) 329
HB 4198 Permitting a person to obtain a 12-month supply of contraceptive drugs 02/14/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 189) 584
HB 4217 Authorizing the Department of Environmental Protection to promulgate legislative rules 02/14/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 194) 589
HB 4252 Authorizing miscellaneous agencies and boards to promulgate legislative rules 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 297) 819
HB 4275 Authorizing Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety promulgate legislative rules relating to the Fire Commission 01/23/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 32) 224
HB 4352 Removing the use of post-criminal conduct in professional and occupational initial licensure or certification in decision making 02/06/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 109) 415
HB 4353 Creating a rational nexus requirement between prior criminal conduct and initial licensure decision making 01/30/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 64)
HB 4354 Adding nabiximols to the permitted list of distributed and prescribed drugs 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 309) 857
HB 4356 Relating to the administration of anesthetics 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 97) 393
HB 4359 Modifying the filing fees for insurers 01/31/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 70) 329
HB 4360 Exempting certain persons from heating, ventilating, and cooling system licensing requirements 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 310) 857
HB 4361 Relating to insurance law violations 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 115) 434
HB 4362 Relating to penalties for neglect, emotional abuse or death caused by a caregiver 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 339)
HB 4363 Establishing the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Police Officer Retirement System 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 277) 788
HB 4365 Granting of college credit hours for learning English as a second language 01/28/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 49) 274
HB 4375 Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Compact 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 98) 393
HB 4377 The Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation Act 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 311)
HB 4378 Relating to disciplining teachers 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 99) 394
HB 4380 Updating the regulatory board review schedule 02/06/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 110) 415
HB 4381 Relating to lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for adopted children 01/31/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 71) 329
HB 4387 Donated Drug Repository Program 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 205) 619
HB 4388 Limiting the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner's authority to restrict advertising 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 299) 819
HB 4393 Relating to making suffocation and asphyxiation crimes 01/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 39) 242
HB 4395 Removing the requirement that a veterinarian access and report to the controlled substance monitoring database 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 100) 394
HB 4396 Relating to reporting suspected governmental fraud 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 312) 858
HB 4398 Relating to required courses of instruction 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 173)
HB 4402 Relating to designation of early voting locations 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 340)
HB 4406 Relating to the reproduction of checks and other records 02/14/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 190) 585
HB 4408 Requiring the State Board of Education to develop and implement an online database for the employment of school principals 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 279) 788
HB 4409 Relating to transferring remaining funds from the Volunteer Fire Department Workers' Compensation Premium Subsidy Fund 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 313) 858
HB 4410 Permitting directors and executive officers of a banking institution to borrow from a banking institution with which he or she is connected 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 101) 395
HB 4411 Relating to the West Virginia Residential Mortgage Lender, Broker and Servicer Act 01/27/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 46) 259
HB 4412 Relating to education benefits to members of the West Virginia Army National Guard and West Virginia Air National Guard 02/04/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 87) 375
HB 4414 Relating to the selection of language and development milestones for the deaf and hard-of-hearing children 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 102) 395
HB 4415 Relating to missing and endangered children 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 103) 395
HB 4417 Relating to permitting professional boards 01/22/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 27) 207
HB 4419 Relating to the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database 01/22/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 28) 207
HB 4421 Natural Gas Liquids Economic Development Act 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 314) 858
HB 4422 The Patient Brokering Act 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 252)
HB 4433 Relating to deeds of trust 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 315) 859
HB 4434 West Virginia health care workforce sustainability study 02/04/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 89) 375
HB 4437 Relating to the West Virginia Pay Card program 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 174)
HB 4438 Relating to the licensing of advance deposit wagering 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 104) 395
HB 4439 Clarifying the method for calculating the amount of severance tax attributable to the increase in coal production 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 341)
