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Bill Status - 2006 Regular Session

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There are 104 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 177Relating to Public Defender Services03/02/06
SB 575Causing disciplinary action against contractor licensee for certain court-ordered judgments02/28/06
SB 752Continuing poison control center03/02/06
SB 776Relating to Bureau of Employment Programs02/28/06
HB 2020Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs01/11/06
HB 2027Creating the West Virginia transportation oversight committee01/11/06
HB 2067Establishing a program for reprogramming cellular telephones and distributing to seniors for making emergency calls01/11/06
HB 2088Increasing the resident vendor's bid ratio from two and one-half percent to five percent01/11/06
HB 2094Creating the "Supplement to West Virginia Veterans Education Benefits Program Fund"01/11/06
HB 2107Creating the joint commission on technology and advanced communications01/11/06
HB 2164Creating a registry containing names of employees from any agency under the authority of the department of health and human resources who have committed acts of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property01/11/06
HB 2267Implementing a transportation and economic development information system01/11/06
HB 2287Creating a vendor preference for state purchasing and purchases by political subdivisions of the state in corporations that maintain their principle places of business in the state01/11/06
HB 2310Providing Good Friday as a state legal holiday01/11/06
HB 2361Transferring the office of emergency medical services from the department of health and human resources to the department of military affairs and public safety01/11/06
HB 2398Providing for a standard form informational list of universal accessibility features to be provided to a future buyer of any proposed residential housing in the state01/11/06
HB 2399Requiring the governor's cabinet on children and families to create a plan to encourage the establishment of family resource centers01/11/06
HB 2400Creating the "Job Preservation Act of 2005"01/11/06
HB 2401Increasing the opportunity for a more equitable body for the hearing of grievances made by state and education employees01/11/06
HB 2402Providing for the appointment of a blind person as an ad hoc nonvoting member of the state library commission to serve as an advisor01/11/06
HB 2403Establishment of family resource centers in needy counties01/11/06
HB 2404Relating to the use of federal funds for youth in the custody of the division of juvenile services01/11/06
HB 2459Establishing a permanent statewide trail plan coordinator01/11/06
HB 2509Creating the West Virginia Literacy Council01/11/06
HB 2515Requiring all executive agencies to report to the governor, Speaker of the House of Delegates and President of the Senate notices of allowances or potential disallowances of federal funds01/11/06
HB 2541Creating the West Virginia Legislative Criminal Justice Resource Center 01/11/06
HB 2557State Payment for State Mandates Act01/11/06
HB 2620Creating the Exotic Animal Control Board to protect the health and safety of humans and the state's agricultural and forestry industries, its wildlife and other natural resource interests from the introduction or spread of disease01/11/06
HB 2621State Flood Protection Plan Act01/11/06
HB 2622Adding the state Americans with disabilities act coordinator as a member of the capitol building commission01/11/06
HB 2628Defining athletic trainers and establishing a licensing board01/11/06
HB 2786Limiting the exemption given to buildings used wholly as dwelling houses for no more than two families to those buildings only when owner-occupied01/11/06
HB 2842Establishing a program to provide cellular telephones to seniors and low income families for making emergency telephone calls01/11/06
HB 2876Providing a preference to vendors for state contracts who provide health insurance benefits to their employees01/11/06
HB 2883Relating to increasing the environmental protection advisory council membership to nine members01/11/06
HB 2903Requiring the West Virginia Acupuncture Board to conduct routine inspections of acupuncture facilities01/11/06
HB 2924Allowing state employees to take paid leave to attend parent-teacher conference for their children01/11/06
HB 2967Compensating state troopers for off-duty time when they are required to be on standby to be called back to work01/11/06
HB 2987Relating to the issuance of temporary permits to otherwise qualified graduates of foreign veterinary schools 01/11/06
HB 2988Relating to the requirements and certifications to be held by graduates of foreign veterinary colleges as a condition of application01/11/06
HB 2989Authorizing the Division of Motor Vehicles to suspend or refuse to register vehicles of motor carriers whose authority to operate in interstate commerce has been denied or suspended01/11/06
HB 3222Increasing the composition of the Contractor's Licensing Board by adding a consumer advocate01/11/06
HB 3261Relating to changing certain dates for action relative to the duties and procedures of the Planning Commission01/11/06
HB 3277Prohibiting the demolition of a historic structure prior to a review of and the issuance of a permit by the Commissioner of the Division of Culture and History01/11/06
HB 3337Creating a sentencing commission and setting forth its membership, responsibilities, powers and duties01/11/06
HB 3338Transferring the powers of construction and maintenance activities of the Parkways Authority, to the Division of Highways01/11/06
HB 4010Relating to creating the Office of Family and Child Protection Ombudsman01/11/06
HB 4027Relating to the West Virginia Parole Board01/16/06
HB 4055Relating to the regulation of advertising by dentists01/19/06
HB 4092Creating the Consolidated Local Government Act01/24/06
HB 4098Requiring the Department of Administration's Information Services and Communications Division to propose legislative rules for a statewide telephone usage policy01/25/06
HB 4255Adding the expected life of product or commodity as factor in standard specifications for state purchasing contracts01/30/06
HB 4267Relating to the creation of a New River and Gauley River Citizens' Board to help resolve access issues to those rivers01/30/06
HB 4275Providing purchasing card procedural uniformity throughout the agencies01/30/06
HB 4301Establishing a relocation assistance program for nonprobationary correctional officers who volunteer to relocate from an adequately staffed regional jail to a regional jail that is understaffed01/31/06
