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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 183 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 110Relating to creation of sunny day fund03/07/02
SB 424Allowing school building authority make counties offering minimum match funds priority03/08/02
SB 529Establishing Public-Private Transportation Act of 200203/07/02
SB 582Creating western highway authority03/08/02
SB 586Relating to claims for homestead exemption03/06/02
SB 595Requiring businesses pay personal property taxes to receive business registration certificate03/07/02
SB 728Relating to governor's cabinet on children and families03/07/02
SB 729Relating to service credit for certain temporary legislative employees03/07/02
SB 741Relating to awarding contracts to resident small businesses03/07/02
SB 743Creating riverfront development fund03/07/02
HB 2001Phasing in increased assessments on certain property01/09/02
HB 2005Personal income tax credit for certain employees whose employers contribute to a neighborhood investment program01/09/02
HB 2036Increasing the personal income tax exemption01/09/02
HB 2050Reestablishing the site index valuation method for valuation of managed timberland.01/09/02
HB 2056Imposing a one percent severance tax on natural resources for public education funding01/09/02
HB 2073Exempting West Virginians seventy-five years of age or older from state income tax01/09/02
HB 2096Providing proof of payment of personal taxes prior to receiving a business franchise license01/09/02
HB 2112Implementing a one-time weekend tax exemption on sales of school clothing and supplies for children during the month of August, 200101/09/02
HB 2122Implementing recommendations of the national gambling study commission01/09/02
HB 2125Reducing the tax on gasoline and special fuels01/09/02
HB 2141Authorized expenditure by qualified nonprofit tax exempt organizations of certain net proceeds of bingo and raffle operations01/09/02
HB 2142Providing for the payment of prescription drug services for senior citizens01/09/02
HB 2153Providing tax relief for homeowners and renters under the age of sixty-five01/09/02
HB 2154Increasing the amount which may be expended for training of high technology business employees under the guaranteed work force program01/09/02
HB 2159Promoting contributions to the maintenance and improvement of state parks01/09/02
HB 2163Relating to taxes on income, receipts or expenditures for goods or services of horse or dog racing owners, trainers or jockeys01/09/02
HB 2164Creating the institute for increased postsecondary education participation02/01/02
HB 2179Providing for the manner of distribution of funds appropriated to the library commission for aid to libraries01/09/02
HB 2249Exempting certain postsecondary religious institutions from obtaining a certificate of approval02/22/02
HB 2274Exempting funeral-related retail sales from the consumers sales tax01/09/02
HB 2284Changing limits on compensation and expense reimbursement for members of various boards and commissions01/09/02
HB 2291Crediting a deceased state employee's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse or other dependents01/09/02
HB 2324Creating a legislative oversight committee on risk analysis and management01/09/02
HB 2325Second or subsequent offense of cruelty to animals a felony and providing for mandatory incarceration01/15/02
HB 2343Gradually eliminating the sales tax on food and increasing the sales tax on other items to six and one-half percent01/09/02
HB 2349Implementing a one-time tax-free week on sales of clothing under fifty dollars01/09/02
HB 2351Industrial Park Shell Building and Jobs Act01/09/02
HB 2360Incremental salary increases for state employees based on years of service01/09/02
HB 2380Exempting sales of band booster organizations from the consumers sales tax01/09/02
HB 2386Providing a tax credit for new high technology products and manufacturing01/09/02
HB 2401Increasing the low income exclusion for personal income tax01/09/02
HB 2428State personal income tax exemption for certain members of volunteer fire departments01/09/02
HB 2445Requiring the department of health and human resources to review pay equity adjustments01/09/02
HB 2456Adding various felonies and misdemeanors to offenses which require DNA testing and profiling01/25/02
HB 2463Excluding federal interest income when applying the income exclusion available to those sixty-five years of age or older and to persons permanently and totally disabled01/09/02