HB 4444 Establishing Medals of Valor and Medals for Bravery for emergency medical services, firefighters, and law-enforcement officers 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 116) 434
HB 4447 Creating the shared table initiative for senior citizens who suffer from food insecurity 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 316) 859
HB 4450 Relating to instruction permits issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 233) 710
HB 4452 Modifying the notice requirements for the redemption of delinquent properties 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 280) 788
HB 4453 Expanding the eligibility requirements for private investigator and security guard licensure 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 117) 434
HB 4461 Requiring the Governor to fix the salaries of certain state appointed officers after the office is vacated or after July 1 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 342)
HB 4464 Relating to driving privileges and requirements for persons under the age of 18 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 317) 859
HB 4466 Certificates of Insurance Act 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 118) 435
HB 4470 Relating to persons 18 years of age or older in the custody of the Bureau of Juvenile Services 01/31/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 72) 330
HB 4474 Relating to peer-to-peer car sharing programs 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 281) 789
HB 4476 Providing for the timely and efficient collection, submission, testing, retention, and disposition of forensic evidence in sexual assault cases 01/31/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 73) 330
HB 4477 West Virginia Mutual to Mutual Insurance Holding Company Act 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 119) 435
HB 4478 Creating a lifetime ban for commercial drivers involved in human trafficking 02/12/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 153) 523
HB 4480 Relating to legislative rules for the Higher Education Policy Commission 01/28/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 50) 275
HB 4484 Relating to the Hazardous Waste Management Fund 02/03/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 75) 347
HB 4494 Tobacco Use Cessation Initiative 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 343)
HB 4496 Removing the specific mandate of the Board of Risk and Insurance Management to purchase liability insurance for the Division of Corrections 01/30/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 65) 311
HB 4497 Requiring an external defibrillator device at any secondary school athlete event 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 344)
HB 4499 Relating to multicounty trail network authorities 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 234) 710
HB 4501 Relating to the ability to refuse offenders for commitment to a jail 01/30/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 66) 311
HB 4502 Relating to insurance adjusters 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 120) 435
HB 4504 Relating to renewal application requirements for individuals with permanent disabilities 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 235) 710
HB 4509 Transferring the Parole Board to the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation for purposes of administrative and other support 02/06/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 111) 416
HB 4510 Prohibiting bodily intrusion by an inmate upon any person at any correctional facility 01/30/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 67) 312
HB 4513 Increasing the replacement costs required of a person causing injury or death of game or protected species 02/14/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 191) 585
HB 4514 Permitting the use of leashed dogs to track mortally wounded deer or bear 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 253)
HB 4515 Relating to wildlife resources, eligibility for license or permit application 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 121) 435
HB 4519 Establishing a summer youth intern pilot program within Department of Commerce 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 224)
HB 4522 Allowing division to accept documents compliant with Real ID Act for proof of identity 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 282) 789
HB 4523 Removing the limitation of number of apprentice hunting and trapping licenses a person may purchase 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 283) 790
HB 4524 Making the entire state "wet" or permitting the sale of alcoholic liquors for off-premises consumption 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 345)
HB 4529 Relating to the collection of assessments and the priority of liens on property within a resort area 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 254)
HB 4530 Authorizing daily passenger rental car companies to charge reasonable administrative fees 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 300) 819
HB 4535 Relating to student aide class titles 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 349)
HB 4537 Permitting DNR to issue up to 100 permits for boats greater than 10 horsepower on Upper Mud River Lake 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 236) 711
HB 4543 Relating to insurance coverage for diabetics 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 237) 711
HB 4544 Relating to possession of any controlled substance on the premises of or within 200 feet of a public library 02/12/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 154) 524
HB 4546 Relating to tuberculosis testing for school superintendents 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 206) 619
HB 4551 Relating to subsidized adoption 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 175)
HB 4557 Relating to centers and institutions that provide the care and treatment of mentally ill or intellectually disabled individuals 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 284) 790
HB 4558 Creating a personal income tax credit for volunteer firefighters in West Virginia 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 350)
