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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 85 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 16Imposing recreation and amusement tax01/09/02
SB 18Providing tax credit for contributions to community foundations01/09/02
SB 23Allowing tax credit for employers providing child day care services01/09/02
SB 27Permitting waiver of salaries by certain officers and state employees01/09/02
SB 28Providing exemption from state income tax to certain federal retirees01/09/02
SB 31Relating to licensing of private investigators and security guards02/26/02
SB 38Allowing certain firefighters to purchase special motor vehicle license plates01/15/02
SB 42Repealing provider tax on optometrists01/09/02
SB 47Exempting head start, community action groups and various senior groups from vehicle registration fees01/15/02
SB 53Providing right of appeal to all permanent city employees applying for certain benefits02/26/02
SB 59Establishing Small Business Tax Credit Act02/22/02
SB 60Relating to dedication of certain sales tax collected to counties01/09/02
SB 93Exempting propane gas from excise tax on gasoline or special fuels01/09/02
SB 96Requiring certain newly hired state employees paid one cycle in arrears01/24/02
SB 109Relating to investment of moneys from consolidated fund in enterprise capital fund02/12/02
SB 112Providing credit against personal income tax for payment of interest on student loan01/10/02
SB 113Relating to consumers sales and service tax generally01/10/02
SB 120Providing tuition and fees for national guard members01/18/02
SB 124Reducing sales tax on certain foods sold off premises01/10/02
SB 125Creating heritage preservation and tourism development fund01/10/02
SB 128Providing retirees certain exclusion from personal income tax01/10/02
SB 141Relating to powers of tax commissioner generally01/10/02
SB 165Relating to Pensions Liability Redemption Act01/11/02
SB 185Creating sales tax holiday for purchases of school clothing 01/11/02
SB 188Providing special motor vehicle registration plates for holders of bronze star01/15/02
SB 191Exempting veterans' organizations from state sales tax01/14/02
SB 192Exempting injured party from paying for certain traffic reports01/17/02
SB 197Creating Economic Opportunity Tax Credit Act02/05/02
SB 205Relating to mental health benefit coverage02/26/02
SB 210Setting design standards for private water well construction02/13/02
SB 213Exempting new residents from payment of privilege tax under certain circumstances01/15/02
SB 214Relating to tax procedure and administration01/15/02
SB 224Exempting certain sales from consumers sales and service tax01/16/02
SB 229Relating to collection of property taxes01/16/02
SB 234Relating to credits against certain taxes generally02/05/02
SB 235Exempting consumers sales tax for United States flag01/17/02
SB 246Relating to regional long-term care ombudsman01/30/02
SB 249Creating Workforce Investment Act01/22/02
SB 251Relating to earned income tax credit for certain taxpayers01/18/02
SB 252Relating to consumers sales tax on food01/18/02
SB 277Relating to administration of consumer credit and protection act01/30/02
SB 280Providing reduction in personal income tax for certain volunteer firefighters01/22/02
SB 293Exempting consumers sales tax for United States and West Virginia flags01/24/02
SB 294Relating to business franchise tax generally01/29/02
SB 332Authorizing development office to promulgate legislative rule relating to community development assessment and real property valuation procedures for office of coalfield community development02/22/02
SB 452Relating to funding programs to discourage use of tobacco02/26/02
SB 476Exempting propane gas for residential use from consumers sales tax02/01/02
SB 477Relating to personal property tax assessments generally; exemption02/13/02
SB 478Relating to bear damage stamps02/26/02
SB 486Allowing credit against personal income tax for new residents in certain cases02/01/02
SB 490Allowing special license plates for honorably discharged veterans02/26/02
SB 493Allowing counties use hotel tax for farmland preservation02/04/02
SB 495Changing time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property; cap02/04/02
SB 499Reducing sales tax on packaged and fresh-grown food in certain cases02/05/02
SB 500Relating to computation of below cost retail, wholesale and gasoline sales02/05/02
SB 514Authorizing expenditure of certain state excess lottery revenue funds for Wheeling Victorian Outlet Center02/05/02
SB 520Exempting certain volunteer groups from consumers sales tax02/06/02
SB 523Designating moneys from lottery revenue fund used for debt service02/20/02
SB 526Authorizing special West Liberty State College motor vehicle registration plates02/20/02
SB 540Providing chief inspector transfer certain amount to special fund provided for under uniform securities act02/07/02
SB 542Regulating mortgage brokers, lenders, servicers and loan originators03/01/02
SB 544Relating to neighborhood investment program act02/19/02
SB 551Relating to design-build projects generally02/21/02
SB 580Providing certain income tax exemption for annuities received from teachers annuity association, CREF02/13/02
SB 596Establishing fees for surface coal mining operations02/14/02
SB 602Authorizing department of environmental protection to collect emergency response costs02/27/02
SB 611Increasing mandatory assessment from felons for community corrections fund02/15/02
SB 633Exempting practice of science of geology from consumers sales and service tax02/18/02
SB 634Waiving public employees insurance premiums for certain veterans02/18/02
SB 644Increasing business and occupation tax for electric power businesses02/18/02
SB 659Reducing taxable rate of business franchise tax02/18/02
SB 680Expanding permissible expenditures from hotel occupancy tax proceeds02/18/02
SB 714Relating to bonds and expenditures for veterans' nursing facilities03/04/02
SB 715Requiring boards of education give preference to resident vendors02/22/02
SB 718Relating to sale of tobacco products, alcohol, wine and beer to minors02/25/02
SB 739Creating riverfront development fund03/04/02
HB 3202Providing for the registration and reserving of names of resident individuals, sole proprietorships and general partnerships through the Secretary of State03/05/02
HB 4132Providing for a gender-based pay equity salary adjustment for state employees03/04/02
HB 4262Requirements on the sale or leasing of minerals under public lands03/07/02
HB 4408Providing a sales tax exemption on heating fuel purchased by small churches03/04/02
HB 4481Allowing persons purchasing or renewing hunting or fishing licenses to donate to the "citizens in support of farmers and hunters feeding the hungry program"03/06/02
HB 4506Permitting municipalities to finance redevelopment of downtown redevelopment districts through new sales tax type revenues03/01/02
HB 4559Supplemental appropriation to the higher education policy commission02/27/02
HB 4618Creating the national coal heritage area authority03/04/02
HB 4671Relating to compensation, expenses, employees and office location of the insurance commissioner03/06/02
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