HB 2477Providing a B & O tax credit for power plants that burn West Virginia coal01/09/02
HB 2488Graduated elimination of the consumers sales tax on food01/09/02
HB 2490Phasing out the sales tax on food01/09/02
HB 2492Providing a five percent personal income tax reduction01/09/02
HB 2494Tax credit for employers who provide child day care services for their employees01/09/02
HB 2501Expanding personnel covered by job sharing in the school system01/18/02
HB 2508Relating to the criminal records section of the central abuse registry02/06/02
HB 2524Permitting the deduction of home mortgage interest paid for personal income tax purposes01/09/02
HB 2529Establishing a sales tax holiday on items for one weekend during the back-to-school shopping period01/09/02
HB 2532Salary increase for sanitarian employees of the division of health01/09/02
HB 2541Increasing the salaries of conservation officers01/09/02
HB 2560Consumers sales tax exemption for purchases intended to counteract negative effects in physical appearance due to cancer or cancer treatment01/09/02
HB 2561Graduated elimination of the consumers sales tax on food01/09/02
HB 2605Exempting military pensions from income tax obligations01/09/02
HB 2725Reducing the corporation net income tax01/09/02
HB 2757State income tax exemption for retired federal law-enforcement officers and firefighters01/09/02
HB 2793Exempting military pensions from state income tax01/09/02
HB 2806Creating a tax incentive for the creation of tourism attractions or amenities01/09/02
HB 2810Requiring the tax commissioner to refund to the five counties with the highest unemployment twenty percent of personal income tax collected01/09/02
HB 2845Relating to salaries of conservation officers01/09/02
HB 2860Authorizing the director of veterans' affairs to purchase West Virginia and United States flags for resale01/24/02
HB 2874Income tax exemption for persons earning below a certain level01/09/02
HB 2878Authorizing specialized motor vehicle registration plates bearing the logo "PRO LIFE"01/09/02
HB 2879Modifying the Controlled Substances Monitoring Act01/09/02
HB 2902Public Employment Relations Act01/09/02
HB 2921Awarding cash grants to qualified adults who obtain a general educational development certificate02/22/02
HB 2922Providing a salary bonus and certification expenses for guidance counselors with national board certification02/13/02
HB 2923Including equestrians under provisions of the Hatfield-McCoy regional recreation authority relating to trail use01/09/02
HB 2924Removing the user fee cap relative to out-of-state permits charged by the Hatfield-McCoy regional recreation authority01/09/02
HB 2929Salary increases for public employees based upon residential housing costs01/09/02
HB 2930Sales tax exemption for commissions paid to resident travel agents by out-of-state vendors01/09/02
HB 2964Changing the amount a person can earn while receiving unemployment benefits01/09/02
HB 2980Gradual elimination of the food sales tax01/09/02
HB 2981Exempting from the consumers sales tax clothing sales purchased for school children during the last three weeks of August each year01/09/02
HB 2999Providing that a college or university may not require certain students to reside in a dormitory and relating to dormitory meal plans01/25/02
HB 3000Exempting veterans' organizations from the consumers sales tax01/09/02
HB 3031Mandating that thirty percent of the neighborhood investment credit go to endowment funding01/09/02
HB 3040Relating to registration requirements of the selective service system01/31/02
HB 3071Exempting from the excise tax on gasoline or special fuel certain propane gas used by any church, religious sect, society or denomination01/09/02
HB 3088Requiring state agencies to implement activity-based costing to review their procedures in issuing approvals01/09/02
HB 3095Exempting funeral and burial costs from the consumers sales tax01/09/02
HB 3108Mandating that thirty percent of the neighborhood investment credit go to endowment funding01/09/02
HB 3113Providing the homestead property tax exemption for all homeowners01/09/02
HB 3117Adding county economic development authorities as recipients of hotel occupancy tax proceeds01/09/02
HB 3118Business and occupation tax credit to electric power generators for the use of West Virginia coal01/09/02
HB 3143Personal income tax credit for senior citizens for out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses01/09/02
HB 3144Restricting increased assessments on real property01/09/02
HB 3152Exempting sales of personal computers for in-home and small business use from sales tax for one week in August each year01/09/02
