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Bill Status - 2006 Regular Session

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There are 57 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 20Prohibiting closure of municipal fire department without Fire Marshal's approval01/11/06
SB 21Dissolving Division of Personnel and Civil Service System01/11/06
SB 43Authorizing counties to impose recreation and amusement tax01/11/06
SB 50Requiring attendance by elected and appointed municipal officers at official meetings 01/11/06
SB 61Requiring county clerk assist in determining validity of nominating certificates01/11/06
SB 80Encouraging display of national motto on public property01/11/06
SB 91Relating to eminent domain01/11/06
SB 92Removing restrictions on investment by Investment Management Board01/11/06
SB 97Requiring Chief Technology Officer maintain central cross index of state forms01/11/06
SB 106Creating West Virginia Regulatory Flexibility Act01/11/06
SB 111Relating to opinions of Ethics Commission Committee on Open Governmental Meetings01/11/06
SB 115Dividing Department of Health and Human Resources into two departments01/11/06
SB 129Increasing sheriff's commission for tax collections01/12/06
SB 138Permitting county commissions to alter observance of legal holidays 01/12/06
SB 156Adopting life expectancy of product as standard specification for state purchasing contracts01/16/06
SB 165Relating to consolidation of municipalities01/16/06
SB 169Establishing Athletic Training Licensure Board01/16/06
SB 178Establishing Athletic Training Licensure Board01/17/06
SB 181Placing Cultural Center under General Services Division's authority01/17/06
SB 182Streamlining Purchasing Division's bid process01/17/06
SB 237Allowing part-time public officials and employees serve on county building commissions01/23/06
SB 274Creating State Police Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations Unit02/08/06
SB 278Creating office of State Energy Coordinator01/26/06
SB 425Expanding counties participating in Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority01/30/06
SB 448Allowing counties increase hotel occupancy tax02/01/06
SB 450Placing certain regional jail employees under civil service02/01/06
SB 470Limiting mortgage recording excise tax02/02/06
SB 487Providing county commission considered joint employer of certain assessor's office employees02/03/06
SB 495Requiring criminal background checks for osteopathic licensees02/03/06
SB 500Authorizing Harrison County fire-fighting funds be used for firefighters' school02/06/06
SB 502Requiring counties use certain salary funds for workers' compensation premium payments02/06/06
SB 510Establishing position of State Trails Coordinator02/07/06
SB 520Creating County Government Fiscal Powers Flexibility Act02/07/06
SB 522Requiring notification of malpractice suits to licensing boards02/08/06
SB 532Limiting municipal user fees02/08/06
SB 546Providing vehicle registration fee exemption to certain nonprofit organizations02/09/06
SB 553Increasing retail liquor licenses in Tucker County02/10/06
SB 573Relating to meeting and conference rights for municipal firefighters02/15/06
SB 574Updating operation of state's vital statistics system02/15/06
SB 639Creating Capitol Building Commission Act of 200602/20/06
SB 667Relating to sale of certain property acquired for public use02/20/06
SB 668Exempting state employees and officers from municipal user fees02/20/06
SB 669Regulating plumbers and fire protection workers02/20/06
SB 675Providing volunteer firefighter leave of absence for fire training class02/20/06
SB 682Requiring training for certain nonprofit board members02/20/06
SB 690Establishing Volunteer Fire Department Act02/20/06
SB 702Allowing municipalities provide free parking for certain veterans02/20/06
SB 706Relating to municipal annexation without election02/20/06
SB 715Creating shampoo assistant specialty license02/20/06
SB 716Requiring annual legislative audit of Parkways Authority02/20/06
SB 753Extending time for Grant County board of education to meet as levying body03/02/06
SB 766Requiring background checks for licensees and programs funded by Family Protection Services Board02/20/06
SB 768Requiring background checks for licensed professional counselors02/20/06
SB 769Recouping certain cleanup cost of illegal solid waste dumps02/20/06
HB 2153Providing certain correctional officers be transferred into the civil service system as covered employees03/02/06
HB 4562Prescribing certain requirements for a license to practice embalming and funeral directing03/02/06
HB 4648Granting the board of medicine flexibility under special circumstances to issue a license to applicants who otherwise do not meet the requirement of the article03/02/06
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