HB 4559 Modifying the limitations on civil actions against the perpetrator of sexual assault or sexual abuse upon a minor 02/05/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 105) 396
HB 4560 Relating to deliveries by a licensed wine specialty shop 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 351)
HB 4573 Relating to Medicaid subrogation liens of the Department of Health and Human Resources 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 352)
HB 4574 Establishing Just Transition support for coal and timber related jobs 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 353)
HB 4576 Establishing a procedure for correcting errors in deeds, deeds of trust and mortgages 02/12/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 155) 524
HB 4581 Relating to West Virginia Clearance for Access: Registry and Employment Screening 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 207) 620
HB 4582 Declaring certain claims against agencies of the state to be moral obligations of the state 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 128) 454
HB 4585 Providing immunity from civil or criminal liability for making good faith reports of suspected or known instances of child abuse or neglect 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 122) 436
HB 4587 Modernizing the Public Service Commission's regulation of solid waste motor carriers and solid waste facilities 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 354)
HB 4589 Conducting study for an appropriate memorial for West Virginians killed in the War on Terror 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 255)
HB 4593 Authorizing the assignment of poll workers to serve more than one precinct under certain circumstances 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 256)
HB 4594 Allowing poll workers to be appointed to work in precincts outside their county 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 257)
HB 4600 Relating to the definition of the term member regarding distributing premium tax proceeds 02/03/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 76) 353
HB 4601 Relating to distribution of premium tax proceeds to municipal policemen's and firemen's pension and relief funds 02/03/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 77) 353
HB 4602 Increasing the penalty for DUI causing death when a child is present 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 355)
HB 4606 Listing contractor classifications on a contractor license 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 318) 860
HB 4607 Authorizing the operation of mobile shops for hair, nail, cosmetology, and aesthetics services 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 123) 436
HB 4611 Relating to fireworks 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 130) 455
HB 4615 West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 176)
HB 4618 Relating to deadly weapons for sale or hire 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 131) 455
HB 4619 Approving plans proposed by electric utilities to install middle-mile broadband fiber 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 356)
HB 4620 Redefining definition of "recovery residence" 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 238) 711
HB 4621 West Virginia FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Act 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 225)
HB 4626 West Virginia Development Achievements Transparency Act 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 301) 820
HB 4633 Expanding county commissions' ability to dispose of county or district property 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 226)
HB 4634 Southern West Virginia Lake Development Study Commission Act 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 285) 790
HB 4645 Establishing the Office of Regulatory and Fiscal Affairs under the Joint Committee on Government and Finance 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 286) 791
HB 4647 Relating to limited video lottery permit holders 02/12/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 156) 524
HB 4648 The Parenting Fairness Act of 2020 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 359)
HB 4655 Permitting military personnel in areas where on-the-job emergency medicine is part of the training to be granted automatic EMS or EMT certification 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 177)
HB 4661 Relating to the powers of the Public Service Commission and the regulation of natural gas utilities 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 132) 455
HB 4664 Clarifying the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or drugs 02/07/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 124) 437
HB 4665 Reducing the amount of rebate going to the Purchasing Improvement Fund 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 360)
HB 4666 Relating to competitive bids for intergovernmental relations and urban mass transportation 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 208) 620
HB 4668 Creating the misdemeanor crime of trespass for entering a structure that has been condemned 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 302) 820
HB 4670 Relating to the juvenile restorative justice programs 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 209) 620
HB 4691 Relating to employment in areas of critical need in public education 02/10/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 133) 456
HB 4693 Expanding the scope of the Veterans to Agriculture Program 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 361)
HB 4697 Removing the restriction that a mini-distillery use raw agricultural products originating on the same premises 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 258)
HB 4705 Including three types of cancer for which rebuttable presumption of injury from employment exists for firefighters 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 362)
HB 4706 Relating to reports concerning funds due to unknown or unlocatable interest owners 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 178)
HB 4714 Increasing the monetary threshold for requiring nonprofit organizations to register as a charitable organization 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 239) 712