HB 3158Income tax deduction for gifts to West Virginia charities01/09/02
HB 3168Creating a state privilege tax on hotel occupancy 01/09/02
HB 3169Personal income tax exemption for members of volunteer fire departments01/09/02
HB 3172Allowing counties to collect a pro-rata share on land that is located in two or more counties02/21/02
HB 3194Permitting the head of an at-risk family to accept school loans, grants and scholarships without losing assistance while in school01/09/02
HB 3195Allowing an increase in the earned income exclusion for personal income tax purposes in the amount of poverty guidelines01/09/02
HB 3205State income tax exemption for first year businesses making less than $50,00001/09/02
HB 3232Permitting residents of nursing homes and similar facilities to retain the homestead exemption and Class II property designation01/21/02
HB 4002Investment of funds in the Enterprise Capital Fund 01/10/02
HB 4003Providing a personal income tax credit for interest paid on certain education loans01/10/02
HB 4004Increasing benefits that may be awarded to survivors of members of the state police who die in the performance of duty01/10/02
HB 4006Creation of a "Sunny Day Fund" for the promotion of economic development projects01/10/02
HB 4007Updating the meaning of certain terms used in the corporation net income tax act01/10/02
HB 4008Updating the meaning of certain terms used in the personal income tax act01/10/02
HB 4009Elimination of the twenty-year service cap on granting incremental salary increases to state employees01/10/02
HB 4015Relating to reducing the amount of the allowance to improve instructional programs for each county02/15/02
HB 4018Increasing the annual base salary of all sworn state police personnel01/11/02
HB 4019Relating to the administration of funds received by the state from tobacco settlement agreements01/11/02
HB 4029Relating generally to tax credits for certain business activity01/14/02
HB 4038Providing an exemption for new residents from payment of the privilege tax imposed on vehicles01/15/02
HB 4040Exempting the services of certain pilots and aircraft mechanics from consumers sales and use taxes01/16/02
HB 4055Providing a personal income tax credit for residents who obtain a general education diploma01/16/02
HB 4057Removing requirements that agencies report to the Legislature when applying for, receiving and expending federal funds01/16/02
HB 4062Raising the minimum pay for national guard members on active duty to ninety dollars per day01/16/02
HB 4063Relating generally to credits against certain taxes01/17/02
HB 4068Relating to the ratios of professional and service personnel per student in net enrollment01/18/02
HB 4074West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit Act01/17/02
HB 4079Relating to allowing tax increment financing to finance economic development01/17/02
HB 4081Increasing the state personal income tax exemption on military pensions01/17/02
HB 4089Child Product Safety Act01/22/02
HB 4090Providing a patient with one free copy of his or her medical records01/31/02
HB 4104Establishing a new public policy encouraging resident small businesses to bid for state contracts02/26/02
HB 4109Giving certain volunteer emergency workers a personal income tax exemption01/21/02
HB 4126Relating to the maintenance and operation of nontraditional career development centers for displaced homemakers and single parents02/12/02
HB 4130Increasing fees for motor vehicle inspections02/07/02
HB 4131Providing standards for determining what constitutes a "West Virginia product" with regard to products sold at parkways authority facilities01/23/02
HB 4134Better Sight for Better Learning Act02/15/02
HB 4140Exempting venture capital provided to West Virginia businesses from business franchise taxes01/24/02
HB 4145Relating to duties and compensation of elected county officials01/24/02
HB 4259Relating to licenses issued by the contractors licensing board and clarifying due process rights of licensees02/22/02
HB 4290Creating a new tax exemption for purchases by consumers during one weekend each quarter01/29/02
HB 4291Adding a magistrate in Wood County02/28/02
HB 4336Including poll workers in the exemptions for exclusion from the definition of employment for unemployment compensation purposes02/27/02
HB 4338Addressing the authority of the division of corrections over funds it holds for the benefit of inmates01/31/02
HB 4343Increasing the low income exclusion for personal income tax01/31/02