HB 4336Creating the office of State Energy Coordinator in the Office of the Governor02/01/06
HB 4340Requiring circuit judges to order repayment of the costs of representation provided by the public defender system under certain circumstances02/01/06
HB 4343Prohibiting the West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority from issuing new bonds once current bonds have been repaid, to prohibit it from refinancing existing bonds and to terminate the parkways authority02/01/06
HB 4344Modifying the West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority's power and authority to charge tolls and issue bonds02/01/06
HB 4366Requiring certain state boards of examination and registration to have websites accessible to the public02/02/06
HB 4394Designating the first day of April of each year as "Coal Miners Memorial Day" and making it a state holiday02/06/06
HB 4402Relating to rates charged by cable television systems02/06/06
HB 4407Requiring the board of osteopathy to cause criminal background checks on licensees02/06/06
HB 4410Relating to the appointment, temporary promotion and compensation of the membership of the West Virginia State Police02/06/06
HB 4433Establishing the western West Virginia Highway Authority to include representatives from Cabell, Mason, Jackson, Putnam and Wayne counties02/06/06
HB 4436Requiring the West Virginia Acupuncture Board to conduct routine inspections of acupuncture facilities02/07/06
HB 4439Removing the requirement that the West Virginia Parkways Authority construct a Shady Springs connector highway and interchange connecting to the West Virginia Turnpike02/07/06
HB 4441Requiring bids under state contract to disclose the location of work to be performed or risk state termination of the contract02/07/06
HB 4446Granting the West Virginia Contractors Licensing Board the authority to restrict a licensee's ability to work until the licensee satisfies an adverse judgment02/07/06
HB 4464Transferring title of the Weston State Hospital Institutional Farm from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Health and Human Resources02/09/06
HB 4581Preventing the authorization of bonds which would require an increase in the tolls above the rate existing December 31, 200502/15/06
HB 4594Authorizing the tax department to collect the cost of federal refund offset fees from the tax debtor02/16/06
HB 4602Relating to the rate of tolls charged and collected by the West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority02/16/06
HB 4604Providing for criminal background checks of employees and staff of licensees and programs receiving funding from the Family Protection Services Board02/17/06
HB 4605Increasing the membership on the family protection services board from five to seven members02/17/06
HB 4637Requiring the Division of Labor, and not third parties, to conduct annual amusement ride/attraction inspections02/20/06
HB 4638Permitting a member of a county building commission to hold office or employment with the United States of America, the State of West Virginia, any county or political subdivision thereof02/20/06
HB 4649Relating to a one-time assessment for public service districts02/20/06
HB 4655Clarifying the duties of the chief technology officer and establishing the "West Virginia Technology Infrastructure Fund"02/20/06
HB 4662Establishing a special volunteer dental license for retired dentists wishing to donate their expertise for the dental care and treatment of indigent and needy patients02/21/06
HB 4667Establishing the position of state trails coordinator within the West Virginia Development Office02/21/06
HB 4668Providing for inspections of kennels and stables located on private property02/21/06
HB 4697Increasing the membership of the environmental protection advisory council02/22/06
HB 4699Requiring the Board of Veterinary Medicine to offer, at least every six months, the examinations that an animal euthanasia technician must pass to become certified02/22/06
HB 4725Reorganizing and expanding the purposes of the Capitol Building Commission02/22/06
HB 4742Allowing the Division of Highways to implement a program for highway and bridge construction by using the design-build process02/23/06
HB 4755Providing that a former director of the WVU School of Mines may be selected to serve on the Mine Inspectors' Examining Board02/24/06
HB 4757Providing subpoena power to the board of review in the Department of Health and Human Resources02/24/06
HB 4762Creating the Big Creek Cape Coalwood Commission02/24/06
HB 4763Creating a Transportation Coordinating Council with the Department of Health and Human Resources02/24/06
HB 4778Authorizing counties and municipalities to enact ordinances regulating the locations of limited video lottery machines02/24/06
HB 4788Providing for the recouping part of the cost of cleaning up illegal solid waste dumps by the Solid Waste Management Board02/24/06
HB 4789Expanding the membership of the Racing Commission and reorganizing the administrative functions02/24/06
HB 4795 Requiring the board of examiners in counseling to do background checks on licensees through the FBI02/24/06
HB 4800Clarifying public library board service areas as determined by the Library Commission02/24/06
HB 4813Defining limited use residence elevators in public places02/24/06
HB 4818Prohibiting county farmland preservation boards from purchasing land without the permission of the county commission02/24/06
HB 4828Making the Office of Consumer Advocacy independent of the Insurance Commission02/24/06
HB 4830Relating to the required number of continuing education hour for osteopathic physician assistants02/24/06
HB 4833Relating to the information to be contained in the commission at-risk registry of deaf and hearing impaired children02/24/06
HB 4839Clarifying the definition of final average salary for Deputy Sheriff Retirement System02/24/06
HB 4845Including oral or written inquiry of a patient about possession, ownership or storage of firearms as a reason for invoking disciplinary proceedings against physicians, podiatrists, and osteopathic physicians and surgeons02/24/06
HB 4851Contacts to allow the payment of capital costs of expansions or new construction of public utility facilities in exchange for reservations of capacity in these new facilities02/24/06
HB 4852Permitting those who have business interest before a planning commission to serve on a planning commission without conflict of interest when recusal occurs 02/24/06
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