HB 4715 Authorizing municipalities to take action to grant certain fire department employees limited power of arrest 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 319) 860
HB 4717 Seizure and Forfeiture Reporting Act 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 363)
HB 4729 Requiring higher education institutions to use previous versions or editions of instructional materials 02/18/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 227)
HB 4734 Rewriting the article on registered professional nurses 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 240) 712
HB 4737 Clarifying student eligibility for state-sponsored financial aid 02/21/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 287) 791
HB 4747 Extending electronic submission of various applications and forms for nonprofit and charitable organizations, professionals and licensees 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 259)
HB 4748 Relating to the increase of fees that private nongovernment notary publics may charge for notarial acts 02/24/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 303) 820
HB 4749 Providing more efficient application processes for private investigators, security guards, and firms 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 260)
HB 4760 Modifying video lottery retailer licensing eligibility requirements 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 320) 860
HB 4773 Creating a workgroup to investigate and recommend screening protocols for adverse childhood trauma in this state 02/19/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 241) 712
HB 4777 Relating to the right of disposition of remains 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 261)
HB 4780 Permitting county boards to offer elective courses of instruction on the Bible 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 321) 861
HB 4790 Relating to Career Technical Education for middle school students 02/13/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 179)
HB 4797 Authorizing municipalities to enact ordinances that allow the municipal court to place a structure, dwelling or building into receivership 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 322) 861
HB 4803 Relating to certification of electrical inspectors 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 323) 861
HB 4804 Relating to comprehensive systems of support for teacher and leader induction and professional growth 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 364)
HB 4823 Developing a plan for periodic audits of the expenditure of the fees from the emergency 911 telephone system and wireless enhanced 911 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 324) 862
HB 4852 Relating to the penalties for the manufacture, delivery, possession, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver methamphetamine 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 365)
HB 4853 Relating to a customer constructing a connection or other infrastructure necessary for the customer to connect to the public utility 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 325) 862
HB 4859 Accounting for state funds distributed to volunteer and part-volunteer fire companies and departments 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 326) 863
HB 4864 Relating to performance reviews of state agencies and regulatory boards 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 262)
HB 4865 Requiring certain boards that seek to increase a fee or seek to impose a new fee to also submit cost saving measures 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 263)
HB 4872 Modifying the criminal penalties imposed on a parent, guardian or custodian for child abuse 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 327) 863
HB 4882 Authorizing limited sampling and limited sale of wine for off-premises consumption to wineries not licensed in the state 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 328) 863
HB 4886 Requiring the PSC and the DOH to submit reports concerning activity on the Coal Resource Transportation Road System 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 329) 864
HB 4887 Relating to revocation, cancellation, or suspension of business registration certificates 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 330) 864
HB 4892 Reducing personal income tax rates when personal income tax reduction fund is funded at a certain threshold 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 366)
HB 4925 Requiring the Secondary Schools Athletic Commission to recognize preparatory athletic programs 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 367)
HB 4929 Relating to the administrative closing of stale or unprogressed estates 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 368)
HB 4946 Eliminating the requirement that municipal police civil service commissions certify a list of three individuals for every position vacancy 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 369)
HB 4955 Relating to reducing the cost of fees for state licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons and provisional state licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons 02/17/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 210) 621
HB 4956 Relating generally to the partition of real property 02/20/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 264)
HB 4958 Relating to eliminating the ability of a person’s driver license to be suspended for failure to pay court fines and costs 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 370)
HB 4959 Relating to clarifying the ability of the Economic Development Authority Board of Directors to enter into any contracts necessary to carry out its duties 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 331) 864
HB 4960 Relating to exempting from licensure as an electrician 02/25/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 332) 865
HB 4969 Relating to providing tax credit for the donation or sale of a vehicle to certain charitable organizations 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 372)
HB 4971 Relating to a closing hospital 02/26/2020 Passed House (Roll No. 373)
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