HB 4358Consumers sales and service tax exemption for personal property and service purchases by religious organizations for heating buildings02/01/02
HB 4364Designating April 15th each year as "No Tax Day" on which day retailers and vendors may assume the sales tax on behalf of consumers02/01/02
HB 4369Requiring instruction in U. S. historical documents02/01/02
HB 4371Establishing a citizen review panel to review the procedures and actions of child protective services02/22/02
HB 4375Providing for the payment of funeral expenses for probation officers killed in the line of duty02/04/02
HB 4378Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks02/28/02
HB 4380Providing monthly administrative allowances for certain ranks in the national guard02/21/02
HB 4389Relating to personal income taxes and exemptions02/04/02
HB 4390Exempting funeral services, supplies and equipment from the consumers sales tax02/04/02
HB 4391Providing a consumers sales tax exemption for technical testing laboratories02/04/02
HB 4392Allowing the commissioner of banking to retain in his or her assessment and examination fund any interest or other return earned thereon02/07/02
HB 4394Supervision of persons released on parole by circuit courts02/04/02
HB 4396Creating a special account in the state treasury for gifts, grants and donations to the state fire marshal02/05/02
HB 4400Raising the percentage of the amount of racetrack video lottery net terminal income to be placed into the pension plan for racing association employees02/27/02
HB 4418Requiring payment to municipalities for leaves of absence from employment by employees on military leave02/06/02
HB 4424Reducing the excise tax on gasoline and special fuel02/06/02
HB 4441Establishing a system of regulating and licensing persons who sell new or used motor vehicles02/14/02
HB 4451Graduated elimination of the consumers sales tax on food02/08/02
HB 4452Phasing out the business franchise tax 02/08/02
HB 4460Requiring separate retirement plans for licensees at each horse racing track02/27/02
HB 4466Regulation of insurance company surcharging and multitiering practices02/22/02
HB 4486Adding a three-dollar fee to court costs to be deposited in a community corrections fund02/28/02
HB 4492Establishing a marriage license discount for applicants who complete an approved premarital preparation course03/01/02
HB 4493Exempting veterans' organizations from consumers sales and use tax provisions02/14/02
HB 4508Creating the science education enhancement initiative competitive grant program02/15/02
HB 4515Providing for the adequate staffing of nursing homes and training of nursing home staff02/21/02
HB 4524Providing a one thousand dollar salary increase for public employees in the years two thousand two, two thousand three and two thousand four02/18/02
HB 4525Increasing the state personal income tax exemption on military pensions02/18/02
HB 4531Transfer of specified excess funds by the State Treasurer as directed by the Legislature02/19/02
HB 4552Establishing and implementing a statewide birth defects information system by the commissioner of the bureau for public health02/27/02
HB 4556Making the junior sportsman's hunting, fishing and trapping license the same for residents and nonresidents02/27/02
HB 4570Expanding permissible expenditures from the hotel occupancy tax proceeds to include library or other educational facility construction02/21/02
HB 4572Increasing salaries of supreme court justices, circuit court judges and family law judges02/21/02
HB 4577Eliminating the health care provider tax on dentists and physicians effective July 1, 200202/21/02
HB 4578Reducing the West Virginia corporate net income tax from nine percent to six percent02/21/02
HB 4586Creating a sentencing commission and providing for the appointment, terms and qualifications of members03/01/02
HB 4617Phasing out certain health provider taxes within three years02/22/02
HB 4621Increasing the salary of circuit court judges02/22/02
HB 4622Increasing certain county clerk, circuit clerk, sheriff, prosecuting attorney and magistrate court fees02/22/02
HB 4627Exempting certain benefits derived from military retirement from personal income tax02/22/02
HB 4628Increasing family law masters' salaries02/22/02
HB 4641Pet Neutering and Spaying Voluntary Check-Off Program02/22/02
HB 4650Women's Right To Know Act02/22/02
HB 4664Establishing a school psychologist internship program02/26/02
HB 4665Relating to enforcement of vehicle weight laws for vehicles hauling coal02/26/02
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